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A new computer gaming monitor is currently a great purchase. There are many titles to choose from, many of which have incredible visuals, and Sceptre deals are frequently offered. High-quality images are necessary for gameplay, but the displays that are typically included with laptops are not up to the task.

The display size, also known as the visible image size (VIS), pertains to the real measurement of the region where movies are watched and is separate from the monitor casing. The height of a display is determined by the diagonal of the screen, which is the distance between its opposing corners and is frequently expressed in inches. The screen dimension of this superior display is 29 inches.

In this piece, the Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor will be carefully investigated, along with its suitability for gameplay. We’ll also give you sound guidance on what factors are most crucial to consider when picking a gaming display. 

The Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor, model number Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor, may allow you to appreciate viewing movies and playing games at a higher level. The 29-inch screen’s 2560 x 1080 Wide Full HD quality lets you see every detail. All of the information on the screen appears flawless thanks to the fast 1ms (MPRT) response time. Additionally, it features AMD FreeSync Premium, which enables smooth gameplay without screen blurring.

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Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor Display Information

Active Screen Size29″ Diagonal Viewable
Panel TypeIPS-ADS (In-Plane Switching)
Native Resolution2560 x 1080 Wide Full HD
Refresh RateUp to 75Hz Refresh Rate
Aspect Ratio21:9 Ultrawide
Response Time7ms (GTG) with OD
Pixel Pitch0.2331(H) x 0.2331(V)mm
Color Gamut119% sRGB
Dynamic Contrast Ratio1,000,000:1
Color Depth16.7M
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Brightness (Typ.)300 cd/m²
Viewing AngleVertical:178° / Horizontal:178°
Backlight TypeEdge-Lit
Backlight Life30,000+ Hours
Surface TreatmentHaze 25%,3H

Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor Features

Color TemperatureWarm, Normal (Default), Cool, User
On Screen Display Control (OSD)Quick Start, Picture, Color, System
Picture PresetsStandard, Movie, ECO, User
Game PresetsFPS and RTS
OSD Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Chinese, French
Backcover LED LightsNo
Type of SyncAdaptive Sync
Blue Light ShiftAvailable
Auto Dynamic Contrast ModeAvailable
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Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor Inputs & Outputs

HDMI (# of Ports & Version)2 x HDMI 1.4
Supported HDMI SignalsUp to 2560 x 1080 @ 75Hz
DP (# of Ports & Version)1 x DisplayPort 1.2
Supported DP SignalsUp to 2560 x 1080 @ 75Hz
3.5mm Headphone Jack (Output)Yes

Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor Mechanical Features

Chassis ColorsBlack
Tilt AnglesForward: 5° Backward: 15°
Bezel Width1.0 mm
Neck Stand Swivel AngleNo
Neck Height AdjustableNo
Neck / Stand DetachableYes
VESA Mount Pattern (mm)75 x 75mm
VESA Mount Screw Size (mm)M4 x 12mm (4Pcs.)
Neck Screw Size & Quantity (mm)N/A
Stand Screw Size & Quantity (mm)M6 x 8mm (1 pcs.)
Monitor Neck Height (inches)4.53 in.
With Stand (inches, W x H x D)27.02′ x 16.76″ x 6.70″
Without Stand (Inches, W x H x D)27.02′ x 12.24″ x 1.4″
Carton Box Dimension (inches, W x H x D)31.50″ x 17.0″ x 4.49″
Stand Separation Dimension W x D (inches)N/A
Net Weight with Stand (lbs)8.16 lbs.
Net Weight without Stand (lbs)7.5 lbs.
Gross Weight (lbs)11.68 lbs.

Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor Power & Regulations

TypeAdapter 12V, 4A
Power Range (V, A, Hz)100-240AC 1.1A 50/60Hz
Power Consumption (Typical)35W
RegulationsFCC,UL,CA65, CEC
CertificationsHDMI, ISTA6A

Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor Specifications

The Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor is suitable for gameplay with a frame rate of 75 Hz.

The refresh rate of a monitor has a significant impact on its overall efficiency, which also has an impact on your experience. Refresh rate is the frequency at which the monitor updates the picture that is being displayed. Because the screen is updated more frequently with a higher refresh rate, there is less motion blur and there are better, more fluid motions.

Video games or movies with fast-paced action sequences may have jerky and stuttering animation due to a low refresh rate. The monitor’s failure to keep up with how quickly the picture changes is the cause of this subpar performance. You can increase the experience’s immersion and dynamic nature while lessening the impact by speeding up updates.

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Today’s game displays commonly have refresh speeds between 75 Hz and 360 Hz. The industry standard for monitor refresh rates used to be 60 Hz, but many users now choose greater refresh rates for a more fast and fluid experience, especially when gaming. However, some people might not be able to tell the difference between frame rates higher than 60 Hz. Reaction time, input delay, and screen resolution are additional factors that also have an impact on a monitor’s effectiveness.

With a 7 ms response time, the Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor is ideal for gameplay.

Response speed is yet another important consideration when choosing a monitor, especially for fast-paced activities like gaming, athletics, and action movies. The blurring or following of moving items on the screen, known as ghosting, can be irksome and ruin the viewing experience.

A shorter response time results in a smoother picture with more accurate color reproduction because the screen’s pixels can change color more quickly and precisely. 

The Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor 2560 x 1080 Wide Full HD size makes it ideal for gameplay.

The resolution is the number of pixels visible on the screen. Sharper pictures are produced as the resolution is increased because more pixels are visible. A picture becomes crisper and more detailed as there are more pixels present.

A better resolution can enhance your overall experience by improving the text clarity, texture quality, aliasing (jagged borders), and HUD elements.

Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor Conclusion

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The Sceptre 29-inch E300W-FUS Monitor is a fantastic gaming monitor with many cutting-edge features that could enhance your total gaming experience. The bezel-less design of the display is especially impressive due to the intense gaming experience it offers and the ability to fully appreciate the action and settings that the monitor’s 1080P resolution and 75Hz frame rate have to offer. As a result, the display’s edgeless design becomes one of its most distinctive features. Installation of the monitor is also quite fundamental and easy, which facilitates setup.

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