ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply Review

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When constructing a gaming PC, the power supply unit (PSU) is sometimes disregarded, yet it is essential to maintaining system performance and stability. Known for its gaming hardware, ASUS has made a foray into the power supply industry with its ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply, which has an exclusive 16-pin cable design. We’ll delve deeply into this power supply’s design, features, performance, and overall worth in this study.

ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply Design & Quality

The eye-catching look of the ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply is what immediately draws attention to it. The PSU has an attractive and sturdy all-black shell that is branded with ASUS’ ROG STRIX logo. Superior materials that aid in heat dissipation and durability are used in the construction of the casing. The PSU’s dimensions, which are typical for a 1000W power supply, are 180 x 150 x 86 mm. It ought to slide inside most ATX cases with ease.

The 16-pin cable design of this PSU is one of its distinctive features. It uses a single 16-pin cable to power the motherboard and GPU ports rather as the conventional separate ones. By reducing the amount of cables within your PC case, this creative design enhances ventilation and appearance. High-grade, braided wires from ASUS are manageable and long-lasting.

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With 1000 watts of power, the ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply is a high-capacity power supply. Even the most demanding gaming setups, including multi-GPU configurations, can easily handle this wattage. It offers steady power to guarantee that your components function at their best.

Its 80 PLUS Gold accreditation indicates that it is extremely efficient, and the “Gold” in its name alludes to that fact. At 50% load, it has an efficiency rating of over 90%, which is a solid indication of reduced heat generation and energy savings. This keeps your PC cooler during intense gaming sessions and also lowers your electricity costs.

ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply Connectivity & Cable Management

This PSU’s 16-pin cable design is one of its best characteristics. It greatly reduces the amount of cable clutter inside your PC case by combining the power connectors for the motherboard and GPU into one cable. This enhances general airflow and greatly simplifies cable management.

A variety of connectors are included in the PSU to support different parts of your gaming setup. It has six 8-pin PCIe connectors for GPUs, two 8-pin EPS connectors for CPU power, and a 24-pin ATX connector. You also get various Molex and SATA connectors for accessories and SSDs.

The cable is of high quality. The cables are braided, which not only increases durability but also improves the appearance of your PC build. The cable length is sufficient for most mid-tower and full-tower cases, and the connectors are strong and secure.

ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply Performance

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Power supply units require efficient cooling, especially when driving high-end gaming systems. A 135mm Axial-tech fan with twin ball bearings is included with the ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply. This fan design has been designed for lower noise and better cooling performance. It runs quietly at low loads and only ramps up as needed, resulting in a tranquil gaming experience.

The PSU also contains ASUS’ 0dB Technology, which means that when the system is under light stress, the fan turns off. This not only contributes to quiet operation but also increases the lifespan of the fan.

The performance and stability of a power supply unit are critical. In this aspect, the ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply does not disappoint. It delivers constant and clean power to your components, ensuring that your system functions smoothly even when under intense demand.

The power supply has a full-bridge LLC resonant converter design, which improves efficiency and reduces switching loss. This design choice, together with the 80 PLUS Gold accreditation, ensures you can rely on this power supply.

With numerous 8-pin PCIe connectors, this PSU provides enough support for gamers running high-end GPUs. It can easily handle multi-GPU systems, making it suited for both hobbyists and professional gamers.

ASUS has outfitted the ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply with a variety of safety features to safeguard your components. Overcurrent protection (OCP), overvoltage protection (OVP), and short-circuit protection (SCP) are all included. These precautions ensure that if an electrical problem occurs, your power supply will shut down, preventing any damage to your hardware.

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In addition, the power supply meets industry standards and certifications such as CE, CB, TUV, and FCC, confirming its dependability and safety.

ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply Specifications

ModelASUS ROG STRIX 1000W Gold
Wattage1000 Watts
Efficiency80 PLUS Gold Certified
Dimensions (LxWxH)180mm x 150mm x 86mm
Fan Size135mm Axial-tech fan with dual ball bearings
0dB TechnologyYes (Fan remains off at light loads)
Cable Design16-pin cable design for motherboard and GPU power
ModularityFully modular
ATX Connector24-pin
EPS Connectors2 x 8-pin
PCIe Connectors6 x 8-pin
SATA ConnectorsMultiple SATA connectors
Molex ConnectorsMultiple Molex connectors
Overcurrent Protection (OCP)Yes
Overvoltage Protection (OVP)Yes
Short-Circuit Protection (SCP)Yes
CertificationsCE, CB, TUV, FCC
WarrantyLimited 10-year warranty

ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply Conclusion

Finally, the ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply is an excellent addition to the PSU market. Its unique 16-pin cable design distinguishes it by decreasing cable clutter, boosting airflow, and improving cable management. It can power high-end gaming systems with a 1000W capacity, and its 80 PLUS Gold certification ensures efficient and reliable operation. The addition of safety features such as overcurrent protection and a quiet, efficient cooling system enhances its appeal.

ROG STRIX 1000W Gold 16 pin cable Power Supply 5

While it may be overkill for some people with mid-level gaming setups, it’s an excellent choice for enthusiasts and professional gamers who require a dependable and high-performance power supply. The ROG STRIX 1000W Gold (16-pin cable) Power Supply delivers on its promises and is a great investment for a powerful gaming system, thanks to ASUS’ reputation for high-quality gear.

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