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This looks like some sci-fi violent adventure doesn’t. This is actually a Smackdown between two cordless vacuums. You know we do technology reviews and we do rub robotic vacuum reviews but we really haven’t done the cordless or stick vacuums.

But thanks to Dyson and their V series like the v8 currently in v10 they’ve become so cool that even tech channels rooms so why not. But the thing is with Dyson’s they’re pretty darn expensive. And this is the Dyson v8. Well this one here is the timecode a10 hero.

And that’s made by echo vac. So there this is a sub brand of echo vex. They’re the ones who make the D BOTS robotic vacuum cleaners that we have reviewed. What’s cool about this one is on Amazon it’s like $1.99 whereas typically your Dyson v8 is more like 399.

Union Black Friday you might find this one for a bit less. This will probably go on sale too. So that’s considerably less money. And let’s face it we all clean house. Let’s clean now. So we’ve seen Dyson clones before for the the v6 family. And obviously this is one.

It looks a whole lot like it in terms of design. No surprises there. This was actually just a little bit lighter it’s 2.6 eight pounds which is 1.3 kilograms. They’re not super far apart in weight. Though both of these are pretty light and very maneuverable. For those who are looking for something light enough that you could go and clean the drapes with and all that sort of thing they both fit in that category.

So it’s different and the same about the Dyson let’s cover that right now. Obviously you’ve got snap-on tools that connect on the front. You know compared to Hoover and shark and some of those that are either heavier or using the attachments is kind of not so easy. This is just every bit as easy. You’ve got a little snap it on you clip it off like that easy peasy kind of design going on there.

Obviously you have the clear bin right here. Looks a little bit smaller in capacity. Not that either of these holds a whole lot. I mean this is for you clean a couple of rooms you empty it out kind of design. The bin release is a little bit different emptying and we’ll show you that in a minute.

So one thing that I really like about this if you’ve owned a Dyson v8 or v6 or you you know what I mean. When you press the trigger right on the Dyson because they’re trying to make sure you don’t use power to by just leaving it on it turns on but it doesn’t stay on. So your finger can get a little bit tired even though it’s a soft touch trigger. So this one actually has a little trigger lock.

So it’s a simple thing. And I think we’re all smart enough to know that we shouldn’t just leave the vacuum cleaner running we’re not using because it is battery powered and power isn’t an infinite thing. So thank you very much for giving that to us. Also the battery on this is actually removable.

So if you get the a 10 master instead of the hero model then the same vacuum is what you get is a second battery in the box and you also get another floor attachment that I’ll talk about. Something with this guy if the battery eventually they’re both lithium-ion but the battery on this one gets old and tired.

It’s not really an easy thing to deal with because it’s not a removable battery. So with this one you could have two batteries swap them in and out to extend your cleaning times. Which you might need. Because the cordless vacuums are not the super longest running things they’re not for cleaning your mcmansion so much as cleaning a room or two in your mcmansion or your small apartment or whatever.

So Dyson’s claims 40 minutes of runtime seven minutes of it’s running on max mode. This one is 27 minutes of regular runtime or seven minutes of max cleaning time. So it is shorter keep that in mind. So how about emptying the bin. Dyson with the v8 has gotten pretty clever about that but this is also well done.

So we just have a little push button right here boom the dirt falls out. And it really does fall out. And if you want to clean that center piece it actually unscrews it locks in place you just unscrew it you take it out. The only thing that I have noticed is that hair will wrap around this.

It’s not a big deal you can pull it off you do have to touch it to do it but hair does wrap around it. But that is pretty darn easy to clean and you know these parts are washable too which is nice. So at the Dyson v8 I’m actually standing up because this takes a little bit more effort here. They have a design when you pull it up like this all the way drops the dirt out pretty much just the same as before and then this barrel over here is exposed.

So if you need to you can wipe it off. I’ll tell you the truth I have never once had to wipe this off though. So it’s not much of a problem but that’s their way of making this part accessible to clean. You do that and you do that to put it back together again and it flings a little bit of dust everywhere when you do that LS.

When you want to charge it you plug it directly in barrel connector into the side of the vacuum cleaner. It does not charge via this included tool caddy. This is just a caddy. So what you can do is you just stick this in here like that so it’s for storing it. This is not hanging on the wall and like a Dyson.

