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In this article, I give you my LG Gram 17-inch (2021) review with specs included. This is a big laptop and weight can be a big issue for 17-inch laptops. But, that’s not such an issue here. The LG Gram is an ultra-thin lightweight laptop.

In the first quarter of every year, usually closer to January, LG refreshes the Gram model laptops and they get better and better every year. And so, this is the culmination of several years of this model, a 17-inch thin and light ultrabook.

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Gram is also available in 16-inch (because 16-inch is the new 15-inch), and 14-inch sizes. I think the 14-inch is probably less exciting for people because there are a lot of very light 14-inch laptops these days, but the 16-inch may be the sweet spot for many. But, the 17-inch is still quite fascinating.

The main appeal here is having a really big display but the latest Intel 11th gen ultrabook is made better now with a WQHD+ (Which means 16 by 10 aspect ratio which is the new “in” thing) display that’s really gorgeous.

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The display has full DCI-P3 coverage which is great for watching movies and also for photo editing and content creation. Personally, it’s one of my favorite displays when it comes to laptops.

LG Gram 17-inch for the year 2021 is the next step in the evolution of the Gram line. The 17-inch model weighs 2.98 pounds (which is 1.35 kilograms). The 16-inch is around 2.62 pounds (1.19 kg) and the 14-inch is even lighter.

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If you get the 17-inch or the 16-inch you get a keyboard with a number pad. The keyboard has always been pretty good on the Grams, especially considering how thin and light they are. It’s even better now, it’s so tactile and crisp.

The LG Gram 17-inch (2021) is a compelling ultrabook that packs a punch with its large display, lightweight design, and impressive features. Let’s delve into various aspects of this laptop to understand its strengths and weaknesses.

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Design and Build Quality:
LG has refined the design of the Gram 17, offering a minimalist and modern aesthetic. The black model, in particular, stands out with its clean lines and rectangular form. The reduction in curves on the corners contributes to a sleek appearance. The magnesium alloy construction is responsible for its feather-light weight, and surprisingly, it maintains a level of rigidity uncommon in ultra-light laptops. Despite its weightlessness, the build quality doesn’t compromise on sturdiness.

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Input Devices:
The keyboard on the LG Gram 17 has seen an improvement with increased key travel (1.6 millimeters), providing a more satisfying typing experience. The white backlighting enhances visibility, especially on the black model. The large glass trackpad, adhering to Microsoft Precision standards, is responsive and adds to the overall user experience.

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Equipped with up to 11th Gen Intel quad-core CPUs, the LG Gram 17 delivers reliable performance suitable for everyday tasks and more. However, for AMD enthusiasts, it’s worth noting that the Gram 17 sticks to Intel processors. The inclusion of Intel Iris Xe graphics is a notable feature, allowing users to engage in older and casual gaming without the need for a dedicated gaming laptop. While it doesn’t compete with gaming-centric laptops, it provides a decent gaming experience for its class.

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The centerpiece of the LG Gram 17 is undoubtedly its display. The 17-inch screen boasts a 16:10 aspect ratio, offering more vertical space for content creators working on video or photo editing. The wider gamma and full DCI-P3 coverage make it ideal for video editing, catering to the demands of professionals. The glossy, non-touch IPS display produces vibrant colors with good contrast and black levels. However, the glossy finish might pose visibility challenges in bright environments.

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Design for Content Creation:
LG has strategically embraced a 16:10 aspect ratio across all size models of the Gram, facilitating both content consumption and creation. This aspect ratio is especially beneficial for video editing, providing additional screen real estate for tools and palettes. The laptop’s focus on content creation is evident in its display choices, making it a suitable device for creative professionals.

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The standout feature of the LG Gram 17 is its portability. Weighing incredibly light for a 17-inch laptop, it defies expectations. The magnesium alloy construction contributes to its lightweight design, making it an attractive option for users who prioritize portability without compromising on screen size.

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Battery Life:
While specifics may vary depending on usage, the LG Gram 17 generally offers impressive battery life. The focus on efficiency and heat management allows for a balance between performance and extended usage on a single charge. This is particularly advantageous for users constantly on the move.

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The LG Gram 17 features a range of ports, including Thunderbolt 4, USB-A, HDMI, and a microSD card slot. The inclusion of Thunderbolt 4 ensures high-speed connectivity and compatibility with a variety of peripherals. The laptop’s versatility in terms of ports caters to the needs of different users.

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Despite its many strengths, the LG Gram 17 does have a few considerations. The glossy, non-touch display might not be suitable for users working in extremely bright environments, and the absence of a touch option may disappoint those who prefer touch-enabled screens. Additionally, while the laptop’s performance is reliable, it’s not designed to lead the pack in terms of raw power, as LG prioritizes a quiet and cool operation.

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The LG Gram 17-inch (2021) stands out as an excellent choice for users seeking a balance between portability and a large, high-quality display. Its design, efficient performance, and focus on content creation make it a compelling option for professionals and everyday users alike. While it may not cater to the most demanding gaming or processing tasks, it excels in providing a lightweight, yet robust, computing experience.

LG Gram 2021: A Thorough Analysis of the Feather-Light Ultrabook

The LG Gram series has consistently been a hallmark of ultralight, ultra-portable laptops, and the 2021 edition is no exception. This in-depth review aims to dissect the various aspects of the LG Gram, from its design and performance to its internals and battery life, offering a comprehensive understanding of its strengths and some considerations.

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Design and Fan Noise:
The LG Gram doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. While it may not match the speed of competitors like the Razer Book with Intel 11th Gen CPUs, it doesn’t lag far behind. Remarkably, the fan noise is minimal, emitting more of a gentle “shh” than filling the room. The laptop remains reasonably cool to the touch, avoiding uncomfortable heat levels.

