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In this article, I give you my Vaio Z (2021) review with specs included. I’ve reviewed VAIOs before since Sony basically separated them into their own independent company several years ago and this is the highest-end one.

And I would say it’s different yet the same, it’s a very unusual 3D carbon fiber 14-inch ultrabook with a mighty CPU in it for an ultrabook kind of machine, but the Vaio Z is an old name in the industry.

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In fact, if you look at this website I mean it’s an old article, but like eight years ago I reviewed the VAIO Z which at the time was unusually powerful. It had like you know a workstation-level processor inside and its own proprietary external GPU back before things like Thunderbolt made that possible on a more universal scale so it was a pretty neat machine and it was pretty pricey it was carbon fiber back then too so they’ve reinvented it now and it’s nice to see a redesign here this is a little different from some of the other values that we’ve reviewed but it’s also very expensive.

So, in the United States, we only get the signature black edition which is the more expensive one those who are overseas might be able to get the one that has a Core 5 or a full HD display for less money. And there are less expensive Vaio laptop models out there.

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This one starts at like $3579 and the most expensive configuration is $4179. You get a core i7 for that not just any chorus and we’ll talk about that. A 4K wide gamut matte non-touch display windows Hello IR scanner and some of that accouterment you would expect for a higher-end or businessy laptop and that’s still their focus with bios is business-like uh presence detection which we’ve seen HP do and Lenovo do.

VAIO Z (2021): Unraveling the Power and Precision

The VAIO Z (2021) is a compelling piece of engineering that seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with exquisite design. As we delve into the intricate details of this laptop, it becomes evident that VAIO has crafted a device not just for the ordinary, but for those who demand performance at its zenith.

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Design and Security: A Harmonious Blend

The laptop’s interaction with the user begins even before it’s fully opened. Thanks to the Windows Hello IR camera, the VAIO Z swiftly wakes up and, if configured, can seamlessly log in the user. Similarly, stepping away triggers an automatic lock, enhancing security.

The design is not just about aesthetics but functionality. The carbon fiber construction, a hallmark from the days of Sony Vaio, offers a unique blend of durability and lightweight design. The 3D molded carbon fiber, inspired by aerospace technology, minimizes torsion and ensures a rigid structure. This attention to detail results in a laptop that feels solid yet remains exceptionally lightweight at just around a kilogram.

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Performance Marvel: Intel 11th Gen Powerhouse

Underneath the hood lies the powerhouse – an Intel 11th Gen 35-watt CPU, a significant departure from the standard 15-watt ultrabook CPUs. This move places the VAIO Z in a league of its own, competing not only with ultrabooks but also with higher-end CPUs found in mid-tier gaming laptops.

The CPU, boasting four powerful cores, excels in single-core speed, a trademark of Intel processors. The multi-core performance, while limited by the number of cores, outshines the average ultrabook, making it a workhorse for tasks demanding substantial processing power. Paired with Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics, the VAIO Z isn’t a gaming laptop but can handle productivity tasks with finesse.

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Blazing Fast Storage: M1.2 NVMe SSD

One of the standout features is the M1.2 NVMe SSD, a storage solution that redefines speed. The integration of PCIe 4, facilitated by the new Intel 11th Gen chipset, results in a storage speed that’s twice as fast as its predecessors. While the real-world impact may not be noticeable in everyday tasks, it sets a new benchmark for SSD performance, especially in file-intensive workflows.

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Memory Choices: 16GB or 32GB RAM

Memory is a crucial aspect of performance, and the VAIO Z offers a choice between 16GB and 32GB of fast, soldered-on-board RAM. This ensures that the laptop can handle memory-intensive tasks and multitasking with ease. The inclusion of such high-capacity RAM aligns with VAIO’s commitment to providing a device that caters to power users.

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Cooling and Fan Noise: Finding the Balance

To dissipate the heat generated by the powerful internals, VAIO incorporates dual fans with a sophisticated metal cage design. While this aids in keeping temperatures manageable, it comes at the cost of audible fan noise under heavy workloads. The cooling solution strikes a balance between performance and fan noise, a trade-off that power users might find acceptable.

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Display and Graphics: A Visual Feast

The display, a cornerstone of any laptop experience, features vibrant colors and sharp contrast. The integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics contribute to a visually pleasing experience, suitable for business tasks and even light multimedia consumption. While not a dedicated gaming laptop, the VAIO Z can handle less demanding games thanks to its robust CPU.

