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Now is an excellent time to get a new PC gaming monitor. So many games have improved visuals, there are always Sceptre bargains to be grabbed (no need to wait until Black Friday 2020), and there is a vast selection to pick from. When playing, high-quality visuals are critical, yet the gaming monitors that are occasionally offered with PCs are subpar. You could also wish to utilize a monitor in addition to a gaming laptop.

Simply said, if you’re looking for a low-cost monitor with features that are surprisingly similar to those found on high-end displays, you might want to pick up this SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor while you can. The simple setup and clean design are only the beginning. When compared to the top 24-inch monitor, you can notice the benefit of the crisp, high-quality screen with a 75-hour refresh rate and the “Adaptive-Sync Technology,” which successfully eliminates image sharing and stuttering.

The integrated HDMI VGA speakers should be adequate for your requirements. This all gives the impression that you spent a lot of money on this monitor. In terms of meeting your requirements, discover out what you get when you buy one of the top computer monitors on the market.

At the time of writing, the SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor is one of the most affordable monitors on the market! So, let’s examine what you get out of it and what you’re losing out on.

SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Image Quality

SCEPTRE 20 Inch E205W 1600SR Monitor 2

The monitor features a 20-inch (19.5-inch viewable) screen with a resolution of 1600×900 pixels.

While its resolution is poor by today’s standards, the SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor monitor’s tiny screen size makes it seem amazing. The pixel density is 94.14 PPI (pixels per inch).

So, in terms of detail clarity and screen area, the experience is comparable to 19201080 on 24′′ displays.

The 1600×900 resolution is also less demanding to drive than 19201080, so you’ll be able to obtain a respectable frame rate in many games even if you have an outdated graphics card.

The SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor now features a TN (Twisted Nematic) display. The viewing angles on this panel technology are mediocre (170° horizontally and 160° vertically).

As a result, while viewing the screen off-axis, the image’s color, contrast, and brightness will change. This won’t be an issue as long as you’re immediately in front of the screen.

TN panels offer worse image quality than IPS and VA screens. Colors will be less vibrant and uniform than on IPS displays, and blacks will be less deep than with VA technology.

SCEPTRE 20 Inch E205W 1600SR Monitor 3

Other panel specs include a maximum brightness of 250 nits, a static contrast ratio of 1,000:1, and 8-bit color depth support for 16.7 million colors, which is common for all monitors in this price range.

SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Performance

Moving on, the input latency of the SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor is merely 10ms. There is no apparent delay between your actions and the time it takes the monitor to react and show your orders.

The reaction time is 5ms (GtG – gray to gray pixel transition), which means there is no noticeable lagging behind fast-moving objects.

Make sure the Overdrive setting in the monitor’s OSD (On-Screen Display) menu is activated for the greatest pixel response time performance.

Furthermore, the monitor’s 75Hz refresh rate delivers a slight but significant improvement in motion clarity over the typical 60Hz.

Because it does not use PWM to control brightness, the SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor is fully flicker-free. Furthermore, it includes an inbuilt low-blue light filter to reduce eye strain when using the monitor for extended periods of time.

SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Design & Connectivity

SCEPTRE 20 Inch E205W 1600SR Monitor 4

The monitor’s stand is tilt-only, although it may be mounted on a third-party stand using the 75x75mm VESA pattern. The monitor also comes with a screwdriver and other mounting equipment!

There are two HDMI connections, a VGA port, a headphones connector, and an audio line-in for the twin 2W integrated speakers.

SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Display Information

Active Screen Size19.5” Diagonal Viewable
Panel TypeTN (Twisted Nematic)
Native Resolution1600 x 900
Refresh RateUp to 75Hz Refresh Rate
Aspect Ratio16:9
Response Time5 ms (G-to-G)
Pixel Pitch0.2712mm (H) x 0.2626 mm (V)
Color GamutNTSC:72%
Dynamic Contrast Ratio1,000,000: 1
Color Depth16.7M
Contrast Ratio3,000: 1
Brightness (Typ.)250 cd/m²
Viewing AngleVertical: 160° / Horizontal: 170°
Backlight TypeEdge-lit LED
Backlight Life30,000+ Hours
Surface TreatmentAnti-glare, Hard Coating (3H)

SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Features

Color TemperatureWarm, Normal (Default), Cool, User
On Screen Display Control (OSD)Quick Start, Picture, Color, System
Picture PresetsStandard, User, Movie, Eco, FPS, RTS
Game PresetsFPS and RTS
OSD Supported LanguagesEnglish (Default), French, Spanish , Chinese
Type of SyncAdaptive Sync Supported
Blue Light ShiftAvailable
Auto Dynamic Contrast ModeAvailable

SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Inputs & Outputs

HDMI (# of Ports & Version)2 x HDMI, 1.3 version
Supported HDMI SignalsUp to 1600 x 900 @ 75Hz, 1080/60p, 1080/60i, 720p,576p,576i,480p,480i
3.5mm Auxiliary Input Jack3.5mm Mini-Jack for VGA
Supported VGA SignalsUp to 1600 x 900 @ 75Hz
VGA (# of Ports)1 x VGA, D-sub 15 pin
3.5mm Headphone Jack (Output)3.5mm Mini-Jack Audio Out

SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Conclusion

The SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor Ultra-thin LED monitor is a deal for the price. The amazingly sounding built-in HDMI VGA speakers are complemented by a very good refresh rate and contrast ratio. And, while the back cables oddly face outward rather than downward (resulting in tricky mounting), the quality and affordability more than compensate.

While the Sceptre SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor is a nice monitor for the price, there are far better versions available now that are just slightly more costly.

The  SCEPTRE 20-Inch E205W-1600SR Monitor costs around $75.

SCEPTRE 20 Inch E205W 1600SR Monitor 5

We strongly advise spending an extra $5-$15 for the Acer SB220Q, which offers a little bigger screen with a better 1080p quality. It also includes an IPS display with significantly broader viewing angles and improved colors.

A 144Hz monitor is unquestionably necessary for gaming. For additional details, see our top displays under $150.

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