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Ugee UG-2150 22-Inch Pen Display Reviewnow for something a little bit different. Because we don’t generally cover monitors but some of you know that I like to do photo editing and I like to do digital art. So what we have here is what’s called a pen despite. This is the ug UG 21:50 would you would you yes.

Uge e is the company name it’s a Chinese company and the model is Yuji – 2150. And this is a 22 inch pen just by. Competes at a much much lower price point with the Wacom Cintiq 22 HD. Uh-huh so. The law comes are traditionally very expensive products.

This is on Amazon for like 609 bucks which is actually incredibly cheap for something that is both a pen digitizer and a full HD monitor. And we got this one from gearbest and they’re selling it for a little over 400 bucks. Which is like wow it’s insane.

So if you want to do art on the cheap and on the large this could be for you we’re going to look at it now. So there are several of these on the market all from different Chinese companies. There’s a huion GT 220 XP pen makes one that is Yin OVA and this one is the Yuji.

Now I kind of like their drivers pretty well I have to say as these drivers go. And by the way if you thought that Wacom drivers are low knowing and quacky you know these can get even a little bit hairier. But I’ll talk about that. All in all if you’re a little patient and technical it’s not so bad.

Let’s talk about the overall design. It’s black this is the only color that’s good to me it looks nice. The display is obviously a glossy display. It’s not ultimately very glarey though. 1920 by 1080 Full HD. So if you’re hoping for a few HD or 4k you’re just not going to get it at this price range.

And in fact Wacom stops a qhd resolution right now with the 27 q HD. Non-touchscreen there’s no touch option here. So the good news is you don’t have to worry about palm rejection. The bad news is because it’s a glossy display it’s going to show your handle hands a lot and pick it up.

So some of these monitors ship with a an art glove. This is one that I have actually just taken a glove and chopped the fingers off myself and that’s what I use. In fact I use this even with touchscreens too because it just avoids accidental palm touches. You can rest your hand very comfortably that way. Controls are on the bottom like a normal monitor and the stand yes it comes with the stand.

This is not like walking where you don’t get the stand and its built-in and it’s pretty pretty functional and pretty darn clever. And also more importantly pretty sturdy. The stand on this is actually pretty well made built-in included you don’t have to pay extra board. You could unscrew it remove it if you want to do a VESA mount kind of thing instead. So you’ve got this rubber feet here nice these are metal so it’s pretty strong.

And then if you do something like releases run right you’ve got infinite adjustments. And you can hear that spoiling of the mechanism. Any place you want to rest it going all the way down to a bag collapsing is that far and which way the cables get to be a nuisance a little problem. We’ll talk about that.

You can go pretty far down. Now I think most people want it kind of upright. Unless your hunching over it which isn’t very good for you ergonomically. You’re going to probably be using it at some angle like this. At least I usually do. So that’s the good point.

The ports are on the back facing on the bottom and you can see those. The nice thing is there’s a good selection of ports. Now you’re going to have to use the USB type a port and one of those display outs to connect to your laptop or desktop computer.

In this case I have it connected to the HP Spectre x-360 15 inch the latest edition which also has 10 support and a 4k despite and a better quality display than those would you display so you’ll notice the difference in the color and the contrast there. But you have your choice of DVI which is nice. That cable is not including the box but HDMI and VGA cables are included. So I’m using HDMI here.

If you have a laptop that only has USB C or displayport you can just get a USB C or displayport to HDMI adapter dongle. That’s not a big deal. So you just plug it in boom. There are no speakers here there’s no audio lines with no sound over HDMI going on with this. You get two pins in the Box. They are identical. They look a lot like a Wacom Cintiq pen.

Rubbery soft touch coating two buttons on here no eraser on the end and pretty you to me it’s a pretty good sized nib. It’s not too skinny it’s not too fast. Again it’s a rechargeable pencil. They claim 120 hours of use time after you charge up the pen. Both of our pens arrive dead as a doornail so they both have to be charged. I’ve been using it for two weeks and I haven’t had to charge it again.