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Build Quality and Portability: Carbon Fiber Excellence

VAIO’s commitment to carbon fiber continues to shine, with the laptop exhibiting minimal flex and a remarkable level of durability. The meticulous design ensures that the laptop remains both robust and portable, making it an ideal companion for those who prioritize mobility without compromising on build quality.

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The Bottom Line: VAIO Z (2021) – Where Power Meets Elegance

The VAIO Z (2021) emerges as a stellar example of what happens when power and elegance converge. From the lightning-fast storage to the robust Intel 11th Gen CPU, every component contributes to a device designed for users who demand uncompromising performance. While fan noise may be a consideration for some, the overall package makes the VAIO Z a standout choice for professionals, content creators, and anyone seeking a laptop that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Exploring the Marvels of the VAIO Z (2021): A Deep Dive into Innovation and Performance

The VAIO Z (2021) stands as a testament to innovation, blending cutting-edge technology with meticulous design. This comprehensive review will unravel the intricacies of this ultrabook, examining its build quality, performance, display, connectivity options, and more.

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Design Elegance: Carbon Fiber Brilliance

The laptop’s design, featuring carbon fiber construction, presents a delicate balance between elegance and durability. While carbon fiber is known for its lightweight properties, it’s essential to note that it might be more prone to cracking than other materials. VAIO claims adherence to certain mill-spec tests, but cautious handling would be wise.

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In terms of ports, the VAIO Z opts for a minimalist approach due to its slim profile. It boasts an HDMI 2.0 port, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a headphone jack. While this selection might be limited, especially for users requiring numerous ports, it aligns with the device’s ultra-thin and lightweight design. It’s worth mentioning that other VAIO models offer a more generous array of ports.

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Performance Pinnacle: Intel 11th Gen Powerhouse

The VAIO Z is equipped with the formidable Intel 11th Gen 35-watt CPU, a significant departure from the standard 15-watt ultrabook processors. This places the laptop in a league of its own, competing not just with ultrabooks but also with mid-tier gaming laptops. The quad-core CPU, coupled with Intel Iris Xe integrated graphics, delivers commendable performance, making it suitable for productivity tasks and even some less demanding games.

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A standout feature is the M1.2 NVMe SSD, leveraging PCIe 4 for unparalleled speed. The SSD’s performance, twice as fast as its predecessors, sets a new benchmark, especially for tasks involving extensive file writes. The VAIO Z offers a choice between 16GB and 32GB of fast, soldered-on-board RAM, ensuring smooth multitasking and handling of memory-intensive applications.

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User Interface: Keyboard, Trackpad, and Display

The keyboard, a crucial aspect of any business-oriented laptop, boasts 1.5 millimeters of key travel. VAIO has focused on providing a spacious layout, addressing concerns about previous models feeling cramped. The tactile feel is impressive, offering a satisfying typing experience. The trackpad, adhering to the Microsoft Precision standard, performs seamlessly, enhancing the overall user interface.

The VAIO Z features a vibrant 4K display with a wide color gamut and IPS technology. The display’s color accuracy and calibration make it suitable for tasks demanding precision, such as content creation. Its matte finish contributes to visibility in various lighting conditions, catering to the needs of business users who might find themselves working in different environments.

Connectivity and Additional Features

Connectivity options include Intel Wi-Fi 6, Thunderbolt 4, and USB-C with a 20-gigabit-per-second transfer rate. The inclusion of Thunderbolt 4 is a welcome addition, providing versatility for users who prioritize high-speed data transfer and external display capabilities. The laptop features a fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button for secure and convenient authentication. Additionally, the Windows Hello IR camera offers an alternative biometric login method.

Upgradability and Battery Life

Internally, the VAIO Z allows for upgradability in the form of the M.2 SSD. While the reviewer didn’t delve into the internals due to the laptop’s delicate carbon fiber construction, the upgradable SSD ensures future-proofing for users who might seek storage expansion. The laptop’s 53-watt-hour battery, coupled with a compact 65-watt fast charger, delivers a commendable battery life of around nine hours for mixed productivity tasks.

