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Chieftec Industrial Co., Ltd., a well-known producer of power supply and PC accessories, was established in 1990. Since 1994, ARENA ELECTRONIC GMBH has been the company’s representative on the continents of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.

Three variants of 500, 600, and 700 W power supplies are available in the CORE series. With one or two top-tier video cards and a potent central processor, such power completely meets the requirements of today’s reasonably productive computers. For testing, we selected the BBS-600S model, which has a 600-watt output power, as the middle member of the family.

Great-efficiency Chieftec CORE Series power supplies are characterized by a very understated appearance; this suggests that all secondary factors were forgone in order to retain a cheap price while keeping high efficiency. Our testing will demonstrate how effective this strategy was.

Packaging of CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply

The unit’s box is constructed using the colors black and yellow. Even though there aren’t any unique design delights, the counter’s noble color scheme is sure to catch people’s attention. On the box, there isn’t a lot of information about the model; often, there’s just a picture of the power supply, the brand and product series names, and the understated elegance of the 80 PLUS Gold label. Each model in the series comes in the same packaging (a specific modification is marked with a red icon on the end of the box, near the index of the corresponding model).

CHIEFTEC CORE BBS 700S Power Supply 2

The delivery set is fairly basic; the only thing keeping it from being entirely austere are the large paper instructions with high-quality writing, the mounting screws, and the network connection.

The power supply can be used in cases with somewhat tight internal layouts thanks to its standard dimensions of 140 mm x 150 mm x 87 mm.

Most of the brothers in the “golden” efficiency have very unassuming appearances; they typically wear simple black clothing and have a 120-mm fan pointed in the direction of “state personnel.” True, the case’s metal is still thicker than that of PSU Chieftec’s most inexpensive model, but a sizable golden insignia bearing the company’s trademark helps revive the design somewhat.

A label indicating the block’s output settings is located on the underside of the case. An input for the power cord and a power switch are located on the rear panel with a honeycomb ventilation grille.

Specifications of CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply 

With a 600 W total output power at a 12 V voltage, 588 W, or 98% of the total power, can be transmitted. This is pretty consistent with the capabilities of more expensive contemporary high-performance models. The maximum allowed load on the 3.3 and 5 V lines is 110 W, while the maximum allowed load on the standby power supply is a very standard 2.5 A. Additionally, the model’s appeal is greatly enhanced by the whole range of input voltages, particularly in the event of voltage subsidence in the power supply.

CHIEFTEC CORE BBS 700S Power Supply 3

CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply is based on the model CWT GPS600S, and the genuine manufacturer is stated right on the label behind the plate with the “gone” layout. There is a 24-month manufacturer’s warranty.


Connecting cablesFixed cables
Maximum load power, W600
80 PLUS CertificationGold
ATX versionATX12V 2.3
Power grid parameters100-240 V, 9 A, 47-53 Hz
Load protectionOVP (OverVoltage Protection)
OPP (Over Power Protection)
SCP (Short Circuit Protection)
Dimensions, mm140 × 150 × 87
Weight, kg1,67
MtBF, hNd
Warranty period, years2
Average retail price60$


The cable system is possibly the most obvious outcome of the cost-cutting strategy used when building the models for this series. Except for the connection with the main 20 + 4-pin power connector, cables with connectors do not unfasten and do not even have a braid.

24 PIN (20+4)1
8 PIN (6+2)2
8 PIN EPS (4+4)1

However, the cables are long enough for medium-sized cases (65 cm for cables with connectors 20 + 4-pin and 4 + 4-pin, and 50 cm to the first connection for the rest) and the wires have a sufficient cross-section of 18 AWG.

Construction and internal parts of CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply

The PSU’s body is constructed of rather thick metal and is painted black. A 120 mm-diameter Yate Loon D12SL-12 fan with a simple bearing is used to cool the internal components. Since the fan’s nominal speed is a relatively low 1350 rpm, you can anticipate favorable acoustic conditions. To improve airflow inside the power supply housing, a transparent film screen is placed over a portion of the impeller region.

Channel Well Technology (CWT), the original manufacturer of the Chieftec CORE power supply platform, is noted above, and the donor was a group of GPS power supply representatives.

The usage of individual stabilization of output voltages of 3.3 and 5 V is clearly shown by the presence of a daughter board with a pair of chokes near the output circuits.

The device employs a contemporary and effective resonance topology based on a Champion Micro CM6901X SLS (SRC / LLC + SR) controller.

Other control chips include the Sitronix ST9S313-DAG supervisor and the TNY177PN standby power controller (located under the power cord input).

CHIEFTEC CORE BBS 700S Power Supply 4

A very standard “little gentleman’s set” comprising two CX capacitors (one placed at the input of the power cord), five CY capacitors (two placed at the input of the power cord), and two common-mode chokes make up the electromagnetic interference filter at the power input.

A fuse and a varistor are further options for the device’s protection against transient power spikes.

At the output, CapXon and JunFu capacitors are employed. If the first falls within the category of good average, the second’s reputation is far less than stellar.

Final thoughts on CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply

A record-breaking fusion of power, efficiency, and acoustic comfort is provided by the CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply. It also supports operation with a wide variety of input voltages, offers quite good voltage stability, and has a low degree of ripples.

The primary disadvantage is that the producer saves money by using old capacitors, and the other disadvantages are a relatively straightforward cable system and a short guarantee period. However, versions without these issues will be substantially more expensive.

