EVGA GeForce GTX 980 TI FTW 6GB Review

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In this article, I give you my EVGA GeForce GTX 980 TI FTW 6GB review with specs included. FTW stands for ‘For the win’ in the gaming world and it does suit this card very well. First of all, who should even be reading this review? Why should you care and why is this card right for you?

The people who should be reading this review are in two categories. Category number one – perhaps you’ve looked at the lower level cards and you are not happy. I did a review of the GTX 970 which I consider to be primarily designed for gaming at 1440p resolution but with that card, there are some compromises. You have to run at medium to high-level details to get 60 frames per second in a lot of games. It is not a card you can put everything to maximum and just run like the wind, the GTX 980 Ti is. I mentioned that in that review of GTX 970 if you are playing on a single 1440p monitor.

Now, just to clarify in case that term is relatively new to you. 1080p is 1920 by 1080, it’s 2 million pixels. 1440 is 2560 across by 1440 pixels, it’s 3.6 million, almost double 1080p. 4K just for the reference is 3840 across by 2160 vertically, it’s 8 million pixels. So, 1440 is in the middle.

GTX 980 TI is completely unnecessary for 1080. If you’re down at 1080 forget this and go read the 970 or the 960 reviews but at 1440 I can tell you that you can take all the current games on the market today and you can take all their detail sliders and put them right to the ceiling.

In Grand theft auto 5 just put everything to Max. Max terrain, high details, super texture resolutions, everything you can, turn it all up including anti-aliasing and you’ll get about 75 frames a second on average out of this card, not a problem. You will get a steady framerate at 60 frames a second with v-sync turned on and you’re off to the races.

Wicher three, Fallout 4, Battlefield, Call of Duty, 1440p max all the detail, and you still get beautiful performance. So that’s category number one if you’re playing at 2560 by 1440 monitor and you’re the kind of person that wants to crank it to the max and just not care and have beautiful smooth rock-solid performance here’s your card.

Now, here’s the second category, people seeking card for 4K. As a side note, if you like team red, which is AMD, the Fury X from AMD will also do 1440p well but if you want to play at 4K then 980 Ti is the only card you should be looking at. None of the others from both AMD and Nvidia will do it, just like a GTX 970 will not do 1440p with everything at Ultra but this will.

GTX 980 Ti will not do 4K with everything at Ultra but it will do it pretty well. it will do it at medium to high detail and because of the resolution of 4K, because of the 8 million pixels, you don’t need any anti-aliasing. You can turn it on but because of the fine pitch, if you’re on a 27-inch 4K resolution, you can actually have some of the details down a bit. You can turn anti-aliasing off compared to 1440p with it on and actually get the same or better quality.

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