LENOVO ThinkPad X1 Nano Review

In this article, I give you my Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano review with specs included.

Now for something new from lenovo it’s a total new model this is the lenovo thinkpad x1 nano so named because well it’s 13.9 millimeters thin and it weighs 1.99 pounds which is 907 grams so we’ve seen the x series and there’s always the smallest member of it like the x240 and all that stuff they’ve taken it to an extreme that reminds me of some of the values of old it’s got a magnesium alloy chassis so it’s pretty rigid and a carbon fiber casing it’s available in our black finish and a carbon weave finish much like we saw with the x1 carbon which will continue on by the way as a thinkpad as well so 16 by 10 aspect ratio display with this 13 inch display laptop so that means that it doesn’t seem quite so small or you know compared to something like the 14 inch x1 carbon family of laptops new intel 11th generation cpu inside that we haven’t seen before too we’re going to look at it now obviously it’s the apex laptop for portability but it’s also and so we can move around more again great 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be you can even limit things like social networking access which these days i might want for myself just to stop me from doom scrolling it also protects your iot devices your internet of thing devices so that means all the smart doorbells and backs and all that sort of thing that you have on your network too be sure to check out the link in the description to learn more and now back to our video so super light laptops with mil std atg testing and all that sort of thing usually they’re not so cheap are they well this time i was surprised to see that the starting price currently on lenovo’s us website is 1350. usually these sorts of laptops are often two thousand dollars and off so that’s pretty refreshing here it is a think pad so that means it is pretty darn durable and there’s not a whole lot of flex here so that’s good too usually with you know thin and like carbon fiber laptops there’s sometimes flippy flip seam flimsy kind of thing you know not so much here the keyboard on this still feels like a thinkpad keyboard like smile shaped keys and all that sort of thing but the travel is shorter that’s the price you’re going to pay 1.35 millimeters of travel instead of the usual 1.5 that said it feels pretty good you will notice the shorter travel and if you like those deep dish think pad keyboards on larger thing pads this probably won’t float your boat so much but the the cushioning the key return and spring on this means it never feels harsh and punishing on your fingertips and it’s pleasant to type on even though i too wish it was deeper but that’s the price you’re paying for that super skinny design also like other super skinny laptops some not even as skinny as this or as light like the dell xps 13 or the macbook air and 13 inch macbook pro we don’t have any usb a ports on board we have two thunderbolt 4 ports so you’re going to need a dongle adapter if you want to use a usba peripheral and we have a headphone jack that’s it the only other connectivity is if you want optional 4g or 5g which is pretty exciting connectivity for wn on this we have intel wi-fi 6 with bluetooth 5 on board it’s intel evo certified which means quick wake from sleep long battery life fast charging those sorts of things for that specification so let’s talk about that cpu that’s inside this is a lower power u series intel 11th generation tiger lake cpu so the ultrabook cpus are usually 15 watt so this one’s ready to go between 7 and 15 watts it’s tunable by the manufacturer and that’s called up4 and processor lingua lingo from intel so it could be bad it could be not so bad happily it’s not so bad in fact most of the time we saw this using about 15 watts power consumption like we would see for a standard ultrabook cpu so don’t get too worried about this particular model they’ve tuned it more for performance but how’s heat and how’s noise it has a single fan and it doesn’t get that noisy and even pushing and doing benchmarks and even though i wouldn’t use this sort of machine as a daily video editing machine doing some adobe premiere tests and stuff like that on it it doesn’t get loud and it doesn’t get burning hot it helps that carbon fiber isn’t like metal it doesn’t really get so ouchy hot to the touch also it is winter but we are in dallas texas where it doesn’t get that cold in the winter either so in the summer it might feel a little toastier but so far the thermals are pretty well under control and they have a pretty beefy copper heat pipe inside that helps with that so it’s a go and the benchmark numbers on this are pretty decent one place where they’re not so impressive though this map may have intel iris xe graphics just like the standard tiger like u-series cpus that we see on most ultrabooks but it’s clocked downward and that number wasn’t nearly as impressive it was more comparable to intel uhd graphics from last generation and not the wow cool look at that three times faster that we see on iris xc on the full fat processor from intel so the display is 2k resolution and there are two options basically differing only and whether it’s a matte non-touch display which is what we have our touch screen other than that they rate it at 450 nits we tested it actually a little bit brighter than that supporting dolby vision onboard and it’s 2k resolution now 16 by 10 aspect ratio so it’s not going to be the number you’re familiar with exactly is 2160 by 1350. so you got that a little bit of extra height that’s