So I know somebody I noticed on Amazon thought you had two users connected via this cable at all times charging cable. No you don’t you just use this to charge it up it doesn’t take too too long. But you also get two of these cables. So it’s USB charging and then it has a little barrel pin connector on the other end right here. Plugs into the butt of the pen when you charge it up.

Also in the Box is the Pens fan right here. And that has reviews welcome again this looks familiar to. This and seeks often come at the stand though it’s almost exactly like that. And just like the Cintiq so if you unscrew it. That comes with eight spare nibs now these are identical looking niche and what I can tell they all have the same point down there’s no difference.

And there’s a mid puller tool in the center of it. So for the price that’s pretty nice. I know some people have said that guys screen protector bundled hours did not have that in size didn’t come with the gloves but I don’t know. That’s not that important. I wouldn’t worry about the screen protector too much because this is not a sharp nib this is class right here. It’s so noisy it’s a little squeaky sometimes.

The only time time I could see really wanting screen protectors if you want something to make it more Mac. So let’s talk about display quality because this is after all a monitor. And for those of you who are not so interested in doing digital painting and drawing but want to use this say for photo editing. This part will be important and I suspect this will not be the pen display for you.

Brightness is fine a 215 it’s for those who aren’t aware our monitors typically don’t get as bright as higher-end laptops because you take laptops outside everywhere your monitor stays indoors. So that’s absolutely fine 215 is. In fact that’s ever so slightly brighter than the Cintiq 22 HD which was 213 it’s. Color gamut is also fine too. It’s comparable to you know $1,000 ultrabook or laptop like our HP spectre x360 that we have their 4k screen. 95% of srgb 75% of Adobe RGB.

So the colors don’t look as saturated and poppy as HP do that. You can see that just from looking at them right there. It’s nothing to do with the difference in res that’s a 4k display on the HP. That can make things like sharper and improve the sense of contrast a bit but it’s not going to help make those colors pop. It’s just a better display on the HP which is fair.

It’s a smaller panel on a more expensive product overall. Gama is a little weird at one point 42.2 would be ideal. And I’ll show you the D on screen settings you know the typical ones where you hit the menu button on the monitor. And for gamma instead of having you know 2.00 2.2 as choices this should be a Devourer numerical value it has either on or off. Say what what does that mean. When it comes to color temperature it does have a variety of normal presets.

Although most of them are higher than professionals would be using four color temperatures. I mean you’re really not going to want to go into the ten thousand Kelvin range most likely. But you do have srgb which is 6600 Kelvin. Which is just about right so that’s pretty good. What isn’t so good here is contrast. And now this has a high contrast mode and I’ve enabled that because it looks so sad out of the box it looks so washed out and milky.

And the high contrast mode really help things about damaging color balance or anything else. So that’s when we’re running right here. Now you know whichis website doesn’t have any information about the contrast levels. I’ve seen some ecommerce listing sites and they say a thousand to one it is not. We measured 160 to one because black levels are pretty poor at 1.37.

I’m not seeing any light bleed on this IPS display but it just doesn’t have good black levels. So that’s why I say if you’re editing photographs particularly where dynamic range is of interest you probably don’t want to be using this unless you have another monitor to use for the actual proofing and you’re only using this to do your Corrections just make selections to delete photobomb items and stuff like that.

Because yeah that’s what it is. Now when painting and drawing if you’re doing line art if you’re doing comics it’s probably absolutely okay. I like to do some landscapes you can see one on screen right here right now where the the vagueness of the black levels can be a bit of a problem. So I use the specters display to proof what I’m doing and I bounce it back and forth to make sure that I’m getting what I want in my dark tones.

And some cases it almost looks like a color shift because the contrast is messing with me. So I’m using a kind of gray green marker here on my little hybrid penguin puffin cartoon friend that I created. I don’t even know what it isn’t I drew it. And it looks kind of purply at first and then it shifts over to green as you increase the opacity. Which you do using pen pressure.

This has 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which is quite good. Again it competes with the Wacom Cintiq products that are out right now. And the pen pressure curves are good. And you’ve got actually a control panel will show you in a minute where you can address those things. You can control your opacity if you’re using your brush set up that way you can control your line width.

