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Chieftec has unveiled a new power supply line for the entry-level market with the Eco series. According to Chieftec, the Eco should provide “maximum flexibility in daily applications” and is outfitted with a subtly “green” appearance. We have examined the 500W model of the Eco power supply series in more detail to see if it can distinguish itself from other entry-level power supplies.

The Eco series, a new line of power supply units, was recently introduced by Chieftec.

These PSUs adhere to rigorous environmental ideals and are all in compliance with European regulations, as you may guess from the name.

The four PSUs of the Eco line, with power outputs ranging from 400W to 750W, are the GPE-400s, 500s, 600s, and 700s. The GPE-500s, a 500W AT X PSU with an efficiency rating of 85 Plus and ErP certification, is the type we have available for review. According to the ErP Lot 6 EU (1275/2008) standard, a computer’s standby or off power consumption cannot exceed half a watt. This decree and certification are followed by the Eco line.

CHIEFTEC GPE-500S Eco Power Supply Specs & Performance

The power supply is packaged in a white cardboard box with green accents and has the model number GPE-500S. The series name, “eco Series,” and the corporate emblem are shown at the top. The same thing is repeated on the pages. There are tables with performance information for the available Eco series vehicles on the back. The CHIEFTEC GPE-500S Eco Power Supply delivery remit is obvious. A short brochure with no really interesting information is included in addition to the power cord and mounting screws, but this is normal in this market.

CHIEFTEC GPE 500S Eco Power Supply 2

Given the still low power class and the consequently smaller number of connection possibilities, the Chieftec Eco comes with fixed connection cables, but this is standard in this price level and poses no problems. The cables have different colors, and the ATX cable has a partially transparent sheath. The power supply also features two cables with two SATA connectors and one Molex connector, a 45cm long cable with a 4 PIN 12V CPU plug, and a 40cm long cable with a 6+2 PIN PCIe connector. This is in addition to the 40cm long cable with a 24 PIN ATX connector.

A few protective circuits ought to be included with the power source. For instance, the Eco models need to incorporate protection against overload, short circuit, and over/under voltage (OVP/EIA) (SCP). According to Chieftec, overheating (OTP) and overload (OCP) protection are not integrated. With the defined protection circuits, Chieftec at least meets the minimum need from our perspective, which is regrettably not always self-evident in this class.

The Chieftec Eco GPE-500S has quite respectable performance values, according to the feature list. Even though the power supply is not 80PLUS-certified, Chieftec claims a “85% Efficiency”. The power supply is configured based on the class, including output powers. On the secondary voltages, a total of 103 watts are available. Up to 37.5 amps, or 450 watts, can be loaded into the single-rail 12-volt side, which has a design capacity of 12 volts.

There were no issues during the commissioning and installation. Initially, we intended to test the power supply in a bigger case, such the Aerocool Xpredator II, but the cable lengths made this impossible. We therefore believe that the power supply is inappropriate for large or full towers. However, the cable lengths are more than plenty for Midi Tower and everything smaller. However, because some motherboards have two 12v 4PIN slots, you should keep in mind that only a 12v 4PIN CPU connector is available when purchasing the power supply. A single 6+2PIN connector is the only one that may be used to operate graphics cards, so keep that in mind.

CHIEFTEC GPE 500S Eco Power Supply 3

For instance, the graphics card needed an adaptor to function because our GTX 760 has an 8 and 6 PIN connector. We used an adaptor for power measurement, but we do not advocate this for permanent use.

We increased the number of power supplies in the same power class on the table for our performance test.

When the Seasonic (Bronze) and the BeQuiet! (Silver) are higher certified, the GPE-500S performs fairly well.

Technical Data & Specs

ModelECO 500W
Article no.GPE-500S
EAN code4710713234185
Weight (without/with package)1.32kg / 1.44kg
AC Input230V / 5A
Frequency50 Hz
+5V & +3,3V combined103W
+12V1, +12V2 combined450W
-12V0,3A / 3,6W
+5VSB2,5A / 12,5W
Maximum Power500W


20+4 PIN ATX1
8 PIN EPS(4+4)1
8 PIN PCIe (6+2)1

Cable length (mm)

20+4 PIN ATX450
8 PIN EPS(4+4)500
8 PIN PCIe (6+2)400
SATA2x 350/150


ATX12V VersionATX 12V 2.3
Dimension (DxWxH)140 mm x 150 mm x 86 mm
PFCActive PFC (0,9)
Fan120mm silent fan
SecurityAFC (Automatic Fan speed Control)OPP (Over Power Protection)OVP (Over Voltage Protection)SCP (Short Circuit Protection)SIP (Surge & Inrush Protection)UVP (Under Voltage Protection)
Warranty24 Month
CHIEFTEC GPE 500S Eco Power Supply 4

Conclusion on CHIEFTEC GPE-500S Eco Power Supply

The GPE-500s are reasonably priced as well. Most system builders who want to have the least possible financial and environmental impact may comfortably afford it at just However, the absence of EPS and modular cabling places restrictions on this particular model. On the plus side, the GPE-500s’ overall build quality is good and the components used are great.

Although somewhat limited in terms of upgradeability, CHIEFTEC GPE-500S Eco Power Supply is nevertheless a solid power supply. However, it’s friendly to the environment, reduces your energy costs, and gladly integrates with the majority of users’ systems.

