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For more than 25 years, Logitech has dominated the market for reasonably priced, high-quality computer accessories, including speakers, gaming controllers, and mouse and keyboards. One of their trackballs from the 1990s and a speaker set from the early 2000s are still in practically daily usage; the brand is known for their products’ resilience in the face of regular use.

Recently, Logitech renamed its consumer products under the “logi” brand and started tangentially marketing them to small businesses and prosumers, markets in which they compete with established brand names in the industry. The newest entry-level webcam from Logitech is the C505 HD, which features 720p video and a long-range microphone for basic video conferencing. Despite meeting its paper specifications, the webcam’s video quality is way too poor for its MSRP.

Webcams are in extremely high demand at the time of this assessment (October 2020), as a result of a persistent worldwide health crisis that has caused a significant number of office workers to switch to working from home. Although I’ve tried to be objective in my evaluation, it should be understood that there is a serious supply chain shortage because of the low availability of these devices.

Logitech C505 Webcam Unboxing & Setup

Logitech C505 Webcam 2

The Logitech C505 Webcam setup is made as easy as possible by Logitech. Simply open the package and insert it into an accessible USB port (Type A, the conventional rectangular type) on your computer to use it with any current operating system (advertised as supporting Windows, Mac OS, and Chrome OS).

You will need a USB-C hub or dongle to connect if your computer only has USB-C connections. I was able to test the device on both Windows and Chrome OS, and on both computers, the system recognized the gadget right away as a conventional webcam and made it accessible to both calling and recording apps.

It can be mounted atop a screen with some success using the included clamp. Once in position, the rubbery grips hold well enough to allow for a tilt adjustment of around 15 degrees in each direction. It will take some maneuvering to get the front-heavy webcam stable. Large and protruding from the top edge of a screen by roughly three-quarters of an inch, the webcam housing can impede title and menu bars on displays with narrower bezels.

The dual-purpose hinge of the C505 that Logitech claims also serves as a stand for setting on a desk or other raised surface. Unfortunately, my device does not maintain its position in this mode.

The hinge is weak and cannot sustain the weight of the webcam when perched at shallow angles (such as when atop a computer case or stack of books), and it will gently close its clamshell a minute or two after being set up. However, given that lower webcam angles are rarely used, this is a small issue.

Logitech C505 Webcam Audio Quality

Logitech C505 Webcam 3

The C505’s robust microphone gives it the advantage back. The C505’s built-in long-range microphone takes up voice clearly from standard distances, possibly clipping a bit at close range, and has no trouble picking up conversations from across the room, in contrast to most laptop microphones, which are quiet and muffled. I could speak with family without raising my voice because I was seated on a couch about 8 feet away from the webcam that was mounted on my TV.

However, as the microphone can take up quite a bit of background noise, your calling apps will need to incorporate some noise reduction or volume-sensitive microphone activation. The Logitech C505 Webcam is positioned over the screen, thus utilizing a mechanical keyboard or a laptop keyboard while the microphone is in use is very certainly out of the question.

Logitech C505 Webcam Video Quality

The Logitech C505 Webcam struggles to establish traction in this area. I was shocked by the video quality of this webcam, which was promoted as an upgrade from integrated laptop webcams. The C505’s optical sensor produces grainy video in well-lit settings that also washes out color, even with plenty of uniform, distributed foreground lighting.

The quality problem is exacerbated by a fixed focal point, which results in hazy optics at distances closer than a few feet (which is typically where you’ll be utilizing a camera). The quality was essentially the same as the built-in, 480p webcam on a budget laptop, and I did not observe any of the auto light adjustment that Logitech claims to have.

Logitech C505 Webcam 4

You can make some lighting and color tweaks to the webcam’s video using a Windows software, but they can only improve the source material so much from a low-quality source. The software is also horribly bulky; an 84MB setup file for what essentially amounts to post-processing color and exposure tweaks that are built into most video tools is just obnoxious.

Shortly put, the video quality is subpar by most webcam standards; even front-facing cellphone cameras capture images better. Try to keep in the thumbnails and stay out of the spotlight if you’re using this for a video conference.

Logitech C505 Webcam Specs

Dimensions including fixed mounting clipHeight: 1.26 in (31.91 mm)Width: 2.87 in (72.91 mm)Depth: 2.62 in (66.64 mm)Cable length: 6.5 ft (2 m)Weight: 2.65 oz (75 g)
Max Resolution720p/30fps
Camera mega pixel1.2
Focus typeFixed
Lens typePlastic
Built-in micMono
Mic rangeUp to 9 ft (2.74 m)
Diagonal field of view (dFoV)60°
Warranty Information2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty
COMPATIBILITYWindows® 8 or latermacOS 10.10 or laterChromeOSUSB – A portWorks with popular calling platforms.

Final thoughts on Logitech C505 Webcam 

The Logitech C505 Webcam video quality in relation to its cost irritates me the most. I replaced my ten-year-old Logitech C170 webcam with this model, however despite a twofold increase in MSRP, I do not notice any discernible improvement in video quality.

Although the native capture resolution is better (480p vs 720p), I am unable to discern any other differences between the two devices’ video output, which is inexcusable for a $50 camera in 2020 but was okay for a $25 webcam in 2010.

Logitech C505 Webcam 5

In the end, the C505 HD Webcam’s plug-and-play setup and powerful microphone are its sole redeeming qualities. If you have no other options for video calling and it’s the only reasonably priced webcam available when you need one, give it an extra star.

