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In this article, I give you my Galax GTX 1070 Ti review with specs included. Company Galax is less known in the United States but far more known in other parts of the world. GALAX is a regular maker of video cards and this is a GeForce GTX 1070 Ti at what appears to be a very reasonable price.

Now, in this article, I’m going to show you this device, how looks and works out of the box. Also, I’m gonna put it on my test bench, do some performance and overclocking tests, take a look at the sound, and the heat, and the noise, and see how well I like it and whether or not it’s a nice card compared to the others and then give you my opinion.

I’ve never covered Galax before because in the USA it’s not as common, they’re not widely sold but I’ve gotten a lot of interest for this card so here is the review of it.

Let’s open the package up and see what it looks like. This is my first-ever Galax video card, I’m actually kind of curious to see what’s inside. I’ve covered basically all the major brands many times, I’ve used all the major brands so it is not often that I get to cover something truly and completely new to me. I do like to stick with a few brands and follow the product lineup.

Well, this is nicely packed, there’s a sheet of foam inside and form-fitting foam. I like seeing that we have a user manual which says put it in your computer easy Quick Start Guide put it in your computer faster, and a driver CD that none of you will ever use because you go to the Nvidia website and download the newest drivers.

Now, this is interesting. I can’t remember a video card that provided adapter cables especially at this level for a 6 and an 8 pin PCI Express power connector. Yes, that’s right, this 1070 TI has both an 8 pin and a 6 pin connector. That should hopefully mean that it’s fully overclockable because that’s a lot of power but what they’ve done is they provided two adapters to Molex connectors on each end, one six-pin, and one eight-pin. That might be unique, I don’t remember ever seeing that for a card to this level.

This would be interesting to see what it looks like plugged in and turned on because it has got a backplate design that I have never seen before. I’ll zoom this in for you but this is a clear piece of what might be acrylic or plastic back here. There actually is a white backplate right here but between the PCB the printed circuit board and the backplate is this piece that might light up, we will find out when we plug it in.

I mentioned before the six-pin and eight-pin PCI Express power connector, 3 DisplayPort 1.4 is want to run three monitors, and NVIDIA surrounds, not a problem it’s got you covered. HDMI 2.0 b4k 60 Hertz support and a DVI port if you have an older monitor.

It’s a white card, what can I say, if you’re looking for a white video card you’ve come to the right place. This is not plastic and that’s actually a point worth mentioning. The entire shroud is metal, in fact, the backplate is metal, the front plate is metal, there’s not any plastic on this except for the fans. The fans themselves are plastic but otherwise, the entire card is metal. It looks nicely made, it looks and feels nicely made.

Let’s go plug it into the test bench and see how well it works. I want to provide some thoughts on actually using this card. It does run relatively cool and relatively quiet. Now, I don’t really have a sound setup to do really good noise or measurements, I have a handheld sound detector but all it does is give you a decibel reading instead.

Let me offer you this thought. The pitch and sound of these fans is extremely reasonable. It is not high, it is not a thump, frankly, the card sounds just fine, I have no complaints about the sound of the card. What I will tell you is it was a very pleasing sound and it was very quiet overall. If this card were actually inside a tower rather than on an open-air test bench I think it would be very silent or at least really, really close to it.

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Galax GTX 1070 Ti
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