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Connectivity and Ports:
Connectivity is a strong suit of the LG Gram. Boasting two Thunderbolt 4 ports with USB-C compatibility, the laptop supports Thunderbolt docks, external displays, and charging. Notably, the move to a USB-C charger, replacing the proprietary barrel pin charger, enhances convenience. The inclusion of HDMI, a microSD card slot, and a headphone jack round off a solid port selection, catering to various user needs.

Sound Quality:
The sound quality on the LG Gram is commendable, although it doesn’t reach the levels of a 16-inch MacBook Pro. The two stereo two-watt speakers deliver good audio, and the addition of a 5-watt smart amp enhances both audio and headphone quality. The DCX Ultra-branded audio system ensures a satisfying audio experience.

Pricing and Configurations:
Pricing reflects the niche positioning of the LG Gram as an ultra-light, ultra-portable laptop. Starting at $999 for the 14-inch model, configurations can go up to $1799 for the 17-inch variant, offering a terabyte M.2 NVMe SSD, 16GB of RAM, and a Core i7 CPU. The 16-inch model, priced at $1399, presents an appealing configuration with a Core i7, 16GB RAM, and a 256GB SSD. While the 14-inch model starts at a lower price, opting for the more desirable configurations brings it closer to $1299.

Internal Components:
Opening up the LG Gram reveals a few changes in its internal layout. The removal of RAM slots, a feature present in older LG Gram models, is a disappointment for those looking to upgrade. However, the presence of two M.2 slots makes storage expansion more accessible. The 80-watt-hour battery, consistent across the Gram lineup, ensures reliable battery life, with the 17-inch model benefiting from the improved power efficiency of Intel’s 11th-gen CPUs.

Battery Life:
The LG Gram has always delivered decent battery life, and the 2021 model is no exception. With an 80-watt-hour battery, the 17-inch variant, powered by a 65-watt USB-C charger, achieves improved run times compared to its predecessor. Managing approximately nine to ten hours in a mixed usage scenario involving productivity tasks, video streaming, and light Photoshop usage at 200 nits brightness, the Gram strikes a balance between performance and battery efficiency.

In short, the LG Gram 2021 continues to uphold its reputation as a top-tier ultrabook, prioritizing portability without compromising on performance. Its sleek design, improved connectivity, and thoughtful features for content creators make it a standout choice in the ultralight laptop category. While pricing may be a deterrent for some, those seeking the epitome of lightness in a laptop will find the LG Gram a worthy investment, especially considering its impressive battery life and versatile port options.

LG Gram 17-inch (2021): A Comprehensive Evaluation of Pros and Cons


  1. Ultralight Design: The LG Gram 17-inch lives up to its series reputation by maintaining an incredibly lightweight design, making it one of the most portable 17-inch laptops available. The magnesium alloy construction contributes to its lightness without compromising durability.
  2. Large 17-inch Display: The spacious 17-inch display is a significant advantage for users who prioritize screen real estate. The 16:10 aspect ratio, a departure from the typical 16:9, enhances productivity and content creation by providing more vertical space.
  3. Full DCI-P3 Coverage: The display’s full DCI-P3 coverage makes it ideal for video editors and content creators, ensuring accurate and vibrant colors for wide-gamut content.
  4. Two Thunderbolt 4 Ports: The inclusion of two Thunderbolt 4 ports with USB-C compatibility expands connectivity options, allowing users to connect to high-performance peripherals, external displays, and Thunderbolt docks. The transition to USB-C charging is also a welcome improvement.
  5. Decent Sound Quality: The LG Gram maintains its reputation for delivering satisfactory audio quality through its two stereo two-watt speakers. The addition of a 5-watt smart amp further enhances audio and headphone quality.
  6. Long Battery Life: With its 80-watt-hour battery, the LG Gram 17-inch achieves commendable battery life, lasting approximately nine to ten hours in mixed usage scenarios. This is particularly impressive considering the large display size.
  7. Two M.2 Slots for Storage: Internally, the laptop offers two M.2 slots for storage, providing users with the flexibility to expand storage capacity easily. This is a notable feature, especially in the context of ultrabooks.
  8. Minimal Fan Noise: The laptop’s cooling system effectively manages heat, resulting in minimal fan noise. Even when audible, the fan noise is subtle and non-disruptive, contributing to a quieter user experience.


  1. High Price Tag: The LG Gram 17-inch comes with a premium price, positioning it as a niche product. While the price is justified by its ultralight design and large display, it may be a limiting factor for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Limited Upgradeability: The removal of RAM slots in the 2021 model restricts users from upgrading the system memory. This could be a drawback for those who prefer the flexibility of expanding RAM in the future.
  3. Glossy Non-Touch Display: The glossy nature of the display might be a downside for users working in brightly lit environments, as it can lead to reflections. Additionally, it’s worth noting that the display is non-touch, which may be a preference for some users.
  4. Limited Availability of Touchscreen Models: While LG offers convertible versions with touchscreens, the non-touch version of the 17-inch model is more common. Users who specifically desire touch functionality might find the options limited.
  5. Integrated Graphics Limitations: The integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, while suitable for most everyday tasks, may not meet the demands of users engaged in intensive graphics or gaming activities. A dedicated GPU option would have been a welcomed addition.
  6. Complex Bottom Cover Removal: Opening up the laptop for internal access requires dealing with large rubber feet and metal discs covering screw holes. This intricate design may pose challenges for users attempting DIY upgrades or maintenance.

In summary, the LG Gram 17-inch (2021) stands out as a lightweight and portable laptop with a generous display, making it an excellent choice for those who prioritize portability without compromising on screen size. While its premium pricing and some limitations in upgradeability may be factors to consider, the laptop’s overall performance and features make it a compelling option for users with specific preferences and needs.

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