I’m sorry to give Logitech such a poor grade here, but a company’s track record for producing high-quality goods doesn’t mean much if a new offering falls short of expectations. It is not advised to use the Logitech C505 Webcam.

Is the Logitech C505 Webcam worth it?

The Logitech C505 Webcam is a simple webcam intended for online communication and video conferences. Depending on your unique requirements and use situations, you can decide if it is worth it. Here are some things to think about:

Video Quality: For casual use and video conferences, the 720p HD video provided by the Logitech C505 Webcam is adequate. Consider webcams with higher resolutions if you need better video quality for streaming or creating content.

Microphone Quality: There is an inbuilt microphone in the Logitech C505 Webcam. Think about the audio requirements you have and whether the microphone quality fulfills your demands. For improved audio quality, users might occasionally opt to use an external microphone.

Cost: In general, the Logitech C505 Webcam is less expensive than more expensive webcams. It can be a good option if you’re on a tight budget and only require a webcam for simple video calls.

Add-on Features: Determine whether the Logitech C505 Webcam features meet your needs. Certain users might require a webcam with a more expansive field of vision, customizable focus, or sophisticated settings, which might not be found in devices that are intended for entry-level users.

Reviews: Look for the most recent evaluations from people who have used the Logitech C505 lately. User reviews can shed light on performance in the real world and any problems.

Options: Take into account additional webcams within a comparable budget. There may be less expensive Logitech or other brand devices available with comparable or superior functionality.

It’s crucial to remember that technology is always changing and that since my last update, new goods might have been introduced. When deciding what to buy, always be sure to look for the most recent product information and reviews.

Is the Logitech C505 Webcam good?

A excellent webcam, the Logitech C505 Webcam offers a plug-and-play solution, a long connection, and a practical conferencing option in an inconspicuous size. Its microphone pickup is great for a webcam at its budget range, and its 720p/30fps photos are passable if sometimes a bit blurry. However, you’ll be left scratching your head if you want software to go along with your webcam.

In terms of design, the Logitech C505 Webcam isn’t the most ostentatious webcam. Because of its exceptionally small size, it takes up very little space on the top of my monitor. The color scheme, which is mostly black and grey, guarantees that the C505 HD is a webcam intended mainly for corporate use.

The Logitech C505 Webcam only includes its integrated clip stand for mounting it to laptops and displays, so there aren’t many more fittings and bolts included in the box. Because of its smaller size, it also fits into a smaller stand, so I had no trouble connecting it to my MacBook Pro or primary PC monitor.

Despite how handy this is, the C505 HD lacks threadings for a tripod, which could be a hassle for people who don’t want to place a webcam on top of their laptop or monitor.

The 720p/30fps output of the Logitech C505 Webcam is produced. This resolution is comparable to “HD Ready,” indicating that the photos are sufficiently good. Although the C505 HD’s photographs appear a little grainy and somewhat overexposed, especially when viewed on a screen with significantly better resolution, it should work just fine for regular video calling. 

Performance in low light is passable, though this is when the C505 HD’s lower resolution really shows. Although the sixty degree field of vision (FOV) is a little narrow for my taste, the C505 HD is an excellent camera if all you want to do is capture your face.

Although the Logitech C505 Webcam video output may not be the best in the world, it has a fantastic microphone pickup for a low-cost camera. Even though there is only one omnidirectional microphone, it sounds extremely clear and full-bodied without being at all tinny or thin. When I tested it during phone calls with pals, they were just as impressed with Logitech’s low-cost conference hero as I was.

Do I need a driver for Logitech C505 Webcam?

The Logitech C505 Webcam is intended to be a plug-and-play device, which means your operating system should identify and setup it automatically without the need for additional drivers to be manually loaded. This holds true for the majority of contemporary operating systems, such as different Linux distributions, Windows, and macOS.

The general procedures to configure the Logitech C505 Webcam are as follows:

Connect the Webcam: Insert the Logitech C505 Webcam into a USB port on your PC that is available.

Await Automatic Installation: Most of the time, your operating system will identify the webcam and install the required drivers on its own. Usually, this process proceeds swiftly.

Check for Updates (if Needed): You may use the device manager on Windows or the system settings on macOS to check for updates if you run into any problems or want to be sure you have the most recent drivers.

Testing: You can make sure the webcam is functioning properly by launching your preferred video conferencing or camera application after it has been connected.

Does the Logitech C505 Webcam have zoom?

Generally speaking, the Logitech C505 Webcam lacks an optical zoom function. Generally speaking, it offers a fixed field of view, which prevents the camera lens from physically zooming in or out. Digital zoom is a function that some webcams, like the Logitech C505 Webcam, may include.

A digital zoom works by cutting and magnifying an image by enlarging a section of it using software. It’s vital to remember that digital zoom merely enlarges the existing pixels; it doesn’t capture new detail, which can lead to a loss of image quality.

You may need to look at more sophisticated or professional-grade cameras if you’re specifically seeking for a webcam with optical zoom—where the lens physically moves to alter the magnification. Compared to consumer webcams, high-end digital cameras are more likely to include these characteristics.

To verify the zoom capabilities of a particular model you are considering, always consult the product specs or documentation supplied by Logitech for that model.

When was Logitech C505 Webcam released?

In 2020, the Logitech C505 Webcam was made available. For the most recent information on product releases and specifications, I advise visiting Logitech’s official website or getting in touch with their customer service. Regional variations may exist in the dates and availability of product releases, and since my previous update, additional information might have come to light.

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