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DEEPCOOL company is more well-known for producing chassis, coolers, and fans.DQ750-M, a 750 Watt device with an 80 Plus Gold certificate that received the “Recommended” designation, back in 2018. The DQ850-M-V2L was the second one, and it was examined in 2020. It included features like a 10-year warranty (rather than a 5-year warranty), but on the flip side, it was somewhat noisy under low-to-mid load. The following Deepcool device, this time with lower watts, gets in our hands.

We recently had the chance to review Deepcool goods, therefore we requested PSUs in the lower price range. The DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply is the PSU that we are evaluating today in the budget class.

This PSU is designed for budget-conscious PC consumers and includes features 120 mm fan, heavy-duty black flat cables, and, most importantly, a 5-year guarantee from DEEPCOOL.

This power supply comes in a standard cardboard box with black text, revealing its price right away.

The qualities of this product are used from many angles. The manufacturer tried to be sneaky by claiming that this power supply is 600 watts, but in reality, that is only its highest load.

DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply 2

DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply Specification & Performance


WARRANTY5 Year Warranty
Output Capacity600W
Input Voltage160~240V
Input Current4.0A
Input Frequency Range47~63Hz
Fan Size120mm silent fan
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold Up Time>16ms
ProtectionOVP / UVP / SCP / OPP
Operation Temperature0~40°C
MTBF100,000 Hours
ConnectorMain Power Connector (24Pin)×1 EPS 12V Connector 8(4+4)Pin PCI-E (6+2)Pin×2 SATA×3+4pin Peripheral×1 4pin Peripheral×2+SATA×1
Dimension (L X B X H)150×140×86mm (W X L X H)
80 PLUS CertificateNo
Wire braidingYes

Let’s next go over the cables. They are fairly thin and flexible by themselves. The only 24-pin motherboard cable is 50 cm long and braided.

All of the wires in the processor power cable’s 4-plus-4-pin circuit come from the power supply, albeit some manufacturers save an extra 4-pin duplicate from the primary one. The cable is 60 cm long.

The first accessory cable contains four connectors: one Molex, three SATA, and a Molex at the end. The cable is 80 cm long to the extreme connector, and there is 10 cm between each connector.

The device contains three connectors: two Molex and one SATA, with the SATA connector at the end of the cable. The cable is 70 cm long to the extreme connector, and there is 10 cm between each connector.

DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply 3

The additional power line for the video card typically includes a 6 + 2-pin circuit, but in this case, like with other manufacturers, it was spared, and the extra 2-pin connects in parallel to the main connector. 50 cm is the length of it.

The CWT as OEM offers a great PCB design for the DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply. The PSU uses DC-DC conversion for 5v and 3.3v and has a full-bridge LLC architecture. PSU has excellent Japanese bulk capacitors as well.

The primary high voltage DC rectifier and switching components, as well as all the necessary parts for EMI mitigation, are positioned on a substantial heatsink.

Copper shielding is used to make DC-DC conversion modules.

Without any overclocking, the DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply handled the above gaming setup at 1080p medium settings with ease. Since 500Watts is the bare minimum needed for this kind of combination, I was, to be completely honest, stretching the limitations of this PSU.

I manually adjusted the load in Amps on the 12V first rail, 12V second rail, 5V, and 3.3V rail to mimic a 100%, 80%, 50%, and 20% load in order to test the PSU on my Active load test. Since this PSU only has one 12-volt rail, I divided the load between the two 12-volt loads on my tester in half.

Throughout the course of the test, a continuous 0.5amp load was applied to both the -12V and 5V supplies.

DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply 4

Although my tester’s maximum theoretical load handling capacity is somewhere around 1500W, due to the safe operating area (SOA) features of MOSFETs and the heatsinks’ thermal load handling capabilities, my tester can only take up to 1300W. I also put a thermal controller out of concern for safety, and it will switch the linked PSU off if the temperature rises above SOA guidelines.

When trying to pull more power during the test, the PSU automatically shut off, demonstrating how effectively the overload protection was functioning.


Main power connector20+4 pin
Connectors for the power supply of the processor (CPU)1x 8 pin
Video card power connectors (PCI-E)1x 6+2 pin
Number of 15-pin SATA connectors4
Number of 4-pin Molex connectors3
Main power cable length500 mm
Processor power cable length600 mm
Number of 4-pin Floppy connectors4

Final Thoughts on DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply

In our tests, the DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply demonstrated nice efficiency, clean power supply, good voltage stability, and perfect compliance with specifications. However, even if it has 600 W, I wouldn’t install a system on it that uses more power than 500 W because 500 W is its maximum power.

How could it be improved? The manufacturer could add in-line capacitors to further minimize ripple, raise the number of PCIe ports to six, reduce the size of the branding on both sides, provide full-power performance at 50°C, and rationally include some Velcro ties in the package. These criticisms are what ultimately prevent a recommendation from being made, especially in light of the competition at a price point of 40$.

DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply 5

As a result, DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply is a suitable budget-friendly alternative to Aerocool VX power supplies, however, its low price is felt throughout the entire unit because at least they did not skimp on the warranty, which is offered here for three years. I suggest you choose the DN500 Nova 500W model from the same Deepcool if there is an option to spend more. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
DEEPCOOL DE600 Power Supply
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    Performance - 96%
  • 97%
    Price - 97%
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    Value - 97%