Overall, we have a pretty attractive model of a reasonable power supply with a very respectable set of features.

CHIEFTEC CORE BBS 700S Power Supply 5

Is Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply enough for Ryzen CPU?

As previously stated, a PSU calculator can be found online by searching for “PSU calculator.” The majority of the power used by your computer comes from the GPU, however other components can also use some power. You can combine various goods, depending on how much power your CPU uses, to generate the precise quantity of W that your PSU must supply. So is Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply enough? 

Possibly, but it also depends on your other components. As long as the system isn’t overly complex, Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply is enough. You can choose your components using the PCPartPicker build function, and it will estimate how much power they will need.

Here is a Ryzen CPU example with a semi-power-hungry GPU.

Now, even if the RTX 3070 is less expensive than we all anticipated, it still need a powerful power supply.

The Ryzen 5 3600x never uses more than 79.8W at its most powerful.

The GPU appears to use up to 220W.

These numbers add out to 220 + 80 = 300W.

Then, it wouldn’t draw too much power from your PSU to power the motherboard, RAM, peripherals, and other components, so 500W minimum should be sufficient. However, overclocking wouldn’t be a smart idea with that much wattage. For this build, a 500W PSU with an 80+ rating from a respected brand will be the bare minimum requirement. For this design, a 650W PSU with an 80+ rating from a reliable manufacturer is advised.

The edition kind (Gold, Silver) won’t matter because it indicates how effectively the PSU will use power; nonetheless, choosing the finest edition will be preferable because it helps you conserve power.

Is Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply enough for an Intel CPU?

Same things that we said about Ryzen CPU applies for Intel. They have about same wattage requirements and probably Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply is enough for any mainstream build. This PSU would be adequate for practically any GPU, with the exception of the most powerful GPUs, such as the RTX 3090Ti and presumably the Intel i9 12900k. You would probably need a better PSU for that kind of design.

Let’s take an almost high-end build, such as an RTX 3070 and an Intel i9 9900k, as an example.

I’ll argue that 700W would be more than sufficient. The RTX 3070 has a TDP of 220W and is essentially an RTX 2080 Ti with around 30W reduced power consumption. The card will consume more power than that, particularly if you overclock, but it will almost always be well under 260W.

Similar to the 9900K, which has a 95W TDP but may surge to 160W for brief periods when overclocked and pushed to its limit.

Your motherboard’s components don’t consume a lot of electricity. Think of an NVMe SSD (PCIe 3.0) as using 3W, 16GB of DDR4 using 6W, the case fans using 2.5W apiece, and the motherboard chipset using 7W. You are looking at a total power consumption of 30W with two drives and four fans.

You’ll need 420W for the CPU+GPU and 30W for the motherboard, RAM, and fans, assuming you can overclock and maximize your CPU and GPU at the same time. With this, you reach 450W. Do you ever intend to utilize 450W? No. Zero chance.

With a very costly CPU and GPU, I would get a respectable 550W Bronze-rated power supply just to be safe. However, if choosing 700W gives you peace of mind, there is certainly nothing wrong with doing so.

Can you do overclocking with Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply?

Also depending of CPU and GPU, overclocking is of course possible if you aren’t using high end CPU and GPU and try to overclock them, then for sure Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply wouldnt be able for that. However, it is more than easy to overclock several medium- and low-end builds.

Also you are in good condition if your PSU has a single 12v rail and can deliver 40+ amps when fully loaded. If not, a better or larger PSU is required. The combined amps output for the 12v rails under maximum load should be found on the label of a multi-rail 12v PSU. You’re okay to go if the aggregate current is 40 amps or more. If not, a better or larger PSU is required. Check the label and read appropriate PSU reviews to ensure the PSU is well-built and capable of delivering the claimed amps under maximum load and temperatures. The individual 12v rail maximum amps may not match the total 12v rail maximum amps. This is crucial for the steady operation of a PC.

Working through the information below will allow you to establish precisely how much power and amps on the 12v rail(s) your present or future PC system will need. You should first determine the wattage of your video graphics card and then convert that to 12v rail amps. And examine if your present or potential new PSU can produce the amps you require on the 12v rails by reading PSU reviews. It’s really simple, and once you figure it out, you’ll be able to aid in the learning of others in addition to yourself.

There are numerous websites that display the wattage of a graphics card. To get the number of amps needed on the 12v rail, divide the wattage by 12. (s). You now know the minimum total 12v rail amps required at full load by adding 15 amps for the remainder of the PC on the 12v rail. In order to prevent the PSU from being fully loaded, it is advisable to keep at least 5–10 amps of reserve power on the 12v rail accessible at all times.

Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply rating

In 1990, the well-known power supply and PC accessory manufacturer Chieftec Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded. On the continents of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe, the business is represented by ARENA ELECTRONIC GMBH since 1994. 

A picture of the power supply, the brand and product series names, and the subtle elegance of the 80 PLUS Gold badge are frequently the only details about the model that are printed on the box. So Chieftec CORE BBS-700S Power Supply is rated GOLD

What connectors are on CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply?

CHIEFTEC CORE BBS-700S Power Supply connectors are:

  • 20+4 PIN ATX – 1
  • 8 PIN EPS(4+4) – 1
  • 8 PIN PCIe (6+2) – 4
  • SATA – 6
  • MOLEX/FLOPPY – 3/1
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