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In this article, I give you my Asus ROG G703GX (2019) review with specs included.

This is exactly why I go to the gym. This is a desktop replacement gaming laptop of the new Nvidia r-tx 2080 card inside. This is the soos Rho G 703 GX. You’re probably if you follow these things not a stranger to the G 703 line. We’ve seen the g s– 703 GI previously.

So this one basically is the refresh with the RT x 2080 card for your ray tracing your DL SS and performance improvements. Look at it now. But first before we discuss the models some things will be a constant here. Obviously the chassis itself.

The 144 Hertz IPS g-sync 17.3 inch display. It is kind of a shame they don’t have a 1440p option at least a 2k or even a 4k option because this machine is powerful enough to actually drive games that resolution. Fortunately is plenty of display outputs so you can do that with an external monitor if you want.

You’ll get an RT X 2080 NVIDIA geforce card inside. And beyond that there are three configurations good better and best hour expensive way expensive and is very very expensive. And you can see the specs for each of those on screen. So if that four thousand dollar Cory 9 option isn’t enough for you and you want even more RAM for example or even bigger ssds or you want to have a hard drive in there for big fast cheap storage or any of the other configurations.

I instead of buying it from a retail store like Best Buy you can buy it from one of the online gaming laptop resellers. Cuck supplied our review loaner. In fact they can upgrade the RAM change the SSD configuration for you put a hard drive in all that sort of stuff that you want. Other goodies include pretty good software control panel application actually those suits provides it lets you do easy overclocking if you’re not into going to buy o some change your clock multipliers.

You can also overclock the GPU using that. You have Thunderbolt 3 onboard. You have a perky RGB backlit keyboard and it’s nice to. Microsoft precision trackpad as well. So I get a big desktop replacement gaming laptop and stead of just getting a desktop or getting a thin unlike.

Well you can’t put a desktop in any room you want very easily. You can’t take it with you on occasion if you need to do that so obvious point number one versus the desktop. Compared to a pin in light we expect to have not only room for more expansion in terms of those drives the RAM slots all that sort of thing but also better cooling. So you can push it harder and get better performance.

Which is largely the case with this gaming laptop. Now one thing they did change with the motherboard compared to the previous generation is they have a whole lot of heat pipes. And we’ll take a look at the internals later. But they actually had the three dedicated heat pipes for the CPU now and now they only have two dedicated. It’s got some shared ones them.

Obviously, they’re worried more about the r-tx cooling versus the CPU and that probably shouldn’t have been the case because the CPU still does get toasty. But the surface temperatures on a desktop replacement laptop like this are not generally ever hot.

In part because we have plastic on the bottom plastic doesn’t get that hot and lots of room so you’re not touching anywhere close to the CPU and the GPU and this. But the thermals are pretty well-managed. Just like MSI does with Titan pro we have two very large fans and they exhaust both out the side and out the rear. So you got max or maximum errant removal.

The bottom doesn’t have as many events as MSI does with the Titan pro. I mean I got the whole entire bottom of an MSI Titan Pro is vents. Not so much with this. But there’s still enough room for air intake on it. In terms of performance with gaming which is what you care about performance is excellent on this. And unless you go to a desktop CPU in a laptop which is kind of hard to come by iliyan where’s area 51 Emma’s going to offer that origin pc always offers that.

You can usually find a cleveo chassis that has a desktop processor inside. Apart from those this is as fast as it’s going to get. And indeed the frame rates in games is excellent on this and particularly if you do set up with that dual channel ram for sometimes up to 20 frames per second increase in games. The benchmarks on this are also excellent.

So how about the cooling on it. Well like I said the issue here is I would have liked to see more dedicated heat pipes for that CPU. While the surface temperatures will never get burning hot like I said. Most of the time you could put it on your lap because if your legs would fall asleep because it’s so heavy so big.

Most of the time surface temperatures are fine on this. But while our GPU temperatures are just fine at 75 centigrade or so typically which is chill. Typical of nvidia cards. The the cpu particularly if we’re playing in that default plugged in turbo mode in the asou games control panel there the cpu will hit near thermal maximum which is a little bit surprising.

But intel’s coffee like six core cpus have been hot customers and not that easy to cool. I would recommend maybe reap acing it if you really care about those core temperatures and you’d like to see them even lower. I bet it would make a good difference. In terms of noise. If again if you go with that default turbo sitting when you have both of your power supplies plugged in yeah we’ll talk about that and then -. Um it’s pretty loud you know.

Even just having a sitting on the desk every time you launch your program those fans are gonna ramp up. If a Windows Update runs the fans are going to ramp up. Its not as quiet as I would have expected. Now I would just say take that control panel and set it back down to the balanced mode because you’re still getting a whole lot of performance there with less of that noise.

These are loud fans that move a lot of air and they sound like that. You know the little desk fan that you put on your desk on a hot day it sounds like that amount of air is moving. Which is good for a laptop but it’s pretty loud. If you’re gaming and you’re using a triple-a title that really is pretty demanding sing battlefield 5 or a far cry 5 and you probably might even consider wearing headphones.

This is too bad because to me one of the joys of a desktop replacement is usually it’s not quite so loud so you might not need the headphones but welcome to the world of very high performance pcs these days. There’s a spy on this is quite pleasant. It’s nice it’s an IPS display so very good viewing angles good response times.