So if you’re really fond of hanging on the wall it doesn’t do that. Attachment selection is well pretty much the same as Dyson. So we have this is kind of like your you know vacuum your curtains are vacuum your upholstery kind of brush. The usual crevice tool they all snap on and off just as easily as the one I showed you.

And we have the power to brush which is pretty much this version of the Dyson one right here. And so this they work pretty similarly honestly. In terms of design they both have the moveable shades so you can stay closed on things. They both snap on.

Dyson of course is all about making it really easy to clean so they always have this kind of quick-release thing here so you can pull this out and clean it if you want. We don’t have that here but you know scissors work. Pulling it with your fingers.

You got to give somewhere right if it’s going to cost you about half as much money. Now in terms of the power generated even though these motors are rated very closely in standard mode the Dyson seems more powerful. I don’t know if it’s actually the motor is generating more power of the cyclonic design is more effective.

And you can hear the difference in tone when you’re using them and you can see how fast the brushes are spinning and how effective they are. In max mode they are pretty much the same. It’s identical. Here comes the noisy part we’re gonna do a little sound test so you can hear what they they sound like.

The tanco is quieter it also like I said in standard mode seems to have less suction. So that kind of follows doesn’t it. So here we are in standard mode first with the tanco. And now with the Dyson. And now max mode for both of these. Tank Oh I’ll stall your cat and now with the Dyson. That will suck up your cat.

Oh wait there’s more right sounds like an infomercial. So here is the clone of the the stick portion and the floor tool that that you would get with something like a Dyson v8. This is aluminum they call this space blue in case you were wondering. It’s cute kind of reminds me of a friendly cartoon robot.

Anyway we’ve got the little wheelie thing here we have the swiveling thing and we’ll show you some vacuuming the floor action. This is every bit as maneuverable as the Dyson which is pretty much an accomplishment because they are famous for making very maneuverable products.

So right here yes you can also disconnect it over here if you happen to suck up a sock and need to retrieve it. This head obviously looks a little bit different. Than the best part of this my favorite part is right here these are five little white leds. And you would think okay big deal.

I’ll tell you what these have just changed my world and embarrassed the heck out of me. We have your average mid brown wooden floors right and I thought my house was pretty darn clean gee I mean I have Robo vac site review vacuum as well.

Once I saw with these five little leds which are just the right height I saw all sorts of dust and cat heron oh my god it was I started using this thing right away. I know this sounds like an infomercial it’s not. But these I I was actually considering getting a little LED flashlight and duct taping it to the floor to let my Dyson because yeah.

So with this guy here otherwise this is the standard tool that’s included. It has a spinning very soft brush. They build this as kind of more of your carpet tool but also you can do any surface. This works fine on wood floors and a tile and it is very soft.

And it has the effect of basically when it’s spinning of dusting your floor and picking up the dust. So I like that pretty well. There is another attachment that they sell it comes with the a-10 master standard but not with the hero. And that one’s specifically for wood floors.

I guess if you’re picking up your debris it doesn’t spin around and you know. A little bit start like the fluffy attachment on the dice. And I 79 bucks so I would say don’t buy that separately just get the 810 master if you want that and you get the second battery.

But this one really it does the job just fine. In terms of how aggressive this is with carpeting now. All of these cordless stick vacuum is except for the even more expensive Dyson v10 that has even more power are not like the super best things for carpeting.

They’re fine for your quick clean ups but if you want to do a deep cleaning a bigger vacuum that plugs into the wall is still my first choice. And this one is not quite as aggressive at beating pile as Dyson’s is. But it’s still it’s pretty darn good and like for your everyday quick cleanups which is what I think most people get this for or for low pile area rugs it’s fine.

If you use this on max mode with very thin and light area carpets it will pull your carpet up. So don’t use it on max mode. For a significantly lower price competitor it’s also good to see that it has a removable HEPA filter right in the butt. Pretty much where the Dyson has wood.

Also the air floor design is pretty good with the v8 it blows out the side so does with this one but somehow it manages to blow and still blow in my face. This one the airflow is a little bit better. It’s not quite so out and back at you. So that’s the timecode 8n hero.

And again if you want the one that comes with a couple of extra things there’s the a10 master. Well it really does give the Dyson a run for its money. And given the fact that it’s just about half of the price you know I would get one of these.

TINECO A10 Hero Parts in the
TINECO A10 Hero Parts in the Box
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DYSON V8 Parts Box Content
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