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The product under review is the Wacom Bamboo Tip, a newly introduced stylus from Wacom targeted at individuals engaged in artistic endeavors. For those familiar with Wacom’s Cintiq lineup and other drawing pen displays, this device may pique interest.

Wacom is renowned for manufacturing high-quality digitizers, such as the Wacom AES digitizer found in recent Dell two-in-ones, Lenovo devices, and others. However, Wacom also caters to users with capacitive displays, offering solutions for those seeking a more refined stylus experience.

Wacom Bamboo Tip
Wacom Bamboo Tip Box

Often, users reach out, expressing regret over their choice of laptop or smartphone, wishing for a compatible pen. Typically, the only available option is a bulky capacitive stylus, which lacks precision. The Wacom Bamboo Tip, with its 1.9-millimeter tip, seeks to address this gap, providing a more precise alternative. While it operates on a capacitive basis, it offers a more refined experience akin to active digitizer pens.

Unlike active digitizer pens, such as the Apple Pencil or those found in Microsoft Surface devices, the Bamboo Tip does not require pairing or installation. It functions as a plug-and-play device, making it hassle-free and convenient. Priced at $50, it boasts a sleek metal design, offering a premium feel compared to traditional capacitive styluses.

Featuring an on/off button, the Bamboo Tip conserves battery life by entering sleep mode when not in use. Charging is facilitated via a micro USB port, with a two-hour usage time per charge. Notably, the inclusion of a power source in a capacitive stylus is uncommon, likely intended to enhance conductivity and accommodate the smaller tip size.

Wacom Bamboo Tip Parts 1
Wacom Bamboo Tip Parts

The Bamboo Tip caters primarily to users of Android and iOS devices, such as non-pro iPads, iPhones, and Android smartphones and tablets. Its driverless operation and lack of Bluetooth connectivity simplify usage, making it ideal for users seeking a straightforward stylus solution.

However, it is essential to manage expectations regarding performance. While the Bamboo Tip offers a superior experience compared to traditional capacitive styluses, it cannot match the precision and functionality of active digitizer pens. Users of devices equipped with active digitizers, such as the iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface lineup, are advised to utilize pens optimized for their respective devices.

Testing the Bamboo Tip on various devices provides insights into its performance. When used with an iPhone 8 Plus running Sketchbook Pro, the stylus demonstrates responsiveness, even supporting pressure sensitivity to some extent. However, the lack of palm rejection poses challenges, requiring users to avoid inadvertent screen contact.

Similarly, on Android devices, such as the Essential Phone with Adobe Photoshop Sketch, the Bamboo Tip offers a satisfactory drawing experience, albeit with occasional stroke minimization. The lack of pressure sensitivity limits its suitability for professional artwork but surpasses finger input in precision and control.

Wacom Bamboo Tip Nib
Wacom Bamboo Tip Nib

Testing on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 illustrates the stylus’s compatibility with devices featuring built-in active pens. While performance may vary, the Bamboo Tip offers a viable alternative for users seeking a finer drawing experience.

Transitioning to Android tablets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, the Bamboo Tip delivers commendable performance in apps like Wacom’s Bamboo Paper. However, the absence of palm rejection remains a drawback, necessitating caution to prevent unintended screen interactions.

When utilized with laptops lacking active digitizers, such as the Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series, the Bamboo Tip’s performance is subpar. While functional, it falls short of providing a seamless drawing experience, highlighting the limitations of capacitive styluses on such devices.

In summary, the Wacom Bamboo Tip offers a refined stylus experience for users with capacitive displays, providing an alternative to traditional styluses. Its precise 1.9-millimeter tip and driverless operation make it an attractive option for individuals seeking a straightforward solution.

However, its performance is constrained by the inherent limitations of capacitive technology, particularly in devices lacking active digitizers. Nonetheless, for users unable to utilize active pens, the Bamboo Tip represents a commendable effort to bridge the gap between capacitive and active styluses.


  1. Precise Tip: The Wacom Bamboo Tip features a 1.9-millimeter tip, providing users with enhanced precision compared to traditional capacitive styluses. This allows for more accurate drawing and writing on touchscreen devices.
  2. Ease of Use: With its plug-and-play functionality, the Bamboo Tip eliminates the need for drivers or complex setup processes. Users can simply charge the stylus, connect it to their device, and begin using it immediately.
  3. Compatibility: The Bamboo Tip is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. It offers a versatile solution for users seeking a stylus for their touchscreen devices, regardless of the brand or model.
  4. Sleek Design: Featuring a sleek metal barrel design, the Bamboo Tip offers a premium look and feel. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around and use on the go.
  5. Battery Life: With a two-hour usage time per charge, the Bamboo Tip offers sufficient battery life for extended use sessions. The stylus also enters sleep mode automatically when not in use, helping to conserve battery power.
  6. Replaceable Nibs: The nibs of the Bamboo Tip are replaceable, allowing users to maintain optimal performance over time. Wacom offers replacement nibs for purchase on their website, ensuring longevity and durability.
  7. No Bluetooth Required: Unlike some other styluses on the market, the Bamboo Tip does not require Bluetooth connectivity. This simplifies the user experience and eliminates the need for pairing with the device.
  8. Affordable Pricing: Priced at $50, the Bamboo Tip offers a cost-effective solution for users seeking a precise and reliable stylus for their touchscreen devices. Its affordability makes it accessible to a wide range of consumers.


  1. Lack of Pressure Sensitivity: The Bamboo Tip does not offer pressure sensitivity, limiting its suitability for professional artists and designers who require varying line thicknesses in their work.
  2. No Palm Rejection: Due to its capacitive nature, the Bamboo Tip does not offer palm rejection functionality. Users may experience issues with unintended touch inputs when resting their hands on the screen while using the stylus.
  3. Limited Compatibility with Certain Apps: While the Bamboo Tip is compatible with a wide range of drawing and note-taking apps, some applications may not fully support its features, such as pressure sensitivity or tilt recognition.
  4. Occasional Lag: Users may experience occasional lag or delay when using the Bamboo Tip, particularly when performing rapid or intricate strokes. While generally responsive, the stylus may struggle to keep up with fast-paced drawing or writing.
  5. Not Suitable for Devices with Active Digitizers: The Bamboo Tip is designed for use with devices featuring capacitive touchscreen displays. It is not compatible with devices equipped with active digitizers, such as the iPad Pro or Microsoft Surface devices, which offer superior stylus performance.
  6. Limited Tilt Recognition: The Bamboo Tip may lack tilt recognition capabilities, limiting its ability to accurately mimic the angle and shading effects achieved with traditional drawing tools. Users may find it challenging to achieve nuanced shading and detailing in their artwork.
  7. Micro USB Charging: While the Bamboo Tip features a convenient micro USB charging port, some users may prefer USB-C charging for compatibility with newer devices and accessories.
  8. Minimal Customization Options: Unlike some other styluses on the market, the Bamboo Tip may offer limited customization options, such as programmable buttons or adjustable sensitivity settings. Users seeking advanced customization features may find the Bamboo Tip lacking in this regard.
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