really popular this year in laptops and that apple has been using on macbooks for for a long time now and besides being very bright it’s very color accurate too except for the usual skewing towards the blue that you can see in the color accuracy graph but the rest of the colors are onboarding good contrast is above average on this and the tuning overall is nice this is a nice looking display when i first boot up i was like oh sweet so the touchscreen i imagine is going to be a bit glossy lenovo tries to do their magic with coatings and all this stuff to make it not look too much like a mirror but it probably is somewhat glossy since it’s a thinkpad we have the trackpoint eraser stick pointer on board and we have the usual large glass touchpad which behave perfectly well in our tests the keyboard is backlit in white as always with think pads and you hit the fn and the spacebar to control them so back to the keyboard for a minute they say almost full size keyboard so what does that mean i mean it is a 13 inch laptop but with an incredibly small footprint thanks to small bezels and all that but the keys themselves the main keys are normal size but they did have to whack a few things like there’s no insert key if you’re in love with the insert key you won’t be in love with this laptop but i don’t think that that’s something a lot of people are going to miss backspace pipe key a little trim on that you know but overall it’s perfectly normal in size the keyboard we have a webcam privacy shutter on board a fingerprint scanner on the keyboard deck which uses the fingerprint unchip technology which means that the data is stored in the chip safely not on the ssd or windows where somebody can try to hack into it you get the idea also the speakers on board support dolby atmos software and their stereo speakers and they’re a bit better than average considering the size of the laptop which is really well diminutive and lenovo did focus on that i think they’re trying to go after the macbook air crowd a bit but then considering this is like 30 percent lighter than a macbook air or 13-inch macbook pro they’ve kind of well blown away the competition i think this is in another class of specialty ultra lights isn’t it the laptop has human presence detection this means your cat or dog can’t stand in for you but it knows if you’re in front of the laptop and it’ll keep it turned on if you walk away it’ll automatically power down the display and then lock it and in conjunction with the windows hello ir camera it can unlock it when you walk up to it and if you don’t want this feature then you can turn it off saba battery life right thin light laptop do they skimp on the battery well no they did not 48 watt hour battery which is a perfectly normal battery size for an ultrabook 65 watt fast charger that can go from zero to eighty percent in an hour so back when we get to go to airports and on the go and have to charge and all that sort of thing you can get a significant charge and a short layover that sort of thing battery life on this is quite good we have the non-touch model i don’t expect the touch is going to use that much more power but and they claim you know they always clean crazy things like 17 hours probably shut off all your networking run the screen really then but we run the display at 150 nits of brightness and test it real world with productivity work web browsing a little video streaming and just a little bit of photoshop kind of work and i was getting about nine to ten hours out of this which is excellent especially something this small since there’s a thinkpad getting the bottom cover off is not hard the visible phillips head screws you just unscrew them and then you lift the bottom cover off you could use a guitar pick in one corner to get started but it’s nothing hard to do undersides captive screws here’s the insides not a lot you can do here though here’s our fan obviously and our copper heat pipe and cpu heatsink right there and ram is soldered on board and so is the wi-fi car which is underneath this ribbon cable right here if you did go for the optional 4g or 5g card it would go into the socket right over here and you might be wondering where is the ssd huh is it soldered on well no it’s not you might think so but see this copper cover here unscrew two screws and there’s a little mini ssd yes indeed it’s a western digital it is socketed so yeah you don’t see like a half height kind that often but it does indeed come out and there’s our ssd and here we have our battery of course so that is replaceable and serviceable once you take the bottom cover off and the speakers are along the front edge over here so that’s the lenovo thinkpad x1 nano not for everybody some of you like think pads to have a lot of ports and a deep keyboard and all that sort of thing but it has enough of the thinkpad dna encrypt in terms of durability and thoughtfulness and design of the keyboard and now a really nice display on this that there’s a lot going for it connectivity is going to be a little bit of a hurt in terms of ports to two thunderbolt 4 ports a headphone jack and that’s about all it but i think the possibility of having 4g and 5g on this kind of brightens the picture as well and after all lenovo does make plenty of laptops that add in the things that this one doesn’t have but this is for those of you who after the pandemic is over or even just carrying this thing from room to room let me tell you it’s it’s just insane you just want to go fly around with it it’s so thin and it’s so light and the performance turns out to be good.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano