ASUS ROG Zephyrus G15 vs Zephyrus M16 Comparison

this is a comparison between the asus rogue zephyrus g15 with the amd ryzen inside this one was a big hit several months ago when it came out and the newer zephyrus m16 which has intel 11th gen tiger lake cpu inside so big difference there we got blue versus red if you’re into the team amd or team intel i’m into whatever the works the best for you we’re going to look at it now so let’s first talk about what’s the same because there is a lot of that these use the same identical casing and in fact even the interior mother board layout is much the same the same heat sink heat pipe assembly that sort of thing the same two m.2 ssd slots single ram slot because some of the ram is soldered on board with each of these same keyboard same track pad though the feel is ever so slightly different because the m16 has a rubbery interior coating and the trackpad has that to match it as well so same ports aha one difference though and this has to do with the platform difference when it comes to ports while the g15 has two usbc ports the m16 because it’s running on intel and intel has thunderbolt as intellectual property gets complicated that’s the way it is um has one usbc and one thunderbolt 4 port so for those who are aficionados of thunderbolt well you’re going to be leaning towards team intel also another difference with the new intel platform is pcie 4.0 which means potentially faster ssds given the fact that the ssd is already so fast in these and both of them in the united states are shipping with pci3 ssds anyway i don’t think that’s going to matter for most folks unless you’re into professional commercial video production that sort of thing lots of small reads and writes but it does allow for a fatter interface to the gpu that said on the m16 i’m not seeing this is a 3060 it scored any higher than 3060s that are running on a pci x8 bus so geeky stuff right there right the not so geeky difference here is while both of these are available with wide gamut full p3 qhd displays of basically 2560 by 1440 on the g15 you get a little extra height you get a 16 by 10 aspect ratio so 2560 by 1600 it’s 0.6 inches bigger and it does feel noticeably bigger it’s funny you think 0.6 inches isn’t that much but it the roominess the height that you gain there is kind of nice so that’s a compelling thing and you can’t get that with the g50 while the displays are similar in terms of color gamut contrast and all that sort of thing there is a difference in brightness with the g15 being around 350 nits which is pretty good but the m16 is 550 nits so if you’re one of those people who has to use your laptop outdoors in really bright light then you might find that pretty compelling or you just really like bright bright bright displays g15 is available in your choice of eclipse gray that we have here or white and we don’t have the g15 in white but we’ll show you the g14 in white so you get an idea what that looks like the m16 is available only in black they both have the mylar under the 4 000 little dots on the lid and while our studio lights bring the bling and make those really light up and show it really isn’t it’s subtle in person by the way i’ve had dot littered zephyrus machines for up to a year and now they don’t particularly hold on to dust and dirt so there you have it really the big differences are going to be intel versus amd qhd plus a little bit taller display 16 by 10 versus qhd 16×9 and that pcie 4.0 like i said a little bit less important both of these have single zone rgb backlit keyboards that means you can pick any color that you want but only one color at a given time for the entire keyboard yeah these are not meant to be super blingy they do make things like the asus strix and scar series if you want rgb going every which way the m16 is targeted a little bit more at creators it only goes up to an rtx 3070 so you can get rtx 3050 ti and rtx 3060 which is what we have whereas on the g15 a little more gaming oriented so gamers you’re gonna be more interested in the g15 not just because of the gpu i’ll tell you why but you can get this with a 30 60 a 30 70 or a 30 80 even for more gpu performance is this because the intel typically is more thermally challenged then they’re a little afraid of putting a 30 80 in there maybe so this is intel’s 11th gen tiger lake 45 watt cpu solution inside of our m16 and it’s a 10 nanometer process versus seven nanometer on amd and the smaller the nanometer process generally the more efficiency in the cpu a little bit less heat better battery life you know so intel is getting there this is better than what they were stuck on for years which is 14 nanometer but still the fan noise is more noticeable by eight db or so more which is significantly a lot just eight decibels more and they have pretty much the same cooling solution inside the source as they tweaked it a little bit sounds like the fans have a little bit more volume going now on the m16 so noise and heat wise i can see why no 3080 here even with our 3060. now our g15 has a 30-70 our m16 has a 360. you might say lisa this is unfair and in one way it is but not in terms of pricing because both of these right now list for 1849. you may find retailers who are gouging and charging you more because there are shortages on gaming laptops but that is the list price so you’re looking at what you can get for 1849.99 that makes this a fair comparison obviously i would love to have the 30 70 to test on the m16 because it would make better use of the qhd display when playing games whereas the 3060 has some trouble maintaining 60 frames per second on the most demanding aaa titles at qhd plus resolution so the fan noise issue that i talked about the m16 it does it’s not a grading sound but it really does verge unannoying and if you live with anybody else you’re gonna be like turn your vacuum cleaner off kind of thing and that is a ding obviously against the m16 and that’s running both of them in turbo mode and then trying custom fan profiles as well turbo mode is your go-to mode usually for gaming and heavy content production kind of activities with the zephyrus or any asus gaming laptop line model in terms of surface temperatures the g15 is actually a little hotter and the cpu temperatures are a