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Five variants with power outputs ranging from 300 to 500 watts are part of the revised Series of Chieftec iArena power supplies. Budget-friendly in nature, this PSU line cannot claim to offer a broad range of input voltages, complex circuitry, or certification in accordance with the 80 PLUS standard. The manufacturer does, however, guarantee an efficiency of over 85% in the 230 V network and very affordable pricing (including due to the rejection of retail packaging).

There is always a market for these models, from budget-conscious consumers who prefer to allocate their available funds to other PC components to large assemblers and system integrators who can actually see the financial savings from even a small decrease in the price of a single device without sacrificing quality or efficiency due to volume.

Even 300 watts of power (as in the youngest model of the iArena series) is more than adequate to power practically any setup with integrated graphics or even an inexpensive separate graphics card. The older 500-watt type under consideration today is perfectly capable of “feeding” a suitably productive gaming system – provided, of course, that the power supply’s actual output parameters conform to the reported features.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Overview & Packaging

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Chieftec’s IArena series provides exceptionally low-cost power supply. The Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply is designed with 350 watts of continuous power at all times, operating the especially affordable computer and do not want to spend too much money, but do not want to sacrifice dependability. As a result, it combines the advantages of a branded power supply with customized equipment and a 230-volt power efficiency of more than 85 percent. Of course, the standby efficiency standards outlined in EU laws are satisfied.

The savings here are on the outside design: Chieftec’s housing is made of plain metal gray rather than a sophisticated power supply unit. A quiet 120mm fan maintains the required air flow beneath the traditional Lüftergitter.

The connections fulfill the minimal criteria, and tangling is prevented: Because the mainboard is connected by a 20 + 4-pin connection, even earlier models may be used. A 6 + 2-pin connection is provided for the graphics card, allowing upper-middle-class graphics cards to be utilized without an adaptor. A 4-pin connection supplies power to the CPU. The standard setup has five SATA and three 4-pin component connectors. As a result, Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply is the branded alternative to the many low-cost manufacturer’s options. The manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.

As previously stated, the Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply is delivered without retail packaging, with just a protective package available. As a result, the customer will be responsible for purchasing a power wire and mounting screws.

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The device has a typical budget solution appearance: a thin unpainted metal box with a standard length of 140 mm and a 120-mm cooling fan moved from the center. The benefits include a wire fan grille and a sticker concealing the unassuming look with the series name on the sidewall.

A honeycomb ventilation grille, a power cable connector, and a power switch are located at the rear. There are markings on the second sidewall indicating the passing of technical control throughout manufacturing, and a plate with the block’s output parameters is pasted on the bottom.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Specifications

ModelIARENA 350W
Article no.GPB-350S
EAN code4710713233614
Weight (without/with package)1.17kg / 1.29kg
AC Input200-240V / 3.0A
Frequency47-63 Hz
+5V & +3,3V combined90W
+12V1, +12V2 combined312W
-12V0,3A / 3,6W
+5VSB2,5A / 12,5W
Maximum Power350W

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Connectors

20+4 PIN ATX1
8 PIN EPS(4+4)1
8 PIN PCIe (6+2)1

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Cable Length (mm)

20+4 PIN ATX400
8 PIN EPS(4+4)400
8 PIN PCIe (6+2)400
SATA1x 550/1501x 400/1501x 400
MOLEX/FLOPPY1x 4001x 550/150

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Features

ATX12V VersionATX 12V 2.3
Dimension (DxWxH)140 mm x 150 mm x 87 mm
PFCActive PFC (0,9)
Fan120mm silent fan
SecurityAFC (Automatic Fan speed Control)OPP (Over Power Protection)OVP (Over Voltage Protection)SCP (Short Circuit Protection)SIP (Surge & Inrush Protection)UVP (Under Voltage Protection)
Warranty24 Months

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Temps & Noise

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A 120 mm fan Dongguan Honghua Electronic Technology HA1225M12S-Z provides cooling for the device (size 120 mm, plain bearing, nominal impeller speed – 2,000 rpm).

Up to roughly half of the power supply’s load, when the fan speed management algorithm operates in almost quiet mode, a linear speed rise starts. The impeller’s top speed was almost 1700 revolutions per minute; at such rates, the noise is not only audible but also, to be very blunt, irritating. However, it is unlikely that the user would frequently have to put up with a truly uncomfortable noise level because it only appears when the system is at its maximum load, which typically loads a normal system very seldom.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Voltage Stability

We measured the voltage on all of the unit’s lines on the test bench in steps of 10% of the total load.

criteria for voltage stability For a model without individual stabilization, Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply may be regarded as extremely decent.

Over the whole load range, the voltage of 12 V is slightly understated, but the deviations fit within 3% of the nominal value for all permitted loads. Other voltage deviations, with the exception of the essentially unutilized -12 V in contemporary systems, are significantly less and do not surpass 2% of the nominal value.

As a result, we can say that the main voltage stability of the in question power supply is highly respectable, particularly, we emphasize, by the standards of models with group stabilization.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply Conclusion

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Our initial impressions of the Chieftec iARENA GPB-350S Power Supply were pretty positive. While displaying very low voltage deviations and a low level of voltage pulsations for a circuit with group stabilization, it generates the indicated power with ease. At modest loads, the unit operates nearly silently. Only a small number of models at a comparable price point can claim of such a collection of benefits, but most of them feature a more basic cable arrangement.

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