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One of the most well-known webcams in the world is the Logitech C920x. This webcam was introduced in 2012, making it ten years old. Nevertheless, despite its age, the C920 is still regarded as one of the best webcams available, and there are plenty of C920 knockoffs to support this claim. On the internet, there are literally hundreds of webcam reviews, and almost all of them are favorable to this workhorse.

Having said that, webcams are changing a little bit as a result of the growth in popularity of content creation and the remote working movement. With the explosion of cutting-edge microwave technology features vying for customers’ attention, one hasn’t been seen since the 1990s. When the venerable c920x will be eventually overthrown is anyone’s guess.

The real question is whether or not it is still worthwhile to purchase given all the new, contemporary options and the cutting-edge features they support.

 Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam: Is it worth it?

Yes, in a heartbeat, is the quick response. You really can’t go wrong with this webcam, especially for the price it sells for these days, despite its age and numerous flaws. I should point out that the C920x comes in a number of variations.

-C920 (The OG version – Officially discontinued) (The OG version – Officially discontinued)

-C920s (A version with a physical lens cap on a hinge to assure privacy, among a few internal changes) (A version with a physical lens cap on a hinge to ensure privacy, among a few internal upgrades)

-C920e (An Enterprise version of the webcam, with various software modifications and internal microphone disabled by default) (An Enterprise version of the webcam, with some software differences and internal microphone disabled by default)

Because the changes between these variations are so slight, whichever one is the cheapest will work just fine. Just keep in mind that the C920e version by default disables the microphone, so if you also need a microphone, I’d advise staying away from that one. (The program allows you to enable it, but that merely adds needless complication.)

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 2

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam audiovisual caliber

The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam can stream and record video at 1080p up to 30 frames per second with clear full HD images. 720p at 30 fps is also an option.

Overall, compared to the vast majority of laptop cameras that are built-in, this is a substantial improvement. You can plainly see the difference in image quality when comparing the Logitech C920x and the on-board camera on my 2019 Razer Blade 15 Quartz.

As you can see, the quality of the image created using the Logitech C920x is noticeably greater than the built-in camera on my laptop, despite having comparable camera angles and lighting circumstances. The C920x produces an image that is more crisper and has colors that seem more bright.

The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam also shows a definite improvement in backdrop capture, retaining the majority of the clarity that you run the risk of losing with a native laptop camera. This is especially clear when focusing on the star projection on the wall of my office.

During one of my regular Twitch shows, I tested the webcam’s functionality. I was pleasantly surprised by how well the C920x handled itself, maintaining a steady frame rate and clear images throughout the test.

The wide-angle lens on the C920x provides a 78-degree field of view. The Logitech C920x can comfortably fit several people in a single video frame, making it a good option for family video calls.

Design of Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 3

The Logitech C920x webcam is a large piece of technology, as is true of many webcams. The gadget weighs 5.71 ounces and has the following measurements: 3.7 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches. But the Logitech C920x lacks a privacy cover for its lens, unlike the more recent models.

With the help of the flexible plastic clip on this webcam, you can set it up on your desk, mount it to a tripod using the opening at the bottom, or set it on top of a computer monitor.

However, if your monitor has a thin bezel, the C920x bulky design may occasionally result in the webcam partially obscuring the computer screen.

Logitech C920x Pro Webcam Specs

System Requirements (Basic Requirement)CPU Minimum  = 1.0 GhzCPU Recommended  = Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or betterRAM Minimum = 256RAM Recommended  = 2GB
System Requirements (HD Requirement)CPU Minimum  = Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz or betterCPU Recommended  = i7 Quad Core 2.6Ghz or betterRAM Minimum  = 2GBRAM Recommended  =4GB
Connection TypeUSB
USB ProtocolUSB 2.0
UVC SupportYes
Microphone TypeStereo
Lens and Sensor TypeGlass
Focus TypeAuto
Optical ResolutionTrue:3MPSoftware Enhanced:15MP
Diagonal Field of View (FOV)78°
Horizontal Field of View (FOV)70.42°
Vertical Field of View (FOV)43.3°
Focal Length3.67 mm
Frame Rate (max)1080p@30fps
Indicator Lights (LED)Yes
Privacy ShadeNo
Tripod Mounting OptionYes
Cable Length5 feet

Software of Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 4

The Windows Webcam Software from Logitech is compatible with the C920x. Although the company advertises compatibility for Mac OS X, Chrome OS, and Android, none of those platforms have this program. Users of the app can pan left and right, zoom in and out, and change the camera’s orientation. If you use this at a desk, you probably won’t need to use it more than once, but users who are on the go may discover that they utilize these frame options more frequently.

To make your videoconferences a little more entertaining, the software offers a variety of backgrounds and avatars. The motion-detection mode on the C920x allows you to use it as a security camera as well, which is useful if you want to keep an eye on your desk.

Sadly, I discovered that the program as a whole was sluggish and glitchy, pausing between actions like capturing or viewing pictures and movies. It also crashed on occasion. I immediately learned that the software operated with several Logitech camera models to variable degrees.

Face masks, avatars, and other special effects are not available on the less expensive HD Webcam C310. The business-oriented Webcam C930e isn’t made to function with the software; it won’t record in 1080p with the app’s built-in camera.

