INTEL NUC 11 Extreme Review

In this article, I give you my Intel NUC 11 Extreme review with specs included. When you hear NUC you probably think about little cube PCs. Well, NUC comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s really more what you would call a small form factor PC.

The Intel NUC 11 Extreme has an 8-liter case so it’s bigger than their last Extreme edition and that’s a good thing because it leaves room for a full-size GPU.

I’ve reviewed a lot of NUCs and small form factor PCs because they’re sort of mobile, aren’t they? They’re not meant to be used as a laptop, they plug into the wall, into electricity at all times. They are baby desktop computers.

So, the idea here is in part it’s just a technological marvel even if you’re never going to buy one is that it can get this much expandability and power and ports into such a small form factor but also for those who just don’t have a lot of space.

A lot of people use these for media centers, for example, or as sort of like a gaming console and finally, we’re getting there with the horsepower that this one’s capable of instead of throwing a giant PlayStation 5 that you can’t buy anyway. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Intel NUC 11 Extreme
  • 99%
    Performance - 99%
  • 94%
    Price - 94%
  • 97%
    Value - 97%