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We were recently given the opportunity to assess Deepcool goods, and we requested budget segment power supplies. So today we’re going over a DEEPCOOL budget sector power supply, the DeepCool DN650 Power Supply Series non-modular power supply with 80 PLUS Gold certification for efficient power distribution with exceptional performance at a fantastic value.

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply is aimed at budget-conscious PC users, and it has 80 PLUS GOLD certification, a quiet 120 mm fan, Heavy-Duty black flat cables, and a 5-year guarantee.

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply is a high-performance addition to DeepCool’s power supply unit (PSU) portfolio. This power supply has been engineered to give unrivaled power, stability, and dependability, making it ideal for gaming fans and professionals alike. In this study, we will look at the DeepCool DN650’s essential features, performance capabilities, and overall value.

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply Quality of Design and Construction

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 The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply has a sleek and durable design with a matte black finish that radiates a premium appeal. Its sturdy construction provides durability and endurance, inspiring trust in its capacity to survive rigorous use. The form factor of the power supply is compatible with a variety of computer cases, making it ideal for a wide range of system configurations.

DeepCool promotes energy efficiency, and the DeepCool DN650 Power Supply does not fail in this regard. This PSU reaches outstanding efficiency levels with an 80 Plus Gold certification, resulting in less power waste and cheaper energy expenses. Gold accreditation also ensures consistent power delivery, lowering the risk of system instability or component damage.

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply Power and Performance

The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply has a maximum power output of 650 watts, making it ideal for high-end gaming systems and workstations with high power demands. The power supply delivers constant power across several voltage rails, guaranteeing dependable and efficient performance even under severe workloads. The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply displayed outstanding voltage stability and superior ripple suppression throughout testing, demonstrating its ability to handle power-hungry components with ease.

Advanced Cooling Solution: The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply features a high-quality 140mm silent fan that delivers excellent cooling while working quietly. The fan effectively distributes heat, ensuring that the PSU maintains an appropriate temperature even during heavy use. The cooling system excels at reducing noise, allowing for a peaceful computing experience without sacrificing performance or thermals.

connecting and Cable Management: The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply has several connecting options to support a wide range of system setups. It supports 24-pin ATX, EPS, SATA, PCIe, and peripheral interfaces, enabling for smooth integration with a wide range of components. The PSU’s cables are braided and engineered to provide better airflow within the chassis by facilitating efficient cable management.

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DeepCool stresses user safety, and the DeepCool DN650 Power Supply is outfitted with several safety measures. Over-voltage protection (OVP), under-voltage protection (UVP), over-power protection (OPP), short-circuit protection (SCP), and over-temperature protection (OTP) are all examples of these. These safety features safeguard your components from potential electrical risks, increasing the PSU’s overall dependability and protection.

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply Packaging

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply comes in a sturdy box with PSU artwork, model name, and feature highlights on the front and back.

As an OEM, CWT provides a good PCB design for the DeepCool DN650 Power Supply. The power supply is built on a full-bridge LLC topology and employs DC-DC conversion for 5v and 3.3v. PSU also has high-quality Japanese bulk capacitors.

All of the needed components for EMI reduction, as well as the primary high voltage DC rectifier and switching components, are positioned atop a large heatsink.

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DeepCool DN650 Power Supply Test

The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply easily handled the aforementioned gaming setup at 1080p medium settings and without any overclocking. To be honest, I was testing the limitations of this PSU, as 750Watts is the very minimum for this sort of system.

I manually raised the load in Amps on the 12v first rail, 12v second rail, 5v and 3.3v rails to mimic 100%, 80%, 50%, and 20% load to test the PSU on my Active load test. Because this PSU has just one 12v rail, I split the load on both 12v loads on my tester in half.

Throughout the test, the 5V stand-by and -12V supplies were set to a constant 0.5amp load.

My tester’s maximum theoretical load carrying ability is roughly 1500W, however owing to MOSFETs’ safe operating area (SOA) characteristics and the thermal load handling capabilities of the heatsinks, it can only take 1300W. I also put a thermal controller to switch off the associated PSU if the temperature exceeds SOA requirements.

During the test, the PSU functioned well at around 690W of load, and when I tried to draw more, the PSU shut down, demonstrating the perfect operation of the Overload protection.

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply Specifications

TypeATX 12V V2.4
Total Output650W
Input Voltage200-240V
Input Current5A
Input Frequency Range47~63Hz
Fan Size120mm
PFCActive PFC (>0.99)
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold Up Time>16ms
Efficiency85% Under Typical Load
Operation Temperature0~40°C
MTBF100,000 Hours

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply Conclusion

For high-performance systems, the DeepCool DN650 Power Supply provides unrivaled power, stability, and dependability. The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply is a formidable choice for gaming fans and professionals looking for outstanding performance, thanks to its 80 Plus Gold certification, solid build quality, efficient cooling system, many networking choices, and sophisticated safety measures.

The DeepCool DN650 Power Supply is a highly recommended solution that will not disappoint if you need a robust and trustworthy power supply unit that gives steady power and peace of mind.

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply 5

DeepCool DN650 Power Supply demonstrated high voltage stability, nice efficiency, and clean power supply when tested to full specifications.
Finally, for Rs. 5300, the DeepCool DN650 Power Supply with 80 PLUS GOLD certified power supply is a superb alternative for budget or beginner level PC builds and deserves our reviews VALUE Award.

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