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Among aficionados, Cooler Master is a well-known brand. The company first made PC cooling systems, but it quickly expanded into making cases and power supplies, which are largely to blame for its current fame. The company now produces hundreds of products and is well-known throughout the world, but they are constantly updating and improving their catalogs.

Despite expanding into gaming PC accessories and even related furniture, Cooler Master has maintained a strong focus on PC Cases, Coolers, and PSUs and offers a wide range of goods in each of these three categories. When this review was written, Cooler Master was selling a bizarre selection of over 75 PC cases, 90 coolers, and 120 PSUs.

We’re taking a look at Cooler Master, a well-known manufacturer of PC peripherals, new XG Plus Platinum series power supplies today. The RGB fan- and RGB display-equipped XG Plus Platinum is a unique PSU that was created to provide a high-quality PSU with a little more flare. The COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is the most potent member of the XG family, which includes models with 650 to 850 Watts of power.

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply Packaging

Cooler Master’s packaging design is everything from subtle in comparison to the majority of the current PC market. The lavish and bright artwork combines geometrical patterns with images and vivid hues. The machine must be transported in a very sturdy cardboard box and adequately wrapped in layers of wrapping foam.

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply 2

Comparing Cooler Master’s packaging to the rest of the current PC market, it is clear that it is anything but subtle. Geometric patterns, images, and vibrant colors are all included into the extravagant and colorful artwork. The machine needs to be well wrapped in layers of packing foam and delivered in a very sturdy cardboard box.

All of the DC power cables, including the 24-pin ATX connector, can be removed from the XG Plus Platinum due to its modular construction. The cables are all naked, ribbon-like, and have black connections and wires throughout. No floppy connector or adapter is present.

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply Specs & Performance

With its 135mm fan and digital side panel, the COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is a completely modular 80 PLUS Platinum power supply with ARGB lighting. A 10-year warranty and top-tier performance are provided by the 100% Japanese capacitor construction of the XG Plus Platinum series. The PSU is compatible with Cooler Master’s MasterPlus+ software, which enables users to customize the RGB lighting of the fan and the information shown on the side panel. Users can also track information such as fan RPM, power supply temperature, and system power usage with this program.

Thanks to Active PFC, the XG850 PLUS Platinum runs at 100-240VAC without switching. More than 92% efficiency is the target for this power supply, which should be sufficient for up to 6x PCIe 6+2pin connectors for graphics cards. At Amazon, the Cooler Master XG850 costs $259.99 USD.

The COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply chassis is 20 mm deeper than an ATX-compliant PSU, measuring 86 mm by 150 mm by 160 mm (H, W, D). The length of such a high-performance PSU is taken into account by the vast majority of modern PC cases, but the slightly longer length may still cause compatibility issues with some compact footprint designs.

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply 3

Cooler Master chose a bespoke chassis with an embossed left side and an integrated fan finger protection because they genuinely want their newest PSU to stand out from the competition. If the device is positioned upside-down at the base of a conventional ATX chassis, the embossed left side will be visible. Most of the top side of the unit is covered by the sticker that lists its certifications and specs.

The 135 mm RGB fan that is installed within the XG Plus Platinum device has been rebranded by Cooler Master. The fan boasts a quiet and dependable hydro-dynamic sleeve bearing. Although it has a maximum speed of 1800 RPM, which is high for a fan of that size, the graphs provided on the box indicate that the fan shouldn’t even hit 1000 RPM in a typical environment.

Cooler Master claims that this PSU is entirely their own creation, and the interior of the XG Plus Platinum is unlike any platform we have seen before. However, Huizhou Xinhuiyuan Technology might dispute somewhat with that assertion. But we don’t know anything about the platform or how much the developers at Cooler Master contributed to its creation.