little hotter running in turbo mode but not extremely hot 80 centigrade 85 centigrade for the cpu when doing something like cyberpunk which is very demanding versus the intel is very chill i mean i’ll keep it at 75 to 80 centigrade so surface temperatures correspondingly a little bit cooler both of these are pretty thin and metal clad so you’re going to feel the heat on them both of them blow heat out the sides they have side vents and out the rear that’s part of asus ergo lift design where it lifts the laptop up to get a little air flowing underneath but also vents out the back so i know some of you were thinking the 16 by 10 aspect ratio and the m16 would be suffering more from the heat that blows up because it goes all the way down there’s no big bottom bezel like the g15 has well i tested with my heat gun while playing games and i can tell you that surprisingly the bottom of the actual lcd on the m16 gets as hot sometimes is 50 degrees centigrade which is the same as the g15 so you know hotter it does rise and we’re not talking a whole lot of space really before temperatures would reduce and dissipate so it certainly isn’t any better off the g15 in terms of blowing heat against the screen for those who are concerned about that now asus says they designed for it high temperature tolerant displays yada yada i can’t tell you this i don’t know some of the models that have used this design from asus are still running okay and people are not claiming they have display failures that’s about as much as i can tell you going with the fact that the chassis are the same on these the speakers are the same on these you have a six-speaker audio system which is quite good i have not had speaker crackling or problems with either of these retail units so there’s them track pads are fine on these um the m16 has a little bit of bezel creek if you squeeze it near the top not that i typically squeeze my bezels but and the whole design of these is they are thin and light so you can flex the lids on either of them just as much but both of them have pretty good displays i have a little bit more ips glow on the m16 but actually rather both of them are quite good and some of the nicest displays you’ll ever see on a gaming laptop all right how about actual performance gaming and non-gaming i mean that’s the point of laptops like these isn’t it again 30-60 versus 30-70 but then this is what your 1850 us dollars buys you so we’ll call it fair uh clearly something with a 30-70 is going to do better and yes it does clearly intel has stepped up their game with tiger lake and the 10 nanometer process and they are reaching competitive level with the amd ryzen 9 5900 cpu that we have in our g15 so really close enough there in performance for both of these some will win one test versus the other test um so i would call it a draw on terms in terms of cpu speed now if it’s something like blender or whatever again you’ll see similar performance sometimes one i’ll pull ahead the other typically i find amd does a little better on blender some people think that intel does better on revit that’s partly because of the config out of the box so to speak with revit favors intel and you have to do a little more tweaking with your software setup for that reason but both very performant but gpu-wise if you really want to game on it i mean you can game at this qhd resolution on the g15 and have your enjoyable 60 plus frames and even the most demanding games all day all night it’s great it’s lovely now with the m16 you gotta drop down to 1080p plus resolution maybe to achieve the same thing or you know if you’re playing a competitive first person shooter like cs go or something where high frame rates are given they’re both going to be fine if apex or league of legends is your thing though this will be a little overkill for league of legends this kind of selection of machines then it matters less but for those who want demanding games yeah for those of you who are doing things like blender renders yeah i’d still go for the faster gpu if you could some other things like photoshop honestly there’s diminishing returns as you go up into higher and higher levels of gpus lastly there’s battery life and the charger itself surprisingly so even though our m16 comes with a 3060 not a 3070 it has a 240 watt charger versus the ryzen 9 that we have 5900 hx with a 3070 that has a more compact and lighter 200 watt adapter so intel is obviously using more watts and yes they do you can look while you’re playing games or anything like that and intel still does use more power a other than the several many ounces of portability difference between those chargers though in terms of battery life you have the same 90 watt hour battery in both and for a 15 inch laptop that’s a big battery that’s wonderful stuff and the ryzen machine just runs about two hours longer on a charge to two and a half hours same brightness same set of tasks for benchmarking this is light productivity tasks streaming video that sort of stuff so yeah so in the end what it comes down to is other than you’re a real intel or amd fanboy or fan girl or you know you want the 3080 gpu that you can only get in a g15 right now what it comes down to is to me a laptop is supposed to be portable so i think battery life is pretty important especially the 15 inch size if these were 17-inch desktop replacements battery life’s kind of like to me whatever probably i’m just moving that from room to room and not taking it everywhere but if you’re talking about thin lights particularly like these are battery life is important and the verizon just really wins on that and it’s a little bit lighter carry because of the smaller charger on board as well yet you’re getting more performance out of it so those things make me lean towards still the g15 that said for those of you who have particular need for intel maybe avx 512 extensions or something like that and not the most common need still yet you want thunderbolt dock for sure you got to have that you like the idea of pcie 4.0 because you are going to buy one of those new expensive fast ssds well that’s what intel does bring to the table too and you do get that taller display which is a treat i have to say is an affiliate. 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