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We have come to love Corsair over the past few years for a plethora of different reasons. They are very proud of their power supply, which ranges from basic to high-end. Their products are consistently stunning both inside and out, and the outcomes we observe are some of the best in the business. They introduced the first fully digital desktop power supply to the market, and ever since then, they have been working to incorporate digital monitoring and control technology into each and every one of their products.

For the vast majority of single-GPU systems today, 750W is overkill. However, those with higher-end components who also want to experiment with overclocking will likely be looking in this range. Even for less demanding systems, it can be advantageous to go a little overboard because it will lower operating noise and keep your PSU operating at close to maximum efficiency.

The current RM Series from Corsair comprises three models with 850W, 750W, and 650W of power. In this review, we’ll examine the CORSAIR RM750 Power Supply in great detail. The RM Series power supplies are created by Corsair and manufactured by Channel Well Technologies, just as many earlier iterations (CWT).

All RM Series power supplies come with fully modular cables and are designed to operate quietly. They have a huge 135mm cooling fan that is built to produce minimal noise and high static pressure, as well as Zero RPM Fan Mode. These PSUs will provide clean, reliable, uninterrupted power, according to Corsair, even at temperatures up to 50°C. And a 10-year warranty is included with the RM series.

The CORSAIR RM750 Power Supply employs Chinese Elite caps and a Hong Hua rifle bearing fan, although it has 100W less power than its bigger brother. Japanese caps and the premium NR135L fan are included with the somewhat more costly RM750x. Despite the fact that these changes are significant, both models’ offered warranties are the same, at 10 years.

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Specification and part analysis of CORSAIR RM750 Power Supply

The CORSAIR RM750 Power Supply was delivered safely packaged inside a common retail box that highlighted the product’s features and technical details. The power supply is encased in plastic and protected by foam inserts (no fancy black velvet bag for the RM series).

The box also includes ten modular cables, a power cord, mounting screws, a leaflet with instructions, cable ties, and a logo for the Corsair case.

The 160mm (6.3″) long CORSAIR RM750 Power Supply enclosure is matte black with light gray writing. For a distinctive look, take note of the beveled edges. An AC receptacle and On/Off switch are located on the back panel.

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To make sure you realize that the fan won’t start spinning until the PSU is under moderate load, the PSU ships with a label covering the back panel.

Twelve modular connectors for the power cables are included on the front panel, all of which are carefully keyed and labeled. A Hong Hua 135mm fan (HA1425M12F-Z) that runs in near-silent Zero RPM Fan Mode up to mid-power loads is used by the power supply. The fan is rated for 0.36A at 12 VDC and has a rifle bearing for quiet operation.

A good selection of fully modular cables and connectors are included with the RM750. With the exception of the 24-pin ATX cable, all of the cables are black, flat ribbon styles, which facilitate quick installation, have a neat appearance, and improve case ventilation.

With an LLC resonant converter, the Corsair RM Series PSUs use a cutting-edge half-bridge design to reduce switching losses and boost efficiency. Synchronous rectification is used in the secondary to create the +3.3V and +5V minor rails from the +12V main section using two DC-to-DC VRMs.

The CORSAIR RM750 Power Supply uses electrolytic capacitors with a maximum operating temperature of 105°C. For instance, the two bulk capacitors are two Su’scon products with 330uF, 400V, and 105°C ratings. The soldering seems fine, but the overall component layout is a touch cluttered but tidy.

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It makes sense for the capacity to combine 10 SATA connections, four Molex, and six 6+2-pin PCIe connectors, and having dual 4+4-pin EPS/ATX12V connectors guarantees compatibility with contemporary motherboards that are starting to offer them more frequently (especially the X570). For individuals whose PCs are overloaded with drives and accessories, the increase in concurrently usable ports from nine to twelve is welcome news.

ATX Connector1
ATX12V Versionv2.52
Continuous  output rated temperature50°C
Continuous power W750W
Fan bearing technologyRifle Bearing
Fan size mm135mm
MTBF hours100,000 Hours
Multi – Gpu readyYes
Warranty10 years
80 PLUS EfficiencyGold
PSU Form FactorATX
iCUE CompatibilityNo
Zero RPM ModeYes
Cable TypeLow-Profile, All Black
EPS12V Connector2
EPS12V VersionV2.92
Floppy Connector 0
PCIe Connector 6
SATA Connector10
Special Technology

A Range of Temperatures and Noise Levels

A passive air duct allows warm exhaust air from the PSU under test to be cycled back to the intake, simulating a demanding situation by allowing the PSU air inlet temperature to rise up to 40°C when under load.

By deducting the internal case air temperature (T in) from the temperature of the warm exhaust air coming out the back of the power supply, the difference in temperature across the power supply was computed (T out).

At the air input and exhaust exit, thermocouples were installed. During testing, the room’s temperature was 23oC (74oF) +/- 0.5oC.

Readings of the sound pressure level were taken in a silent room at a distance of 3′ from the back of the case. 27 dBA was the ambient noise level.

Surprisingly, the cooling fan gradually turned on and kept running during the initial low and mid power testing. The power supply didn’t quit whirling until it was put under a lot of strain and then lessened, nevertheless. The cooling fan restarted after the power supply was loaded for testing, but it was still very silent. At full load, both the noise level and fan speed rose.


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Even under full load, the Corsair RM750 power supply displayed superb AC ripple suppression and very good voltage regulation. The power supply produces good efficiency and has a very wide selection of all modular cables, easily meeting the requirements for 80 Plus Gold. The big cooling fan that uses a rifle bearing allows the RM750 PSU to run quietly under mid-power loads and has a Zero RPM fan mode. The PSU includes a complete set of safety circuits and is covered by a 10-year warranty from Corsair. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
CORSAIR RM750 Power Supply
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