The Cooler Master XG Plus Platinum PSU’s filtering stage follows the rules exactly, using a total of four Y capacitors, two X capacitors, and two filtering inductors. There is a relay that can be used to avoid the NTC for more efficiency. On the primary side’s inverting components’ primary heatsink are the rectifying bridges. The unit’s side is covered by a separate heatsink to which the active APFC parts are fastened. The big 450V/680F APFC capacitor is supplied by Nippon Chemi-Con and is installed adjacent to a large filtering coil.

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply 4

The premium power supply units available with the XG Plus Platinum can deliver performance at a professional level. You can use this longer than the majority of modern home consoles, as well as the majority of the other parts of your system, thanks to the included 10-year* warranty.


ATX VersionIntel ATX 12V Ver. 2.53
Input Voltage100-240V
Input Current12-6A
Input Frequency50-60Hz
Fan Size135mm
Fan Speed1800 RPM
Noise Level @ 100%≤ 25 dBA
Efficiency≥ 92% @ Typical Load
80 PLUS Rating80 PLUS Platinum
Operating Temperature0-50°C
Power Good Signal100 – 150 ms
SeriesXG Series
80 PlusPlatinum
ModularFull Modular
WattageAbove 750W

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply Conclusion

The COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply electrical performance is respectable for a product in this price range and category, but it is in no way exceptional. Given that most manufacturers ignore the secondary 3.3 V and 5 V lines, the voltage regulation on all voltage lines is just under 1% across the nominal load range, which is quite good. The greatest ripple on the 12 V, 5 V, and 3.3 V lines, respectively, is 46 mV, 12 mV, and 10 mV, demonstrating the excellent power quality of all three voltage lines.

The COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is a grand slam. The XG850 is extremely effective and quiet while also having a sleek appearance. I adore the RGB panel, which can show system and power data in real time. I frequently wonder how much power my computer system uses from the wall, but the majority of monitoring solutions are cumbersome and/or difficult to read.

Platinum efficiency is fantastic for lowering your electricity costs. Since Cooler Master shows an improvement of roughly 2%, I’ve often thought about running a 240V line for my PC merely to obtain a few% more. The XG850 is quite efficient; you don’t lose 90% efficiency until the system is operating at almost 90% of capacity, which is excellent.

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply 5

The XG850 uses exclusively Japanese capacitors for longer-lasting, high-quality performance and comes with a 10-year warranty. This chic power supply is available on Amazon for $259.99 USD if that interests you. I advise anyone seeking for a high-quality power supply with lots of features to get the Cooler Master XG850.

Is Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply enough for Ryzen CPU?

In general, Cooler Master power supplies are dependable, and this one is Platinum marked, which indicates that it actually produces 850 W of power. Therefore, 800+ watts are sufficient for practically every combo you can imagine, as was already stated in other evaluations. Given that the most power-hungry Ryzen CPU can be paired with the strongest RTX 3090, we can conclude that the Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is enough for Ryzen CPU.

So here’s an example.

Is an 850W power supply sufficient for the Ryzen 9 5900X and 3090 Ti?

The 850w is recommended.

When these Add-in-board-partners make a PSU recommendation, it’s based on a good 850w unit, such as the Corsair RM850x, Seasonic Focus, or EVGA G6. So you’ll need to do some research to find an 850w unit that can handle the Transient power spikes that the 3090ti is known for. And we can confidently say that Cooler Master is one of those dependable brands.

These businesses also account for the card in stock. A larger PSU would be useful if you get one of those cards with dual BIOS and the OC BIOS has a 600w board power limit.

An 850w PSU will suffice, but a 1000w unit will not hurt.

Is Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply enough for an Intel CPU?

So everything we’ve said about Ryzen CPUs also applies to Intel. You can use an online calculator to determine the power supply requirements for your system. However, 850W should be sufficient for almost any gaming setup that includes an Intel CPU.

So here’s an example where we use i9 12900K and 3080Ti.

850W can easily support your i9-12900K CPU and a 3080 Ti graphics card unless you have an unusual number of drives, lighting, or fans.

