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The New Year has been approaching, and some kids at home wanted me to assist them in setting up a desktop computer with a KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor so they can relax at home during the holiday. Because of my employment, I frequently cross paths with digital dealers, therefore I am familiar with digital items. As a result, I frequently tell juniors, “Assembling a desktop is really straightforward. It is sufficient to concentrate on the RAM, graphics card, and CPU. Choose standard things from prominent brands based on your budget and leave the rest to the retailer.”

However, I shall highlight to the juniors the importance of monitor selection. It is essential to select a well-known brand, as well as a large size and good resolution as much as feasible. Take note of the settings. Most people’s demands may be met by household monitors costing 1,000-2,000 yuan. I would recommend HKC monitors to youngsters at home in general.

On the one hand, it is manufactured in the United States and is inexpensive, but the quality is assured. The brand “KOORUI” was founded this year as the brother of HKC. It mixes contemporary brands with cutting-edge technology, as well as improvements in classic displays.

KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor Specifications & Overall

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One of the better Amazon offers right now is this massive reduction on the KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor, which is now available for a limited time for just $125.17. Despite being from a lesser-known manufacturer in the monitor and display business, the specifications speak for themselves. The Koorui 24E4 monitor normally sells for $199.99 on Amazon, but those looking for a gaming monitor can now get it for 37% less, a save of roughly $75.

Koorui isn’t a household name in the monitor industry, which is understandable given that the company was founded in 2021. The brand is owned by HKC, a big Chinese semiconductor company that strives to provide high-quality displays for both workplace and entertainment uses. The brand is particularly geared toward younger customers, making it a suitable pick for the gamer generation.

The KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor is a 24-inch gaming monitor with a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a regular 16:9 aspect ratio. A 1-millisecond motion picture reaction time and a maximum refresh rate of 165 Hz through DisplayPort 1.2 assure the panel’s responsiveness and agility, which is sufficient for even the most fast-paced games for most gamers.

Perhaps only esports professionals require a display with a faster refresh rate. Those who prefer HDMI 1.4 may still attain a nice 144 Hz refresh rate, which is sufficient most of the time. The display also supports AMD FreeSync technology, allowing it to give even smoother gameplay on AMD GPUs that support it.

The display panel is built using VA technology, which delivers the most significant characteristic for gamers: a quick reaction time and a high refresh rate. While VA panels are not recognized for their color accuracy, Koorui claims that this panel covers 85% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, which is reasonable given the price and kind of display. The KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor is currently available on Amazon for $125.17.

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KOORUI has remarkable strength in monitoring quality and premium service, so you may be confident. With a 3-year warranty, a 12-month replacement service, and phone technical support. Please tell us if any damage, malfunction, or missing components are discovered.

The KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor display is loaded with extras, and the matte frame and bracket design is highly textured. The back contrasts the peacock blue ornamental strip with the phantom black body, which is highly stylish, basic, and serene, in keeping with current young people’s aesthetics. The fuselage’s underside is outfitted with two HDMI and a DP port. The buttons are located in the fuselage’s lower right area. The entire bottom design protects the integrity of the fuselage’s front and rear sides, and the overall design is stronger.

Most users of a professional e-sports screen are game enthusiasts, and long-term gameplay may induce pain owing to the body position staying set for an extended period of time. KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor emphasizes gaming users’ long-term seating position while designing their bodies.

It has an ergonomic shape and comes with a lifting and rotating bracket base. You may not only alter your most comfortable angle when gaming, but you can also fine-tune the screen angle to vary your sitting position to ease bodily discomfort. Despite the fact that this design is incredibly intimate, it is nevertheless advised to play responsibly and move around more.

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KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor General Information

Active Screen Size24″ Diagonal Viewable
Native Resolution1920 x 1080
Refresh Rate165Hz
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time1MS (MPRT)
Color Gamut85% DCI-P3
Brightness (Typ.)250 cd/㎡
StandTilt Angle (-5° / 15°)
VESA Mount Pattern (mm)75mm * 75mm
InputsDP1.2 / HDMI1.4*2
Size(W x H x D)542mm * 424mm * 176mm
Carton Box Dimension(W x H x D)627mm * 397mm * 128mm
net weight3.14(Kg)
Gross weight4.46 (Kg)
Power Range (V, A, Hz)100 – 240V,47/63Hz,2.0A
Warranty Period3 Years

KOORUI 24-Inch E4 FHD Monitor Conclusion

I’ve had this monitor for about a month and it’s an excellent balance of price and quality. Higher resolution monitors are available, but I needed something to serve as a backup screen when working from home, mostly to house all of the tool boxes for Adobe apps.

Because this display appeared better than my primary monitor, I made it my primary screen. Although the advertising images are slightly deceiving, the bezel surrounding the screen is quite thin. There is a little black border between the edge of the screen and the plastic bezel that is not visible in the product’s simulated screen images. 

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This display was purchased to replace my previous three-year-old Asus rog Strix 1440p monitor. Water damage caused the Asus display to stop working. This KOORUI display has the same capabilities as my ASUS rog Strix yet is $400 less expensive! At this price range, I was skeptical about the quality, but I decided it was worth it to bite the bullet and give it a go.

So far, it has exceeded my expectations and provides the same quality/performance as monitors twice the price. My only complaint is that the bezel is a touch large, but with all this monitor has to offer for the price, that isn’t a deal breaker for me. This monitor worked perfectly with the VESA mount.

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