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The epidemic is still present in 2021. This means that unless things improve, we will continue to work from home. For maximum efficiency at work, you need a dependable, quick WiFi connection. That leads us to the brand-new TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming, a powerful AX5400 wireless router.

A WiFi 6 router with good performance is the Archer AX73. With dual-band configuration, it can handle WiFi connectivity speeds up to 5400Mbps overall. In fact, the router supported the 160Mhz mode, which means that if you have a WiFi adapter that supports the 160Mhz mode, the 5Ghz WiFi network can become extremely fast.

Check out the TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming if you need a higher-performance router because you have a fast internet plan or moved into a medium or large-sized home. It has a pretty wide range and is a superb router for plans up to 800 Mbps.

Even if the AX73 has flaws, there are a lot of things about it that are exciting. This device has the potential to be among the greatest routers available right now because it is loaded with features and performance. But does it actually live up to that promise?

TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming Packaging

TP LINK Archer AX73 Router 2

A neat and reliable cardboard box in which the TP-LINK  Archer AX73 Router Gaming was packaged arrived. It has a lot going on on the outside to provide you enough information about the router.

In the center of the front is a picture of the Archer AX73. The upper-left corner of the box bears the name and emblem of TP-Link. A sign showing that the item supports Wi-Fi 6 is placed next to the company name and emblem.

The Archer AX73 was kept in a different box that was covered in plastic when we looked inside. All of its power supply and antennae were individually wrapped in plastic.

A partition kept everything in its place and organized. Therefore, there is no need for you to be concerned about these colliding when moving.

Inside the box are more elements in addition to the router and power supply. These consist of a CAT5E Ethernet LAN cable, a user guide, and other documents.

In our TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming review, let’s now concentrate on the router’s appearance and features.

TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming Specifications & Features

TP LINK Archer AX73 Router 3

Six non-removable adjustable antennae are used in the Archer AX73’s black shell, which also has a textured top. It may be hung on a wall or placed on a level desktop surface and measures 1.9 by 5.8 by 10.7 inches (HWD). Seven LED indications for power, both radio bands, Internet, Ethernet, and USB connectivity, as well as WPS activity, are located on the router’s front edge.

There are controls for turning on and off Wi-Fi and the front LEDs on the back, along with four Gigabit LAN ports, a Gigabit WAN port, and a power jack. Additionally, a WPS button, a reset button, and a power button are present. On the router’s right side, there is a USB 3.0 port. This model lacks multi-gig connectivity and link aggregation, in contrast to the TP-Link AX50.

A 1.5GHz tri-core processor powers the AX73, a dual-band AX5400 router. On the 2.4GHz band, it can reach maximum data speeds of up to 574Mbps, and on the 5GHz band, up to 4,804Mbps. It supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) features such MU-MIMO simultaneous data streaming, 160MHz channel bandwidth, OFDMA transmissions, direct-to-client beamforming, WPA3 encryption, Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS), and band steering.

The TP-Link Tether mobile app for iOS and Android devices and a web console can both be used to control the AX73. NAT Forwarding, IPv6, and DHCP server settings are among the more complex settings available in the online console as opposed to the app. To utilize TP-optional Link’s HomeShield subscription service, which is a collection of parental-control, device prioritization, and network-security functions, you’ll need the mobile app, which is more user-friendly.

TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming General Information

StandardsWi-Fi 6IEEE 802.11ax/ac/n/a 5 GHzIEEE 802.11ax/n/b/g 2.4 GHz
WiFi SpeedsAX54005 GHz: 4804 Mbps (802.11ax, HE160)2.4 GHz: 574 Mbps (802.11ax)
WiFi Range3 Bedroom Houses6× Fixed High-Performance AntennasMultiple antennas form a signal-boosting array to cover more directions and large areas
BeamformingConcentrates wireless signal strength towards clients to expand WiFi range
High-Power FEMImproves transmission power to strengthen signal coverage
4T4RMultiple streams in the same band strengthen the fault tolerance in transmission
WiFi CapacityHighDual-BandAllocate devices to different bands for optimal performance
4×4 MU-MIMOSimultaneously communicates with multiple MU-MIMO clients
OFDMASimultaneously communicates with multiple Wi-Fi 6 clients
Airtime FairnessImproves network efficiency by limiting excessive occupation
DFSAccess an extra band to reduce congestion
6 StreamsConnect your devices to more bandwidth
Working ModesRouter ModeAccess Point Mode

TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming Hardware

Processor1.5 GHz Triple-Core CPU
Ethernet Ports1× Gigabit WAN Port4× Gigabit LAN Ports
Static Link Aggregation (LAG) available with 2× LAN ports
USB Support1× USB 3.0 Port
Supported Partition Formats:NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, FAT32
Supported Functions:Apple Time MachineFTP ServerMedia ServerSamba Server
ButtonsWi-Fi On/Off ButtonPower On/Off ButtonLED On/Off ButtonWPS ButtonReset Button
Power12 V ⎓ 2.5 A

TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming Performance

TP LINK Archer AX73 Router 4

In my tests, the TP-Link Archer AX73 performed admirably overall.

However, keep in mind that when operating in the 160MHz channel, its 5GHz band’s performance varied considerably. When I adjusted this setting to Auto or 80MHz, it became more steady.

Surprisingly, the router performed as well in both situations (80MHz or 160MHz.) That was most likely caused by the router’s lack of a Multi-Gig LAN port, as its Gigabit port’s maximum speed in my tests.

I didn’t expect to be blown away given the hardware specifications of the Archer AX73, yet the router performed admirably. Nearly 900Mbps were recorded by my 22 Wi-Fi 6 client at a close distance of 10 feet (3m). It now averaged nearly 800Mbps at a distance of 40 feet (12 meters).

TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming Conclusion

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Even when compared to some other routers that cost twice as much, TP-LINK Archer AX73 Router Gaming gives pretty decent performance. The WiFi speed on the 5Ghz channel with 160Mhz is extremely fast, and there is excellent 5Ghz WiFi coverage. It is a great good product from TP-Link because it has a quick 1.5GHz Triple-Core CPU.

With a powerful parental control function that leads its class, TP-Link software is also smarter than before. With the new HomeSuite security suite, TP-Link is dedicated to giving smart homes and IoT devices additional security. Additionally, WPA3 security is out of the box supported. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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