VAIO Z (2021) Review

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In this article, I give you my Vaio Z (2021) review with specs included. I’ve reviewed VAIOs before since Sony basically separated them off into their own independent company several years ago and this is the highest-end one.

And I would say it’s different yet the same, it’s a very unusual 3D carbon fiber 14-inch ultrabook with a mighty CPU in it for an ultrabook kind of machine, but the Vaio Z is an old name in the industry.

In fact, if you look at this website I mean it’s an old article, but like eight years ago I reviewed the VAIO Z which at the time was unusually powerful. It had like you know a workstation level processor inside and its own proprietary external GPU back before things like thunderbolt made that possible on a more universal scale so it was a pretty neat machine and it was pretty pricey it was carbon fiber back then too so they’ve reinvented it now and it’s nice to see a redesign here this is a little different from some of the other values that we’ve reviewed but it’s also very expensive.

So, in the united states, we only get the signature black edition which is the more expensive one those who are overseas might be able to get the one that has like a core 5 or a full HD display for less money. And there are less expensive Vaio laptop models out there.

This one starts at like $3579 and the most expensive configuration is $4179. You get a core i7 for that not just any chorus and we’ll talk about that. A 4K wide gamut matte non-touch display windows hello ir scanner and some of that accouterment you would expect for a higher-end or businessy laptop and that’s still their focus with bios is business-like uh presence detection which we’ve seen hp do and Lenovo do. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
VAIO Z (2021)
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