Simply ensure that you have a high-quality power supply that provides the advertised continuous power rating so that your PC gets what it requires when it requires it. Cheaper models advertise the peak rating, which only provides that level of power for a limited time.

Your potential PC could look like this:

  • CPU Intel i9-12900K (base 125W) up to 241W 
  • Turbo nVidia 3080Ti – up to 350W 
  • Motherboard/DDR5 RAM – around 60W
  •  EVO 980Pro M.2 SSD 4TB Black – 10W 
  • 4x Noctua, Arctic, and so on. PWM case fan x 1.5W = 6W

Under full load, the power consumption is around 680W. However, few applications use both the CPU and GPU at full capacity, with crypto mining being one of the exceptions.

Because video rendering and gaming rely heavily on graphics cards, the CPU will use less power in these cases.

In any case, Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is enough for your setup.

Can you do overclocking with Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply?

Overclocking on this PSU is possible on almost any type of gaming setup, because it won’t draw more than 700W when everything is turned on, including the GPU and CPU. The Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is 850W, which is a reliable 850W.

For 12900K and RTX 3080 overclocking 850w should be sufficient; I had no problems running 10900k @ 5.1Ghz and 3080 using a 600w SSF PSU, even at worst-case scenario resolution (1440p), thus 1080p should work just fine. 

A gold-rated 850W power supply (EVGA/Corsair/Seasonic/Cooler Master are the best) is sufficient. I’m sure if you run OCCT’s PSU stress test with the 3080 and 12900K OC’d to the max, you can break 850w… but that’s not going to happen under normal circumstances. 

Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply rating

Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is rated PLATINUM and its first to use its platform, and I expect to see more in the future. It isn’t perfect, but this is their first attempt, so I should cut them some slack. With better overall performance and a lower price, it could easily attract a lot more attention.

The power supply performs admirably in critical areas such as load regulation, ripple suppression, noise output, and transient response at 12V. Some may be concerned about the lack of a 12VHPWR connector, but for the time being, you won’t have any compatibility issues because NVIDIA has stated that its upcoming GPUs will not require ATX 3.0 or PCIe 5.0 ready power supplies to operate.

This is great news for anyone who has previous generation PSUs or wants to buy one that isn’t ATX 3.0 compatible in order to save money. However, if you can get an ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 ready power supply, I would strongly advise you to do so in order to be future-proof. Because current-generation GPUs may not require them, it is impossible to predict what will be the case in future generations, and PSUs typically outlive several GPU generations.

What connectors are on COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply?

COOLER MASTER XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply connectors are:

  • ATX 24 Pin Connectors – 1
  • EPS 4+4 Pin Connectors – 1
  • EPS 8 Pin Connector – 1
  • SATA Connectors – 12
  • Peripheral 4 Pin Connectors – 4
  • PCI-e 6+2 Pin Connectors – 6
  • Floppy – /

The XG Plus Platinum is an all-modular design, so every DC power cable, including the 24-pin ATX connector, can be removed. The cables are all bare, ribbon-like, with black wires and connectors. There is no floppy adapter or connector.

The Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum PSU’s chassis measures 86 mm 150 mm 160 mm (H W D), which is 20 mm deeper than a fully ATX compliant PSU. The length of such a high-performance PSU is accommodated by the vast majority of modern PC cases, but the slightly extended length may cause compatibility issues with certain small footprint designs.

Cooler Master really wants their latest power supply to stand out, so they went with a custom chassis with an embossed left side and an integrated fan finger guard. If the unit is placed upside-down at the bottom of a standard ATX case, the embossed left side will be visible. The sticker with the unit’s certifications and specifications covers the majority of the top side of the unit.

On the back of the unit, right next to the standard AC power receptacle, is a standard on/off switch. The Cooler Master logo is printed around the perimeter of the switch. The connectors for the modular cables cover roughly half of the front side of the unit, with a basic legend printed above each connector. A small connector for an internal USB cable that connects the PSU to the motherboard can also be seen here.

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