KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor Review

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When several displays are linked, the edgeless design of the KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor offers a more expansive vision. An excellent choice for your desktop or laptop’s home office display. The improved DC dimming free-flicker screen technology used by this monitor eliminates common screen flickering, potentially reducing eye fatigue and enhancing eye comfort.

A 24-inch VA FHD monitor with a low price tag, the KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor claims to provide an immersive viewing experience. This inexpensive monitor strives to serve gamers, creative professionals, and regular consumers alike and is packed with a range of capabilities. To assist you in determining if the KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor is the best option for your computing requirements, we will examine its design, display quality, connectivity choices, ergonomic features, and overall performance in this study.

Design & Build Quality of KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor

The KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor has an elegant and simple design that will go well with any desktop configuration. The monitor’s three sides have little bezels, making for an immersive viewing experience. Though lacking the quality feel of higher-end monitors, the plastic build seems durable. The stand is well-built and has a tilt adjustment; however, it does not have a height or swivel adjustment, which limits ergonomic flexibility.

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The KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor, which has a VA (Vertical Alignment) screen, delivers vibrant colors and rich blacks, making it the perfect option for watching multimedia content and playing video games. While the 1920 x 1080 pixel Full HD resolution guarantees clear and detailed images, it might not be enough for expert image editing or content development.

In addition, the monitor has a 75Hz refresh rate, which offers smoother motion than typical 60Hz screens. In fast-paced games, however, the absence of adaptive sync technology, such as AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA G-Sync, may cause screen tearing and stuttering.

A respectable selection of connectivity options are available with the KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor. It has a 3.5mm audio jack for audio output, one HDMI connector, and one VGA port. While a VGA connector maintains compatibility with older systems, an HDMI port makes it simple to connect to contemporary gadgets. It’s important to keep in mind that the monitor’s lack of DisplayPort and USB connectors may restrict its adaptability, particularly for those who need to daisy-chain various peripherals.

Despite having tilt adjustment, the KOORUI 24N1A display is missing other crucial ergonomic features like height and swivel adjustments. Due to the consumers’ inability to locate their ideal viewing posture, this constraint may be uncomfortable over extended usage.

However, because the monitor is VESA mount compatible, users may place it on a wall or stand from a different company for greater adaptability.

KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor Performance

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The KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor performs satisfactorily in terms of performance for routine work. Wide viewing angles provided by the VA panel provide continuous color and contrast even when viewing the screen from various angles. The fluidity of on-screen movements is improved by the 75Hz refresh rate, which also lessens motion blur and increases gaming experiences. However, as was already indicated, gamers who expect tear-free images will be disappointed by the absence of adaptive sync technology.

Although the monitor’s reaction time, which is rated at 5ms, is sufficient for the majority of jobs, it could not satisfy ardent gamers or users who value fast-paced action. While typically accurate and colorful, the color reproduction may not be up to the requirements of professional color-critical work. The monitor’s brightness levels are also respectable, making it appropriate for usage in spaces with moderate lighting.

Users may change settings like brightness, contrast, and color temperature using the user-friendly and simple on-screen display (OSD) controls. But first, the absence of specific buttons might be a bit annoying. Users may rapidly switch between ideal settings thanks to the menu system’s selection of presets for various use cases, such as gaming, movie viewing, and reading.

The KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor primary flaw is its sluggish reaction time, which results in clear lagging and ghosting in situations with high action levels. You are stuck dealing with the problem since it lacks a strong overdrive to address it. For games with slower pacing, it’s not a significant issue, but players of games with quicker pacing, like Valorant, may gripe about it.

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KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor Specifications

Active Screen Size24″ Diagonal Viewable
Panel TypeVA
Native Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate75Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time5ms 
Color GamutNTSC 72%
Brightness (Typ.)250 cd/㎡
StandTilt Angle (-5° / 15°)
VESA Mount Pattern (mm)75mm * 75mm
InputsHDMI 1.4/HDMI 2.0
Size(W x H x D)542mm * 423mm * 181mm
Carton Box Dimension(W x H x D)605mm * 122mm * 407mm
net weight2.9(Kg)
Gross weight4.2(Kg)
Power Range (V, A, Hz)100 – 240V,47/63Hz,2.0A
Warranty Period3 Years

KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor Conclusion

Thanks to its substantial refresh rate and contrast, the KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor provides more value than you pay for it. Its biggest quality, nevertheless, is its extremely low pricing, which you won’t find with other companies. It isn’t the most eye-catching or constructed like a tank, but it will work fine in a low- to mid-end gaming setup.

On the other side, despite the drastically reduced price, there are certain restrictions. The panel’s picture quality and pixel reaction times aren’t the finest, and the device’s functionality are somewhat constrained. Despite this, we still believe that it provides excellent value for the money given that it costs the same as a 75Hz workplace monitor.

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For those on a tight budget, the KOORUI 24-Inch 24N1A VA FHD Monitor delivers a tempting combination. It provides a pleasurable viewing experience for casual gaming and multimedia consumption thanks to its brilliant VA screen, Full HD resolution, and 75Hz refresh rate.

Although the lack of ergonomic adjustments and adaptive sync technology may be restricting for certain users, the monitor’s low price and general performance make it a good option for those looking for a display on a tight budget. You might need to look at more expensive solutions if color fidelity is important to you or you need additional functionality.

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