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In this article, I give you my Apple iPhone 12 Pro review with specs included. It’s that time of year again when Apple launches iPhones and we have the iPhone 12 Pro here. Also, I did a review of the iPhone 12 (not Pro), and the Max versions.

This is new for apple insofar as the old pro was 5.8 inches and then the max was significantly larger at 6.5 inches the newer one is going to be 6.7 inches. So you kind of had a big size range right with the regular iPhone (not Pro) sitting in the middle at 6.1 inches, which I always thought was a really nice size.

You’re getting big, but you’re not getting so big that you’re buying your pants to fit your phone and having a very heavy phone slamming into you thanks to that, well, premium stainless steel thing that apple loves to do. So, 6.1 inches I think this is a sweet spot for a lot of people, I know it is for me.

So, what’s new here? Obviously, the design. Besides the size changes, we have the flat-sided look whether you go with the 12 or the 12 Pro you’re going to get that design. In fact, the 12 and the 12 Pro take exactly the same cases. Everything is the same in terms of the dimensions, where the buttons are, and all that sort of thing.

I like this straight-sided look because it’s easier to hold on to. It’s not so much that slippery bar of sub sort of phenomenon. I have a feeling that other manufacturers will probably copy it as they tend to do with Apple including when they were all copying the notch. Yes, unfortunately, the notch is not new it’s still here and that’s for the true depth front camera on board, and that 3D very secure kind of camera takes up a lot of room still.

So, we still have a notch here. The display however is a little bit higher resolution. It’s still that OLED retina XDR, whatever apple likes to call it in terms of marketing terms. It’s a lovely display, it’s low reflectance. I find this one the easiest to see outdoors and where there is a lot of super bright sunshine, you really get to experience that out.

800 nits, 1200 nits on auto max brightness, which we see a lot of phones do these days. They don’t let you drive it at the full 1200 nits all the time because you would kill your battery life but it brightens up when you go outdoors.

Also new is the mag safe charger thingy on the back. It’s a magnetic ring, basically, it’s a low-powered magnet so they don’t warn you about don’t put your phone near your chest and your pacemaker or your wall and all that sort of thing. But they do warn you if you combine the phone with a MagSafe case that then keep your credit cards and other mag strips away from it, for those who still have mag strips that you use on your credit cards.

And, at first, I thought this was going to be the most brilliant selling point for the phone, something so simple. And that’s what Apple is good at, they don’t come out with a lot of wild new technologies, they take something that existed and put it to use in a way that’s something a lot of people want. And it might still be that so the MagSafe charger is very compact compared to other wireless chargers, that’s nice enough, but the fact that it magnetically clips on is so convenient.

Because with wireless charging you know you’re always jiggling your phone around, sliding it to find the sweet spot, maybe you bump it you just realize oh it was not on the wireless charger properly anymore and you didn’t get the charge that you needed, that sort of stuff. But beyond that, it’s things like stands, car mounts, tripods, all those sorts of things, suddenly with a whole ecosystem probably that will come out of mag safe accessories becomes as easy as just snapping your phone on.

So, we tested this with several different cases and I can tell you leather cases that are not MagSafe cases, which means they also have a little magnetic ring embedded inside of them, no magnetism happens there. You can still charge with them just fine but no magnetism happens. With the tpu and the plastic cases that we’ve tested, we have a total case which is a clear case that one charge just fine and there’s still a little bit of magnetism.

We tried to Pitaka case that is a very thin, kind of aramid carbon fibery design case, there’s still a little magnetism, and that works just fine. If you go for something super thick probably you won’t get much magnetic strength anymore. You don’t need the magnets to charge, the whole point of the MagSafe also is that’s a 15-watt charger whereas other qi charges charge an iPhone at 7.5 watts. You’ll only get 15-watt charging with these new iPhone 12 models, not the iPhone 11 or older, so there’s that. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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