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In this article, I give you my HP Envy 13 (2019) review with specs included. This is the 2019 edition of the HP Envy 13 with the name light Envy you get the idea. It’s kind of a nice laptop but aha. It’s not that nice that it’s gonna destroy your budget completely.

Because the envy line sits but above the HP pavilion line but below the HP Spectre line which is their most expensive. So we’re talking an aluminum chassis very light build attractive laptop that starts at seven hundred and fifty dollars. Look at it now.

HP Envy 13 2019 Left Side
HP Envy 13 (2019) Left Side

So what do you get for that seven hundred and fifty dollars starting price? Well you get a pretty good deal. It’s a core i7 quad core 15-watt ultrabooks CPU inside. Whiskey Lake so latest generation. No matter which priced here you buy it getting that core i7 8565 you good that.

HP Envy 13 2019 Right Side
HP Envy 13 (2019) Right Side

It has eight gigs of ram ddr4 and it has a 256 gig nvme SSD. That base model we’re talking about full HD non-touch the spike. If you want touch add on $40 $50 it’s worth it totally I think I like touch screens. This is a traditional clamshell however. It’s not 360-degree rotating one with a pen and tablet mode and all that’s are they. So up to you as to whether you feel like you need touch.

HP Envy 13 2019 Back Lid
HP Envy 13 (2019) Back Lid

And if you want to go up to 4k that’s about 150 dollars more. And we happen to have the 4k display on board. So you also get our white backlit keyboard. This is a sandblasted aluminum casing on the laptop looks classy you’ve got your choice between silver and a kind of pale gold look.

HP Envy 13 2019 Wood
HP Envy 13 (2019) Wooden Design

Microsoft precision trackpad finally HP was a little late to that game I know that many of you are gonna be happy about that. And it is so thin. That it actually has dropped down the draw drop style USB a port since too thin for regular USB a.

HP Envy 13 2019 Keyboard
HP Envy 13 (2019) Keyboard

So instead of going with with a Dell XPS 13 does which is okay we’re too thin sand you’re only getting USB C and Thunderbolt 3 not the most convenient thing dongle life and all that. You’re still getting USB airports here. You also get a micro SD card slot and you have a USB C port the supports of display out.

HP Envy 13 2019 Internals
HP Envy 13 (2019) Internals

You can use with USB C hubs. But sadly no Thunderbolt 3. But given the price tag of this model hey I’m okay with that. You can get a really nicely configured one with 16 gigs around well that’s our thing. You can spend about 1,200 bucks get yourself a touchscreen and all that.

HP Envy 13 2019 Ports
HP Envy 13 (2019) Ports

And you’re still gonna be paying several hundred dollars less than competition. Which would be the razor blade stealth and the Dell XPS 13 and even the Lenovo IdeaPad s 940. And with a little special sauce that the razor blade stealth also has it’s available with the NVIDIA MX 250 dedicated GPU.

Now that’s a low-end GPU that’s great for helping your photo editing a little bit in your video editing and making older games enjoyable like Skyrim BioShock Infinite that’s sort of thing. You’re not going to be playing you know battlefield 5 on this or something like that.

But still that’s nice and that’s like a $20 up charge from that base model. So it doesn’t really cost you very much. Me yeah. Now it does have an nvme SSD it’s not the fastest kid on the block but in this price range which is their middle just beginning a premium tier it’s okay.

Everyday use you really can’t tell the difference between its faste nvme SSD and a really fast premium nvme SSD unless you really push your machine hard. Most ultrabook 13.3 inch eligible users do not push their laptops super hard. That’s what gaming laptops are for mobile workstations.

Another nice thing it has at hp’s into these days is a hardware webcam kill switch for those who are feeling paranoid about who might be trying to watch you against your will. And it’s a physical Hardware switch so it actually disconnects that camera. So no software hacking can bypass that sort of thing. It does not turn off the microphones however. Keyboard on this is pleasant enough.

