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The revised Chieftec iArena power supply Series features five variants ranging in capacity from 300 to 500 watts. This PSU series is in the cheap category, thus it cannot boast accreditation to the 80 PLUS standard, a broad variety of input voltages, or complex circuit solutions.

The manufacturer, on the other hand, guarantees an efficiency of more than 85% in the 230 V network and a very competitive price (including due to the rejection of retail packaging). There is always a buyer for such models, ranging from economical users who prefer to distribute their available budget in favor of other PC components to large assemblers and system integrators, where even a small price reduction on a single device without sacrificing reliability or efficiency due to volume saves quite tangible funds.

Even 300 watts of power (as in the youngest model of the iArena series) is more than adequate to power practically any setup with integrated graphics or even an inexpensive separate graphics card. The older 500-watt type under consideration today is perfectly capable of “feeding” a suitably productive gaming system – provided, of course, that the power supply’s actual output parameters conform to the reported features.

Of course, power supplies with a “highlight,” which might be high efficiency, superb ergonomics, amazing power, or excellent acoustic comfort, are the most appealing. However, in many cases, the customer just need a dependable “workhorse” at a low cost.

Not to be overlooked is the use of low-cost, but highly efficient and dependable power supply for ready-made system assemblers. The power supply unit we’re looking at today, which is part of Chieftec’s redesigned iArena line, claims to fall into this category.

Chieftec iARENA GPB 450S Power Supply 2

Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply was introduced in 2017 and has strong attributes (better than 60% of all power supplies).

Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply Overview & Impressions

Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply specified output parameters are fairly good for the budget solution class. More than 90% of total power may be transferred at 12 V, which accounts for the majority of the load in current PCs. Not all budget-class power supplies provide active power factor adjustment.

Chieftec iARENA GPB 450S Power Supply 3

Cables for “state personnel” often do not brag of length or the existence of a braid, but they do have a suitable range of power connectors for the claimed power – the main flaw is the presence of only a 4-pin (rather than 4 + 4-pin) connection of extra power linked to the motherboard.

The wires have a cross-section of 18-20 AWG. Simultaneously, the smallest cross-section of 20 AWG has cables with little transmitted power, and 18 AWG for heavier loaded wires is quite an adequate value, which is frequently seen on much more powerful and expensive solutions.

In summary, given Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply low price, its specifications appear to be pretty adequate.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply Appearance

As previously stated,Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply is delivered without retail packaging, with just a protective package available. As a result, the customer will be responsible for purchasing a power wire and mounting screws.

Chieftec iARENA GPB 450S Power Supply 4

The device has a typical budget solution appearance: a thin unpainted metal box with a standard length of 140 mm and a 120-mm cooling fan moved from the center. The benefits include a wire fan grille and a sticker concealing the unassuming look with the series name on the sidewall.

A honeycomb ventilation grille, a power cable connector, and a power switch are located at the back. There are markings on the second sidewall indicating the passage of technical control at the manufacturing, and a plate with the output parameters of the block is pasted on the bottom.

The Channel Well Technology development platform, easily identified by the distinctive hue of the insulation, is at the core of the power supply.

The existence of two throttles at the outlet clearly indicates the presence of only group voltage stabilization, while the choke buried in a plastic casing at the input proves the presence of an active PFC.

All of the input filter’s components are fully soldered. There are four CY capacitors, two CX capacitors, and two common-mode chokes present. A varistor and a fuse guard against short-term voltage spikes and short circuits, respectively.

A chip supervisor Sitronix ST9S313-DAG is located on the baseboard at the input of the power cable and is responsible for safeguarding the power supply when the input or output parameters exceed the allowable limits.

The PWM/PFC controller Chip Champion Micro CM6800TX is positioned between the common-mode chokes and the main transformer.

The standby power is regulated by the Power Integrations chip PNY176PN.

The problem of delivering energy to a board with modular connections was first handled by using single wires with a large cross-section for voltages +3.3 V and +5 V, and a broad metal component for voltage +12 V. However, the scheme in issue was transferred from the previously established basis upon which the ES-FM1250W (90+) model was built.

The unit’s output does not employ the most well-known capacitors ChengX and JunFu, although this is standard for power supply in this price range.

In general, the production and assembly quality is satisfactory: soldering is tidy, mounting adhesive and thermal interface for power elements are not skimped on.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply Efficiency

Chieftec iARENA GPB 450S Power Supply 5

We found signs that corroborate the manufacturer’s claims of at least 85% efficiency at 230 V in the network. More cannot, in principle, be required: the block lacks an 80 PLUS certificate for obvious reasons.

Support for only the input voltage of 230 V is suitable only for certification according to the 230V EU Internal Non-Redundant standard, even for the basic level, which requires an efficiency of 82% at around 20% and 100% of the power, to which the Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply falls slightly short, though it meets the requirements at half load.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply General Information

ModelIARENA 450W
Article no.GPB-450S
EAN code4710713233638
Weight (without/with package)1.22kg / 1.35kg
AC Input200-240V / 3.5A
Frequency47-63 Hz
+5V & +3,3V combined100W
+12V1, +12V2 combined408W
-12V0,3A / 3,6W
+5VSB2,5A / 12,5W
Maximum Power450W
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Chieftec iARENA GPB-450S Power Supply
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    Performance - 95%
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    Price - 97%
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    Value - 96%