For smaller systems, CHIEFTEC GPE-500S Eco Power Supply is a decent entry-level power supply, especially when it comes to the length of the cables and the few connections. Even when it is working hard, it is quite quiet, and the cords and power supply housing are both well-organized. The GPE-500S is currently available for only 44,08 Euros. For desktop PCs, multimedia computers, and portable gaming systems, we advise the power supply.

CHIEFTEC GPE 500S Eco Power Supply 5

Is Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply enough for Ryzen CPU?

Is 500W sufficient for a modern computer? 500W is definitely enough, especially if it’s from a respectable company like Chieftec. Of course, this PSU won’t be able to run an RTX 3090Ti, but it will be adequate for a simple low – to mid-end setup. Check which Ryzen CPUs can be powered by this PSU.

So, here is an example of a computer made with a Ryzen CPU.

Depending on how effective the PSU is. A “slightly overclocked” version of the 180W GTX 1080 could require as much as 230W, or possibly as little as 200W if undervolted. When fully loaded, a Ryzen 7 3700X consumes roughly 90W at stock. Around 30W might be accounted for by other system parts (LEDs, hard drives, fans, etc.) and losses due to VRM inefficiency.

This means that, depending on how small the overclock is and whether the card is undervolted, you can anticipate a total power demand of between 300 and 350W under full load. The majority of good 500W PSUs would be capable of handling this as a sustained load, but weaker ones wouldn’t be able to. Even good 500W PSUs would be outside of their optimal efficiency range, may deteriorate over time, and may result in system crashes during transient power spikes by activating OCP (over-current protection).

If the power supply unit (PSU) is a good model from a reliable brand, it will likely be sufficient to power your PC, albeit it might not be the most efficient or reliable option. On the other hand, if the PSU is a cheap model that only produces 350W on its 12V rail, it probably won’t. You ought to probably acquire something a little better in any case. As several people have recommended, a 600-650W PSU might be a nice option.

In order to be safe, I would advise using at least 600W for this type of configuration, although for example, For certain Ryzen 5 and medium-range cards Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply is enough.

Is Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply enough for an Intel CPU?

Therefore, the same general principles that apply to Ryzen CPUs also apply to Intel. This PSU can run a medium-range Intel CPU and a medium-range graphics card because the GPU is the most crucial component of a computer design and uses the most power.

Here is an illustration of an i5 10400F processor and an RTX 2060 or 2070 GPU.

The 10400F can pull up to 134W when fully loaded. At maximum load and without overclocking, the 2070 consumes roughly 215W. Without taking into account your storage drive(s), RAM, and other components or peripherals, it puts us to 349W. The remainder of your hardware probably consumes more than 51W when added together, and even if it comes near, it is too close.

You should choose a PSU that has a wattage that is far higher than what your system will consume at full load. This is advantageous because it keeps your power supply within a healthy range where it is not under excessive strain, extending its longevity and maintaining a more energy-efficient load.

In light of this, I’d advise getting a PSU with at least 550 W, however, 650 or 750 W wouldn’t hurt. If you decide to upgrade to more demanding hardware in the future, it can save you the grief of having to buy a new one because they aren’t that much more expensive.

In summary, the Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply is enough for the majority of medium-range setups, although going with at least 550W would be the safest choice.

Can you do overclocking with Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply?

Depending on your components and other factors, you could probably overclock this PSU only a little to not at all.

Like the next man, I detest subpar power supplies. However, the additional demand from overclocking won’t likely be a problem if you have a basic system and any 500w PSU that is operating and stable (no matter how poor that PSU is). It would only be a problem if the PSU was unable to supply the additional amperage to the CPU. However, this is unlikely to ever happen unless you also have a bad PSU and a box that is already pushing that amount of power. So if his CPU could theoretically be overclocked, that PSU would be adequate (even if it generally sucks).

Therefore, we may conclude that the Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply can be overclocked to some extent, though I would recommend at least 600W.

Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply rating

The Eco series is a new power supply line from Chieftec aimed at the entry-level market. According to Chieftec, the Eco should provide “maximum flexibility in daily applications” and is outfitted with a subtly “green” appearance. We looked more closely at the 500W model of the Eco power supply series to see if it could stand out from other entry-level power supplies.

The power source should come with a few protection circuits. For instance, the Eco models must include overload, short circuit, and over/under voltage (OVP/EIA) protection (SCP). According to Chieftec, overload (OCP) and overheating (OTP) protection are not integrated. Chieftec, which is unhappily not always self-evident in this class, at least satisfies the bare minimum need from our standpoint with the defined protective circuits.

According to the feature list, the Chieftec Eco GPE-500S has fairly reasonable performance numbers. Despite not having an 80PLUS certification, Chieftec claims that the power supply is “85% efficient”. Additionally, the power supply for the class is configured appropriately in terms of output power. There are 103 watts in total accessible on the auxiliary voltages. The single-rail 12-volt side, which has a design capability of 12 volts, can be loaded with up to 37.5 amps, or 450 watts. So Chieftec GPE-500S Eco Power Supply is rated without certificate, but we can say that chieftec is really good PSU.

What connectors are on CHIEFTEC GPE-500S Eco Power Supply?

CHIEFTEC GPE-500S Eco Power Supply connectors are:

  • 20+4 PIN ATX – 1
  • 8 PIN EPS(4+4) – 1
  • 8 PIN PCIe (6+2) – 1
  • SATA – 4
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