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After years of speculation and fervent anticipation, the 15-inch MacBook Air with the M2 processor has finally materialized, gracing the world with its presence. This review delves deep into the intricacies of this long-awaited machine, dissecting its features, performance, and overall functionality to provide a comprehensive understanding for potential buyers.

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From Whispers to Reality: A Dream Realized

For years, the 15-inch MacBook Air existed solely in the realm of rumors and leaks, a figment of our collective imagination. Now, it transcends the ethereal plane, offering a tangible solution for those yearning for a larger canvas within the affordable MacBook Air domain.

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Echoes of Familiarity: A Familiar Design Amplified

The 15-inch MacBook Air closely resembles its 13-inch counterpart, albeit with a larger, 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display. This expanded visual real estate caters to individuals who crave more screen space for multitasking, indulging in multimedia content, or simply desiring a more immersive computing experience.

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Beyond Aesthetics: The Power Within

The beating heart of the 15-inch MacBook Air lies in the M2 processor, the same powerhouse found in the 13-inch model. However, this iteration boasts the higher-end 10-core GPU configuration, translating to enhanced graphical prowess. Additionally, the 8-core CPU delivers commendable performance while maintaining exceptional energy efficiency, a hallmark of Apple’s M-series chips.

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A Display Worthy of Attention

The 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display boasts a resolution of 2880 x 1864 pixels, exceeding the offering of its 13-inch sibling. While not quite reaching the mini-LED brilliance of the MacBook Pro, it delivers vibrant visuals with a P3 wide color gamut and 224 PPI density, rendering it highly competitive within its price range.

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Immersive Soundscapes: A Feast for the Ears

The 15-inch MacBook Air ups the ante in the audio department, boasting a six-speaker sound system compared to the quad-speaker setup of the 13-inch model. This translates to a noticeably richer and more immersive audio experience, ideal for multimedia enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

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Keyboard and Trackpad: A Familiar Symphony

The keyboard and trackpad remain largely unchanged from the 13-inch MacBook Air, featuring the same white backlit keyboard and expansive Force Touch trackpad. While some may yearn for more key travel, the overall typing experience remains efficient and comfortable.

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Connectivity: A Balancing Act

As is customary with Apple devices, the 15-inch MacBook Air lacks built-in cellular connectivity. However, it compensates with Wi-Fi 6 support, ensuring swift and reliable wireless connections. Bluetooth 5.3 further expands its wireless capabilities, catering to a variety of peripheral devices.

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A Portrayal of Power and Endurance

The 15-inch MacBook Air houses a 65.5-watt-hour battery, exceeding the capacity of the 13-inch model. This translates to impressive battery life, with Apple claiming up to 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of web browsing. Real-world usage corroborates these claims, with users comfortably achieving 12 hours of operation on a single charge.

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Charging Options: A Choice for Every Need

Two charging options are available for the 15-inch MacBook Air. The standard 35-watt USB-C charger offers portability and convenience, while the optional 70-watt charger expedites the charging process. Both options connect via MagSafe 3, ensuring a secure and magnetically connected charging experience.

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The 15-inch MacBook Air emerges as a compelling option for individuals seeking an affordable Mac with a larger screen real estate. It delivers commendable performance courtesy of the M2 chip, boasts a vibrant display, and offers impressive battery life. While limitations exist, such as the inability to connect multiple external displays, the overall package presents a strong value proposition for its target audience.