There’s no tilt there’s no rotate at this price point cheat. I don’t expect it either. When drawing slow diagonal lines there is really very little jitter here. This is not like an entering experience or welcome a es. It’s right up there was blocking EMR it’s quite good. In terms of parallax it doesn’t have what you see with Locka me mr digitizers insofar as the corners are off.

They’re not you’ll see me accessing the menus here when I’m using Photoshop and they’re right on spot. There’s no offset in the corners but there is a pen to tip on screen offset because of the thickness of the glass over the digitizer. And it’s enough I really really hate parallax and sense of parallax but I can live with it certainly. Because this is a very affordable product and allows me to draw a big which is something I love.

It’s not horrible but there is a little bit this is not like using an ipad pro or a walker mobile studio Pro when it comes to you know being a sense of melon tip offset from where you’re actually drawing. Overall as a weight as a hobbyist who likes to draw and paint visually this is a great way to do it on the cheap.

Again if you’re doing professionally and you’re doing say matte painting or concept art professionally you’re probably still going to have to go with something higher end like the Wacom Cintiq just to get that better contrast and even better therefore sense of color accuracy when you’re working in the dark tones. So here are the OSD menus or on-screen.

You press the menu button to picture brightness/contrast so on setup language. PCR is a dynamic contrast that I was telling you about time outs very slow. Let’s go to gamma and so like that. See what I mean gamma on gamma up I don’t know what that is. But other than that is pretty much you standard stuff. Now let’s take a look at the ug control pal. But first here’s the trick.

Now I’m actually using it as an extended despite. You don’t have to set it up mirrored which is nice. If your main or your second monitor in this case the laptop display is of a different resolution it can get a little strange. At first I can only get it working in married mode but I eventually got it working in extended display mode.

By the way I go to ug net and download the drivers. You get a driver CD in the box you never know if those are up-to-date. So download their latest driver zip. And then solve it and the pen control panel actually didn’t do anything. It would launch but it wouldn’t do anything.

So I discovered I have to set the spectres display resolution to 1080p temporarily and then it worked just fine. So I did that I set the settings that I needed for the monitor and monitor and then I set my HV back to 4k and everything works actually just fine after that. So that’s my solution just set it back to 4k afterwards so you don’t have to run into anything.

So the only software that’s installed is an app called tablet setting 32-bit. There it is right there. So I’ll show you what options we have inside. And supports digital ink is checked by default I assume that they mean Windows 10 it’s important Windows a support for digital ink I left that on. And we’ve got monitor settings. So you’ve got your monitor placement right here which is actually backwards because I’ve just changed the setting.

We have what the buttons do. So you’ve got pan or H or toggle four button one you’ve got middle click double click right click options like that that’s nice. Double click speed for the pen pressure sensitivity and I have it set to light because I do have a light touch. Now this has a pretty good force of initial activation and this is a you see logic digitizer which is a pretty good digitizer honestly.

Be tuned only see this in Chinese products but it’s good stuff. So I’m barely resting the pen there. So there’s that and then you’ve got calibration and you can do for point our nine point. Now it sends rotation no rotation. Notice that I said there’s no way using this with the stand that you can really use this in portrait mode. I suppose if you use the visa mount you could.

Now in terms of application support I mean things are looking up in general because we have Windows Windows Inc api’s for Windows 10. At most programs these days supported so I haven’t any problems using this in sketchbook Pro in Photoshop and illustrator in artrage in Corel Painter 2017. I haven’t run into a program yet clip studio paint that hasn’t worked nicely.

And most of what you see me demoing on screen is going to be with Photoshop just because that’s my preferred place to paint and draw. But it works really fine and almond which is a nice experience. So that’s the ug 2150 ug UG who knows.

Anyway for the price for around four hundred and ten dollars or so I mean yes. If you’re a professional I mean no. But if you’re anybody else then definitely. This lets you do something that usually only the pros do get to do and it does it pretty reliably with pretty good pen tracking. The contrast is pretty sarcastic but other than that it’s not bad so.

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