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To say that the benchmarks of the next Intel Core i9 13900HX are remarkable would be an understatement. These benchmarks have leaked.

It appears that even some of the strongest desktop processors, let alone mobile chips, may be easily overthrown by Intel’s next laptop CPU. Chips like Apple’s M2 Max, which are not even released yet, are already in danger.

Probably going to be announced at CES 2023, the Intel Core i9 13900HX processor is a part of the future Raptor Lake-HX laptop lineup. Some of the best gaming laptops ever made will run on processors in this category. The benchmark that was leaked today confirms that the Intel Core i9 13900HX will be a formidable processor even though there are reports that it won’t be the fastest on the block—that honor goes to the Intel Core i9 13900HX.

With single and multi-core performance expected to outperform Intel’s flagship CPU from the previous generation, the desktop Core i9-12900K at stock speeds, this mobile chip should be a monster. It will be the fastest mobile chip that Intel has ever produced when it is released.

Intel Core i9 13900HX Specifications & Overview

In January 2023, the Intel Core i9 13900HX, a mobile CPU with 24 cores, was introduced with an MSRP of $668. It is a member of the Core i9 series and is built on the BGA 1964 Raptor Lake-HX architecture. The P-Cores’ core count can be effectively doubled to 32 threads with the availability of Intel Hyper-Threading technology.

With 36 MB of L3 cache, the Core i9-13900HX runs at 2.2 GHz by default, but depending on the workload, it can reach 5.4 GHz. The Core i9-13900HX, whose transistor count is unknown, is being produced by Intel on a 10 nm production node. The Core i9-13900HX’s multiplier is limited, which restricts how much it can be overclocked.

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One of the top mobile processors from the Raptor Lake series is the Intel Core i9 13900HX. It has 32 threads and 24 cores in total. For single-core boost, the highest CPU clock speed is 5.4 GHz, and for all cores, it is 4.9 GHz. Intel UHD Graphics Xe 32EUs (Tiger Lake-H) integrated graphics are available in this processor.

For gaming, the Intel Core i9 13900HX is a powerful processor. It performs admirably in multi-threaded applications and is suitable for gaming. One of the quickest laptops based on the 13900HX that we are aware of is the Eluktronics Mech-17 GP2, which has a long-term CPU power limit of 99 W and a respectable cooling solution. As of August 2023, it can do CPU-bound applications roughly 50% quicker than the slowest system with the identical chip in our database. 

The Intel Core i9 13900HX uses standard power levels for a modern PC, with a TDP of 55 W. Intel’s processor has a dual-channel interface that supports DDR4 and DDR5 memory. Additionally supported is ECC memory, a crucial feature for mission-critical systems to prevent data corruption.

The PCI-Express Gen 5 connector is used by the Core i9-13900HX to communicate with other parts of the machine. The integrated graphics solution UHD Graphics 770 is a feature of this processor.

Raptor Lake provides more E-Cores (same as Gracemont micro-architecture) and better P-Cores (Raptor Cove micro-architecture) than Alder Lake. Moreover, faster DDR5 memory—up to 5600 MHz for the 13900HX—is supported by the chip.

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The TDP (power consumption) of the Intel Core i9 13900HX is 55 Watt. Up to DDR5 5600 MT/s and DDR4 3200 MT/s of memory are supported by the processor. There is a 128 GB maximum memory size. L1 is 1920 KB, L2 is 32 MB, and L3 is 36 MB in terms of cache size.

Intel Core i9 13900HX Performance

The Intel Core i9 13900HX processor can perform up to 185.6 GFLOPS (1:4) in peak double precision (FP64), 1485 GFLOPS (2:1) in peak half precision (FP16), and 742.4 GFLOPS (2:1) in peak single precision (FP32).

The differing core and thread numbers hint that it employs the same configuration as its larger brother, the i9-13900K, which has eight P-cores and sixteen E-cores. This is a significant improvement over the i9-12900HX’s 8P+8E arrangement, which explains why the 13900HX outperforms the desktop 12900K in Geekbench’s multi-core benchmark. Raptor Lake also has other enhancements, such as faster clock speeds.

In terms of multi-thread benchmark results, the average Intel Core i9 13900HX in our database ranks alongside the Core i9-13950HX and the Ryzen 9 7845HX. 

The Eluktronics Mech-17 GP2 is one of the quickest laptops designed around the Intel Core i9 13900HX that we are aware of, thanks to its adequate cooling solution and a long-term CPU power limit of 99 W. As of August 2023, it can be around 50% quicker in CPU-bound applications than the slowest system with the identical chip in our database.

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In multi-core activities, the Intel Core i9 13900HX is expected to beat the Core i7-13700K, Core i9-12900KS, and Core i9-12900K. It’s also only 14% slower than the Ryzen 9 7950X, despite the AMD chip running at 230 watts rather than 55W to 100W. The Intel Core i9 13900HX was also compared to the alleged benchmark results of the yet-to-be-released Apple M2 Max, and the Intel CPU may be up to 44% quicker.

Intel Core i9 13900HX General Information

Product Collection13th Generation Intel® Core™ i9 Processors
Code NameProducts formerly RAPTOR LAKE
Vertical SegmentMobile
Processor Numberi9-13900HX
LithographyIntel 7
Recommended Customer Price$668.00

Intel Core i9 13900HX CPU Information

Total Cores24
# of Performance-cores8
# of Efficient-cores16
Total Threads 32
Max Turbo Frequency5.40 GHz
Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 Frequency5.40 GHz
Performance-core Max Turbo Frequency5.40 GHz
Efficient-core Max Turbo Frequency3.90 GHz
Cache36 MB Intel® Smart Cache
Total L2 Cache32 MB
Processor Base Power55 W
Maximum Turbo Power157 W
Minimum Assured Power45 W

Intel Core i9 13900HX Conclusion

AMD’s mobile Ryzen competitors don’t even come close to competing with Intel. One of Geekbench 5’s greatest Ryzen mobile scores to date comes from a Ryzen 9 6900HX Lenovo 82UH laptop, which scored 1,638 points in the single and multi-core benchmarks, respectively. To see any competition in the mobile arena, we’ll have to wait for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 mobile processors.

Fortunately, i9-13900HX-powered laptops will be available soon. Raptor Lake mobile will be available before 2023, according to Intel. But, practically, Raptor Lake mobile goods will most likely be released by CES 2023 and thereafter.

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