Conclusion on Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 

The integrated webcam on your laptop can be successfully replaced by the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920x. It produces clear images and movies, which makes it perfect for streaming and teleconferencing. It’s simple to set up on a laptop screen or an external monitor, and it works well with Logitech’s specialized software, despite being buggy.

Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam 5

The $98 Logitech Webcam C930e is a good option if you want higher audio quality. Although this camera has wider viewing angles and better noise cancellation, it is incompatible with webcam software. The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is one of the best external webcams overall and the best external webcam for the money, with a street price of just $60.

Is the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam worth it?

The well-liked Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is renowned for both its high performance and reasonable price. It is frequently utilized for content development, live streaming, and video conferences. But a product’s “worth” may vary depending on your own requirements and tastes. In order to decide whether the Logitech C920x is worth it for you, take into account the following factors:

Image and Video Quality: The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam can record in 720p at 60 frames per second (fps) or 1080p Full HD video. It is appropriate for the majority of streaming and video conference requirements since it produces crisp, clear video.

Compatibility: Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing programs are among the many that it works with. Check if it is compatible with the platform of your choice.

Built-in Microphones: The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam features two noise-cancelling built-in microphones that offer passable audio quality for everyday use. However, think about spending money on a second microphone if you want high-quality audio.

Cost: The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is reasonably priced and provides decent value considering the capabilities it has to offer. It’s a good idea to compare the price with other webcams in your budget range as prices can differ.

Build Quality: Logitech is renowned for its robust and high-quality products. With the right maintenance, the typically sturdy Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam should endure for a very long period.

Extra capabilities: The webcam might have a few extra capabilities like autofocus and programmable settings to improve the quality of your videos.

Lighting: The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam functions best in well-lit environments, much like the majority of cameras. If you intend to use it in dimly lit areas, think about adding more lighting.

Options: You may also wish to take into account webcams from different manufacturers or from other models in the Logitech C9xx series, depending on your particular requirements.

The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is still the best camera money can buy, unless you’re a dedicated content maker searching for extra-smooth video or you’re hoping to spend as little money as possible. In well-lit and poorly lit spaces, it produces crisp, lifelike images, and thanks to its durable construction, it mounts easily to tripods, laptop displays, and monitors. Not to mention useful is the associated Logitech Capture software for the camera, which is entertaining and versatile.

Is Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam good?

The importance of having a dependable webcam is rising, particularly with the popularity of remote work. Even if the majority of laptops nowadays include built-in cameras, it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that you might want to spend a little more money on an upgrade to improve your ability to broadcast games or have video conferences.

The Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is still one of the greatest on the market, even though it is getting older. Also, the Logitech G333 earbuds are a fantastic match for this webcam if you’d like to wear some headphones with it. 

Launched in 2012, the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam costs $80 (or somewhat less with one of our Logitech promo codes). However, the availability of webcams has been impacted by stock shortages, rising demand, and price gouging; hence, it may be difficult to locate one at a reasonable price. If you’re having problems finding a specific model, be sure to check out our page on where to buy webcams.

In general, the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is among the greatest inexpensive webcam choices out there. It’s a terrific alternative to the built-in webcam on your laptop for a better video conference experience because of its excellent 1080p footage. A useful addition to any beginner’s Twitch setup is the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam.

The drawback is that it may be difficult to contact at this time due to its limited availability. However, if you can find one for a fair price, it will undoubtedly make your work-from-home setup better.

Do I need a driver for Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam?

Since the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is meant to be plug-and-play, most contemporary operating systems should be able to use it without the need to install additional drivers. The webcam ought should be recognized and configured by the computer immediately when you connect it.

Generally, it functions as follows on popular operating systems:

Windows: The required drivers ought to be installed automatically by the system when you connect the C920x webcam to a Windows PC. For the most part, all you have to do is connect it in and utilize it for streaming apps and video conferences.

Mac: The C920x webcam is likewise typically plug-and-play on macOS. When using suitable software, the device should be recognized by the system.

Even though the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam is meant to run without the need for extra drivers, it’s a good idea to visit Logitech’s official website to see if there are any new or updated drivers available that could improve the webcam’s performance. Additionally, to guarantee optimal webcam compatibility, make sure your operating system is up to date.

Does the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam have zoom?

There is no optical zoom on the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam. Because it is a fixed-focus webcam, the lens cannot be adjusted to optically zoom in or out of it. The focus is adjusted to produce a sharp image at a standard distance—usually about arm’s length—that is appropriate for streaming and video conferences.

You should think about different webcams or cameras with optical zoom lenses if you require zooming for particular uses or situations. With optical zoom, you can physically adjust the lens’s focal length to zoom in or out, giving you a closer or broader look at the topic.

How old is Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam?

In 2020, the Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam was made available. It is the replacement for the well-liked Logitech C920 HD Pro Webcam, which was on the market for a number of years before the C920x was introduced.

Because of their good performance and low cost, webcams from the C920 series have been used extensively for content creation, live streaming, and video conferencing. New models or upgrades may have been issued since January 2022, as my understanding is based on data that was accessible at that time.

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