VAIO Z (2021) – A Pricey Marvel Worth the Attention

The VAIO Z (2021) emerges as a unique marvel in the laptop landscape. Its combination of a lightweight yet robust carbon fiber build, powerful Intel 11th Gen CPU, and impressive display make it a standout choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. While the price tag might deter some, VAIO’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of ultrabook design makes the VAIO Z a noteworthy consideration for those seeking a premium computing experience.

VAIO Z (2021): Unveiling the Marvels and Quirks

The VAIO Z (2021) stands as a symbol of technological prowess, combining innovative features with sleek design. This exploration delves into the laptop’s strengths and weaknesses, offering a comprehensive look at what makes it shine and where it falls short.


1. Cutting-Edge Performance:

  • Intel 11th Gen CPU: The laptop is powered by a robust Intel 11th Gen 35-watt CPU, delivering impressive single-core speed and overall performance.
  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics: The integrated graphics provide a significant upgrade, making the VAIO Z suitable for light gaming and demanding productivity tasks.

2. Exceptional Build Quality:

  • Carbon Fiber Construction: The use of 3D-molded carbon fiber not only ensures a lightweight profile (1 kg) but also adds a touch of elegance to the laptop.
  • Durability: While caution is advised due to the nature of carbon fiber, the laptop undergoes specific mill-spec tests, attesting to its durability.

3. High-Speed Storage:

  • M1.2 NVMe SSD: The upgradable SSD leverages PCIe 4, offering speeds twice as fast as its predecessors, enhancing overall system responsiveness.

4. Brilliant Display:

  • 4K IPS Display: The laptop boasts a vibrant 4K display with a wide color gamut and IPS technology, making it ideal for tasks requiring color accuracy.
  • Matte Finish: The matte finish enhances visibility in different lighting conditions, catering to the needs of on-the-go professionals.

5. Connectivity Hub:

  • Thunderbolt 4 Ports: The inclusion of Thunderbolt 4 provides high-speed data transfer and external display capabilities, adding versatility to the laptop.
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6: The standard Wi-Fi 6 support ensures a reliable and fast wireless connection.

6. User-Friendly Interface:

  • Spacious Keyboard: The keyboard offers 1.5 millimeters of key travel, providing a comfortable typing experience for business-oriented users.
  • Precision Trackpad: The Microsoft Precision trackpad ensures smooth navigation, complementing the overall user interface.

7. Security Features:

  • Windows Hello IR Camera: The IR camera facilitates secure facial recognition for convenient and swift login.
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Integrated into the power button, the fingerprint scanner offers an additional biometric authentication option.

8. Upgradability:

  • M.2 SSD Slot: The upgradable M.2 SSD slot allows users to expand storage capacity according to their needs.

9. Lightweight and Portable:

  • 1-Kilogram Weight: The laptop’s lightweight design makes it extremely portable, catering to professionals on the move.

10. Battery Life:

  • Decent Battery Life: With a 53-watt-hour battery, the laptop manages to deliver around nine hours of mixed productivity tasks, ensuring reliable usage throughout the day.

11. Aesthetic Appeal:

  • Sleek Design: The sleek and minimalist design adds to the laptop’s overall aesthetic appeal, making it a visually appealing device.


1. Price Tag:

  • High Cost: The VAIO Z (2021) comes with a premium price tag, potentially limiting its accessibility to a broader consumer base.

2. Limited Port Selection:

  • Minimal Ports: Due to its ultra-thin design, the laptop offers a limited selection of ports, potentially inconveniencing users who require a broader range of connectivity options.

3. Potential Durability Concerns:

  • Carbon Fiber Fragility: While carbon fiber contributes to the laptop’s lightweight design, it may be more susceptible to cracking, warranting careful handling.

4. Fan Noise:

  • Audible Fans: Under heavy workloads, the dual fans may produce audible noise, which could be a concern for users seeking a quieter operation.

5. Limited Graphics Capability:

  • Not for Intensive Gaming: Despite the improved Intel Iris Xe graphics, the laptop is not designed for intensive gaming, limiting its suitability for gamers.

6. Small Keycaps:

  • Key Size: Some users may find the keycaps slightly smaller than average, potentially impacting typing comfort, especially for those with larger hands.

In summary, the VAIO Z (2021) presents a compelling package of performance, design, and features. While its high cost and limited port selection may be drawbacks for some, those seeking a premium ultrabook experience with top-tier specifications and a focus on portability will find the VAIO Z a worthy investment.

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