DESKLAP Portable 4K Touchscreen 15.6″ Monitor Review

now for something a little bit different not that we haven’t reviewed portable monitors before but this one is pretty high-end which is nice we’ve got a 4k display on board it’s a touch screen as well it’s quite bright it has full adobe rgb coverage so this targets content creators clearly and there’s also a full hd version for those who want to spend a little bit less and don’t need all that and if you got a console latest gen playstation 5 or xbox series x and your family has kicked you out of the living room because they want to watch tv and you want to still game in 4k glory well this is still worth the look too we can look at it now all right so who makes it what are the deeds it’s made by a company called desk lab and it’s been out for almost a year now this is a 4k display full uhd it is available like i said in the full hd resolution instead if you don’t need the higher resolution and that one would be 100 less it is a touchscreen display to a bit less common in portable monitors though you do see it it’s glossy as a result but it’s not that glarey so i’m not going to complain about it and it does make it look quite pretty subjectively the first time i plugged this thing in i was like wow i wish my laptop display looked this good so it’s got full adobe rgb coverage this is something that’s important to content creators typically you have almost full p3 coverage as well which is more for content consumption so thumbs up on that so for those of you who need a portable monitor you’re say a photographer out in the field and you want to look at your photos this would be obviously a very nice choice particularly if you’re using a laptop on the go that doesn’t have quite such a good display or you don’t want to use the laptop at all maybe you want to plug it directly into the camera but if for those who want to use it with a laptop absolutely no problem here you can use it with any windows laptop linux laptop it’s just a monitor you just plug it in and with macs as well including m1 max connectivity here is pretty cool too because it’s usb-c based it does have fall back to hdmi and comes with an hdmi to mini hdmi cable but you also get that usb c to usbc cable and when you use that you don’t have to plug in the wall wart the power adapter for it either it gets power over usbc a lighter carry less wires always a good thing so if you’re using it with an operating system that supports touch we’re talking obviously windows or if you’re using with a galaxy smartphone from samsung you’re going to touch if you’re using it with a mac because this is driverless and there are no drivers for touch built into mac os you won’t get touched there obviously if you do have a playstation 5 lucky you or an xbox series x this would be an ideal companion if you’re looking for something that’s portable that you can move from room to room right because you’ve got that 4k support now it’s 60 hertz not 120 hertz if you really want to push the envelope there but hey for something that’s portable that’s fine too and of course it works with the switch because it supports hdmi as well the monitor has speakers yeah they’re kind of tinny obviously it’s better than nothing if you’re using an xbox or a playstation with it but if you’re using a laptop probably laptop speakers will be better sounding now if you do use hdmi keep in mind you will use the included power adapter so it all sounds really good right so what are the drawbacks see well the drawbacks are it doesn’t come with the stand which is surprising most of these do even if they’re cheesy horrible falls over easy kind of stance they’ll sell you some stands or you can just pick any stand that you want made for a larger tablet and it’s not cheap folks this is 2.99 for the full hd and 399 for the 4k given the quality of this in terms of the build and the display i and the usbc connectivity that doesn’t require the power outlet i would say it’s a fair price for it but obviously it’s going to be for those who need and are willing to pay for these features is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Desklab 15.6" Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor