DELL Precision 3540 Review

This article gives you my Dell Precision 3540 review with specs included. This is an entry-level mobile workstation. It has dedicated graphics and Intel U-series Ultrabook four-core CPUs instead of the 45-watt mobile workstation six-core CPUs we usually see.

This is quite an affordable laptop for the starting price of seven hundred and nineteen dollars. It is a 15,6-inches in diagonal and has a very comfortable keyboard.

Personally, I am a little bit baffled by the sort of hybrid mobile workstation concept. Yes, I know it’s lighter and sometimes thinner (this one not so much) but you’re giving up on the CPU power.

So, it is a mobile workstation but not in the conventional sense. You might be searching for something to do 3D renders, Blender, video editing, and all the other demanding things that you can do with a very powerful laptop but in this case, it’s really geared to those who are doing 2D CAD work and simple to moderate designs. It’s not the best choice for super detailed 2D models. It is good for spreadsheet jockeys and for those who need some computational power with a little help from the DGPU (dedicated graphics).

Only the entry-level model has only Intel UHD 620 graphics. All the other configurations have what I have which is the AMD Radeon Pro WX 2100 with 2 gigabytes of gddr5 VRAM. So, for those who are not as familiar with AMD, that’s their version of NVIDIA Quadro.

That Radeon graphics card has workstation-level CAD-certified drivers and it runs very stably. But, this is really at the very bottom of the barrel, very entry-level. That’s why this is more for 2D CAD work.

For those who are familiar with AMD’s more consumer-oriented products and GPUs, WX2100 is like the 540 X GPU (the more-consumer-oriented one). It’s a bit faster than Intel Iris graphics but that’s about as much as you can say for it. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Dell Precision 3540
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