SAMSUNG Galaxy Book Pro 360 Review

In this article, I give you my Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 review with specs included. This is a very slim and light 15.6-inch laptop. I have a 360-degree convertible, there is a non-360 version of this as well.

This is the highest end of the several laptops that Samsung is offering for 2021 but still, it’s priced pretty well. Starting at $1099 for the base model, higher-end configurations around $1299. I’ve always reviewed the Samsung laptops with the S-pens because they are so great for art.

They use the S-pen which is Wacom EMR which is a very close cousin to the Wacom EMR you see in things like the Cintiq Pro.

So yes, the S-pen is included with this. No, there is not a silo for it but that allows for them to give you something that’s a bit bigger in size and more comfortable to use.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is available in two colors. If you don’t like Mystic Bronze color (looks a little pinker than bronze in person) there’s also a Mystic Navy color, which is a dark blue color. So at least you have your choice there.

There are two configurations available with those two prices that I mentioned. There should be a third one coming because 5G will still be available as an option as well.

Those two configurations are both Core i7 ultrabook CPUs Intel 11th gen, this is an Intel Evo platform. The lower-end configuration has eight GB of RAM, the higher-end has 16 GB of RAM. The lower-end configuration is 512 GB of storage, the higher-end is one terabyte. Storage is an M.2 NVMe SSD. The RAM is soldered on the motherboard.

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet which is probably one of the most exciting is this has an OLED display. Samsung calls it super AMOLED, the same nomenclature they use for their phones.

That means nicely saturated colors and really great black levels and nice contrast levels too. So, it’s very pretty to look at. Unfortunately, also it’s really glossy.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 weighs around three pounds, which is under one and a half kilograms. It is 11.9 millimeters thick or thin, depending on how you want to look at it. That’s LG Gram’s competition territory and honestly, Samsung has been competing with LG for years making very light and thin laptops.

It is an aluminum casing so it’s fairly rigid. It’s good looking, it’s not as unique looking as some of the Samsung laptops we’ve seen. Some have contrasting chrome and the dark blue top on it and all those sorts of pretty things. But, it certainly is pleasant looking.

Because this laptop is so skinny you’re not going to get any of the bigger ports. No USB-A and no HDMI for example. You do get a Thunderbolt 4 port and two USB-C ports so you can do display out and docks and all that sort of thing with it. A headphone jack and a MicroSD card slot and that is it.

This is a durable rigid aluminum chassis. It might be somewhat scratch-prone. It probably is possible to damage the finish on this if you are aggressive with it. I noticed a few scratches in a short time since I got mine.

The keyboard on this also is pretty low travel. It’s white backlit too. Sometimes Samsung really works some magic with really thin and light designs and low-key travel but this one to me just feels sort of like an XPS 13 from Dell, which means short key travel and not a lot of tactility.

I mean it’s usable, it just would not be my first pick certainly. We’re not seeing that ThinkPad wonderfulness here. The large Microsoft precision trackpad on here and feel is quite good.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 has an Intel Core i7 11th Gen ultrabook U-series 28-watts quad-core CPU. Performance is right on par with what I expect from this and mid-matches its competitors in that respect.

I do have the 16 GB RAM model and that’s DDR4 low-power XRAM. Also, a one terabyte NVMe SSD which benchmarks decently is not class-leading, but it’s pretty good. And you could upgrade it yourself.

Heat on this, despite the fact it’s thin and metal, isn’t bad, even when pushing it hard. You’ll hear the fans when you plug it into power for charging. Otherwise, if you’re using it unplugged, not so much. There is a noticeable amount of fan action going on but not annoying.

Stereo speakers are AKG branded with Dolby Atmos software. And, as usual, Samsung does a better than average job with laptop speakers. They sound pretty good, there’s some fullness to them, and there’s some volume. It’s still a thin laptop, it’s not a 16-inch MacBook Pro either, in terms of audio, but pretty decent. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360
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