It has good key travel a good tactile feel. HP does a good job with their keyboards generally speaking. It might not be the best of the best thing pad kind of feel but it has a lot of tactile feel on it. And again that Microsoft precision trackpad is definitely a plus and it’s a nice big roomy trackpad as well. So it’s not so good about this. I mean we have the board the only board on this edge-to-edge display you have your nice full HD and the 4k display options.

Well it’s a pain to open this up. Now there’s a whole lot of people who never open up their laptop and if you’re one of those people well considering this laptop. But if you’re the kind of person who does like the tinkerer open it up and upgrade your SSD later because you discover you need higher capacity or you do want a faster drive or a swap out your Wi-Fi card or something.

Though this is 95/60 AC Wi-Fi card I doubt you’re gonna want to swap it boom. It’s a pain to open this up. Mostly because it has those rubber strips along the bottom just like HP does with the specter series. And you have to peel those off to get to the remaining screws that hold the bottom on.

Once you do that it’s easy to get the bottom up. But these strips are designed and basically sort of the adhesive self destructs. I know there are laptops that have rubber strips and rubber feet and they come off easily they go back on easily.

These you will probably want to source replacements or spend a lot of time being very careful trying to get that off. Which means and we’re not going to be showing you the internals on this sorry to say. An HP generally asks us not to open up spectres and in these because yeah they’ll bunch up that rubber stuff fast.

If you do happen again inside there well you the SSD is a standard MDOT – SSD and the RAM is soldered on so you can’t upgrade that after the fact anyway. So water it with what. If you want you can get it with either 8 or 16 gigs of DDR for twenty four hundred megahertz round.

So how about heated nose this is a thin no ultrabook powerful enough Nvidia and makes 250 graphics. Not that at all. HP does have their thermal profiles so you can set it to run cooler and quieter or max it out and all that sort of thing. So just using their default balance thing.

This has a small fan inside it’s not gonna ever make that much noise. But it doesn’t get all hot and bothered. And it doesn’t generally speaking get too hot to touch. Now look at toasty on the bottom certainly and above the keyboard area where you don’t typically touch but really the thermals are pretty well controlled. We have the fork aid touch screen option that’s the highest you can go.

Like I said $140 I’ve charged from the base price non-touch display and it’s a nice note display surprisingly bright. Often 4k displays particularly with HP we’ve noticed they used to run them less bright because they were trying to save your battery life because 4k does consume more power than does a full HD display. The rest of the metrics are good. This is your typical covers all of srgb and about 75% of Adobe RGB.

You see the exact metrics on screen. It’s a nice enough-looking screen and I’d typical for HP and is glossy and it has plenty of reflections. Battery life on this well it has a 53 1 hour battery which is healthy which is average for your premium ultrabook. And the 65-watt fast charger.

Is fun charges up a bit faster. So battery life on this will depend on when you get the full HD or the 4k display option. We have the 4k display option. In our productivity and streaming video test with brightness set to 150 minutes we averaged about seven hours.

Which is pretty good for a 4k display. We’re not trying hard to manage power there Wi-Fi is on and active and all that sort of thing. If you got the full HD display no doubt you could probably add about two hours onto that which is good stuff.

The laptop has a fingerprint scanner and it has pretty good banging on some branded quad speakers which is a thing that HP has been doing. So you got two on the bottom you have two on the top. Makes a lot of sense to have four when you’ve got a convertible so they fire in any which direction.

Again this is not a convertible but still it makes for a nice loud sound with relatively speaking for this size laptop pretty good bass. So that’s the 2019 HP Envy 13. Is certainly a lot of laptop for your money in terms of what you get.

Not in terms of size and weight because it’s very thin and very light. I like it a lot I like the price on this if you can live without Thunderbolt 3 that is. Which I think a lot of people still again. USBC offers an unprecedented display out hubs and all that sort of thing. Yeah well done HP.

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