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Apple MacBook Air 15-Inch (2023): Pros and Cons


  • Larger Display: The most significant advantage of the 15-inch MacBook Air is its expansive 15.3-inch Liquid Retina display. This provides ample screen real estate for multitasking, creative work, and enjoying multimedia content.
  • M2 Processor Performance: The M2 chip delivers excellent performance for everyday tasks, including photo editing, video editing, and browsing. The 10-core GPU option further enhances graphical capabilities compared to the 13-inch model.
  • Excellent Battery Life: The 65.5-watt-hour battery offers impressive longevity, with Apple claiming up to 18 hours of video playback and 15 hours of web browsing. Real-world usage confirms these claims, making it ideal for mobile users.
  • Improved Audio: The six-speaker sound system delivers richer and more immersive audio compared to the quad-speaker setup of the 13-inch model, enhancing the multimedia experience.
  • Efficient and Cool Operation: The M2 chip’s efficient design translates to minimal heat generation, making the MacBook Air passively cooled and silent during operation.
  • Familiar and Comfortable Keyboard and Trackpad: The keyboard and trackpad remain largely unchanged from the 13-inch model, offering a familiar and comfortable typing experience.
  • MagSafe 3 Charging: The inclusion of MagSafe 3 ensures a secure and convenient magnetic charging experience.
  • Multiple Charging Options: Users can choose between the standard 35-watt charger for portability or the optional 70-watt charger for faster charging.
  • Competitive Price Point: Compared to the MacBook Pro models, the 15-inch MacBook Air offers a more affordable entry point for those seeking a larger screen size within the Apple ecosystem.
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  • Limited External Display Support: Unlike the MacBook Pro, the 15-inch MacBook Air can only drive one external display simultaneously, limiting its functionality for multi-monitor setups.
  • No Cellular Connectivity: As with most MacBooks, the 15-inch Air lacks built-in cellular connectivity, requiring users to rely on Wi-Fi or hotspot tethering for internet access on the go.
  • Limited RAM Options: The base model comes with 8GB of RAM, which may feel insufficient for demanding multitasking or future-proofing. Upgrading to 16GB adds a significant cost.
  • No Touchscreen: Unlike some Windows laptops, the MacBook Air does not offer a touchscreen display, which might be a drawback for users accustomed to touch-based interactions.
  • Limited Port Selection: The inclusion of only two Thunderbolt 4 ports necessitates the use of adapters for connecting various peripherals.
  • Higher Starting Price: While more affordable than the MacBook Pro, the 15-inch MacBook Air still carries a higher starting price compared to the 13-inch model.
  • Upgrade Costs: Apple’s upgrade costs for RAM and storage can be quite expensive, pushing the overall price significantly higher for those requiring more powerful configurations.
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The 15-inch MacBook Air presents a compelling option for users seeking a larger screen size within the affordable MacBook Air lineup. It delivers excellent performance, impressive battery life, and a comfortable user experience. However, limitations such as limited external display support, lack of cellular connectivity, and potentially insufficient base RAM configurations should be carefully considered before making a purchase decision.

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While the Apple MacBook Air 15-inch (2023) boasts impressive power and versatility, it’s not alone in the market. Several strong contenders offer compelling alternatives. Here’s a look at the top 5 competitors:

1. Dell XPS 15 OLED: This Windows laptop features a breathtaking OLED display, powerful performance, and a sleek design, ideal for users prioritizing visual quality and top-notch processing.

2. Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio: This unique and versatile laptop transforms between laptop, tablet, and tent mode, catering to users who desire flexibility and a distinctive design. It also packs a powerful processor, a comfortable keyboard, and long battery life.

3. LG Gram 16: Lightweight and portable, the LG Gram 16 boasts a large 16-inch display, perfect for those seeking portability without sacrificing screen size. Additionally, it offers a long battery life and a comfortable keyboard.

4. Asus Zenbook 14 Flip OLED: This convertible laptop combines a stunning OLED display with a versatile design, allowing for multiple modes of use. It’s equipped with a powerful processor and delivers long battery life, making it suitable for users who value both visual quality and adaptability.

5. Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360: Another convertible option, the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 offers a long battery life, a comfortable keyboard, and a powerful processor. Its versatile design caters to users who prioritize portability and adaptability.

Remember, the ideal laptop choice depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors like price, performance, battery life, display quality, and portability before making your decision.

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