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Power supplies are the hardware industry’s bread and butter. Consider the last time you set together your fantasy “ooh I’ve won the lottery” method. You spent hours weighing the benefits and drawbacks of numerous motherboards, graphics cards, and CPUs.

You may have spent an entire afternoon debating whether to install RGB fans on your radiator or quieter, but less conspicuous ones. The dilemma between low latency and high speed DDR5 can persist for years, and to be honest, we still have it in the workplace. But what about power supplies? You just sort by price, select the most costly, and proceed without hesitation.

Most producers reach a point when they feel obligated to go above and above with a specific product. However, I believe it is fair to state that ASUS does this far more frequently than others. With the recent release of their new ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II power supply, this isn’t so much pushing a boat out as it is a fully equipped cruise liner.

The ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply is their latest flagship PSU release, designed exclusively for enthusiast gamers, and it comes totally packed with not just outstanding capabilities but some of the most beautiful looks ever seen on a power supply!

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply Packaging 

The product for our ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply review arrived in the typical ROG packaging. It has all of the company’s iconic colors, aesthetics, and branding.

The front of the box features a large representation of the power supply. Then it includes a list of its main characteristics.

The back of the box is packed with helpful information on the power supply. Aside from that, there’s information regarding its features, as well as a few photos and performance data.

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply 2

Inside the box is an outstanding display of the power supply as well as additional items. After sliding open the cover, the first thing you’ll see are cardboard inserts. One of these houses the power supply, while the other houses all of the wiring and accessories.

We particularly enjoy how the cables are contained in a high-quality canvas bag. When not in use, it’s a nice location to keep things.

To be sure, here’s a detailed list of everything included in the package:

The power supply, a 24-pin ATX cable, two 4+4 EPS 12V cables, and four 6+2-pin PCIe cables are included.

Two 6-pin PCIe cables, two Molex cables, three SATA cables, and two 12-pin PCIe cables are also included in the box. An addressable RGB cable is also available.

Of course, ASUS didn’t scrimp on any of the goodies because you’re already getting other things. Cable Velcro ties, ordinary zip ties, a product handbook, cable management strips, screws, and a metal badge are included.

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply Design

We must inspect the product for this ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply evaluation. And based on its design and features, we can conclude that this PSU is unquestionably a quality and top-tier product.

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply 3

It has the same rough surface and design as previously, and its product information sticker has the same ROG style as before. You’ll also receive fan grilles with the same slanted distinctive ROG design.

Its cutouts are significantly larger than normal PSU grilles. These enable more efficient and enough ventilation.

On the left side of the power supply is a monochrome LED display that shows voltage, real-time loads, and thermal monitoring. You can control addressable RGB LED illuminations with the standard 3-pin ARGB connector.

What we enjoy about this device is that it comes with a solid 10-year guarantee. This is much appreciated.

The back of this power supply has good and improved ventilation. It also has a massive honeycomb-style cutout that spans the whole region.

Aside from the power and connector switches, the ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply contains a 0db mode switch. This may be changed by pressing a button near the power switch.

When activated, the PSU’s fans will turn on when the total load exceeds 50% or 500W.

The ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply has a modular design. As a result, it includes several cable connectors that make it ideal for even the most powerful gaming systems. As a result, the device has no pre-attached cords, making it easier to maintain and organize.

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply Performance

The first fundamental test is carried out using a simple power supply tester. It just uses a few watts of power from the PSU, but it helps evaluate if the power supply unit is working. There is a self-check that indicates whether the voltages are at the right values. As you can see, the ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply has performed well.

In our power supply evaluations, we simulate real-world usage by simulating the loads generated by a power-hungry, multi-GPU configuration with a powerful CPU. Older components used to consume more power, but improvement has been made. It is impossible to exceed 500-600 Watts of power demand in a typical arrangement. Checking efficiency is a pretty simple process. Let’s start with the Asus Thor II’s efficiency.

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply 4

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply General Information

ManufacturerASUS ROG (Republic of Gamers)
ModelROG THOR 1000P2
Wattage1000 Watts
Efficiency Certification80 PLUS Platinum
Modular DesignFully Modular
Form FactorATX (Standard)
Dimensions (L x W x H)190 x 150 x 86 mm
AC Input Voltage100-240V
Fan135mm Axial-tech Fan
Fan Bearing TypeDual Ball Bearing
Connectors– 1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector
– 2 x 8-pin (4+4) CPU connectors
– 6 x 8-pin (6+2) PCIe connectors
– 12 x SATA connectors
– 4 x 4-pin Molex connectors
Protection FeaturesOver Voltage Protection, Over Power Protection,
Over Current Protection, Short Circuit
Protection, Surge Protection
Operating Temperature0°C to 50°C
OLED DisplayYes (Real-time system monitoring)
RGB LightingYes (Aura Sync compatible)
Warranty10 years

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply Conclusion

ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply 5

The ROG THOR 1000P2 GAMING Power Supply is unmistakably customized and sold to a specific user. While ASUS explicitly aims this PSU at gamers, I honestly don’t believe this is the primary target for this. In terms of both appearance and performance, I consider the ASUS ROG Thor 1000W Platinum II to be a premium-level power supply. With that in mind, and considering its pricey price tag, this isn’t going to be the ideal option for the great majority of more generic PC gamers.

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