It’s 144 quartz which is a good thing because you can really push some high frame rates with this. You’re playing something like apex legends you’ll have no problem maxing it out at times 144 hordes on the highest possible settings. This is g-sync all the time. So that means I mean jeez think I worry about less with these fast displays these days but you won’t see any visual tearing all of that sort of thing.

Again full HD is your only option it’s matte non touch like most gaming laptops. I would love to see a higher resolution display. I’m just going to keep saying that because maybe they’re watching and listening and maybe they will do that in the future. It probably has more to do with how many fast refresh displays are available on the 17 sighs more than anything else.

I bet they would have liked to have given you a 2k display option. The keyboard on this very nice. Good tactile feel right up there with MSI steel series. It feels crisp when you push down the keys but not too stiff. This is not a mechanical keyboard or anything like that which given the price I almost wouldn’t be surprised if they had done that.

But it is per key RGB backlighting so you can make your own little personal light show and set up just however you like which is nice. I will said that this is not unchanged from the previous generation but I do like this soft touch keyboard deck which actually surprisingly doesn’t show fingerprints all that much.

And I like to dedicated a row up here for quick access to the volume turning off your microphone ever important when you’re playing online games with other folks right. Quick access to aura your RGB keyboard lighting settings the settings Center right over here for control panels. Your game recording right here if you want to do screen recording using Windows. It’s all nice stuff to have.

The trackpad is good. It’s a Microsoft precision trackpad. One thing I do like about the trackpad is it has dedicated buttons. I still always prefer those and they’re pretty soft touch buttons. They might be a little too soft for some folks. It’s funny MSI still goes kind of too stiff escucho isn’t really soft maybe somewhere in between would be ideal but I’ll take the softer approach myself. Say hello to my little friends.

This comes with your laptops up to 280 watt chargers. You could just use one if you’re doing productivity work or surfing the web or something of that but you’re gonna need both these if you want maximum performance when gaming or if you’re buying this to do 3d development work or lots of 4k video editing you’re gonna need the full power of this. So 560 watts of combined power.

Clearly your your carbon footprint it’s really not much improved over a desktop is it. But hey that’s. That the good news is about battery life though usually desktop replacements well you know nobody intends that they’re gonna be used away from a power outlet that much. And this one is a 96 watt hour battery. They have increased the battery capacity.

So that’s pretty huge for a laptop. And it’s pretty well isolated by the way from the heat generating components inside. So that’s good and probably won’t expand voltage get overheated. Just because laptop might run warm internally. So that that battery means that well we don’t have Nvidia Optimus switchable graphics here. So we’re always running on dedicated graphics.

But stuff this thing can actually go four or five hours of light use. I’m talking again ms-office streaming some videos surfing the web that sort of thing. Then you’re gonna start throwing Adobe Premiere and there are far cry or not that you’re gonna play far cry unplug that much but you get the idea. The battery life would still be shorter but for your average gaming desktop replacement laptop that’s pretty impressive.

To open up the easy access door which gives you access to the ssds to the RAM slots and their hard drive there’s just one screw. You pry up this little rubber thing right here unscrew it as soon as has been doing that for a while and then you pry off this cover. Which will be a slightly traumatic thing.

I used a flat blade screwdriver to help get it up because it’s in there pretty tenaciously. But this is a very durable piece of plastic. So yes it’s okay if you ain’t got it. You ain’t got it and this is what you see. So when you’re unscrewing all the screws these two back here and go all the way through to the top hinge cover on this side.

So this piece over here is going to come off and you’ll see that later because this snaps into the rear section of the chassis which this is part of the base right here. This is not the Capri part but the rest of it. Okay so now we have our easy upgrade door removed popped off.

So here’s two of the four RAM slots right here if you want to bring this one up to dual channel by the way. Put one Ram stick in the lower slot to match what’s in the not easily accessible section the motherboard. Here’s our m2 boot SSD. I have already unscrewed it yes it goes right in there. You’ll find out why I unscrew it in a minute.

That’s your hard drive bay four one two and a half inch hard drive and here’s this place for two more m2 SSD. So you can actually do raid with this and they do sell some high-end configurations that have up to three ssds inside. So I am unscrewing this because to take off the complete bottom chassis. Say you want to get to this to repay stit or that sort of thing.

You have to actually unscrew the SSD because this goes through the casing this this under tray area is well part of this cover. Unscrew this. Even if there’s no drive in there because these screws go through. Unscrew your m dot 2 additional bay area here. Again even if you don’t have any ssds in here. And by the way here’s some nice thermal sticky stuff so keeps those jobs cool if you do happen to put some in later.

So then you unscrew all the screws there. Pretty much mostly visible including the ones down in these deep holes. So for something like this a screwdriver like this actually won’t work because it gets too fat. You’re gonna have to need use a Phillips head screwdriver that’s thin shaft like that for these screws right here. Most of them are the same size they’re fairly large screws most of them are actually marked.

But some around this area here two of them are a little bit smaller. Alright once you’ve unscrewed all of those screws it’s not that hard to get it off. The two clips are not that tenacious when we take it off we work it around the bottom. It does wrap around the rear fan area seen right over here and so that’s where you gonna be prying from.

And also you’re gonna have to take off the top cover of the hinge area too because it snaps into that back section of the cover. So if we flip this over for a moment I’ll show you what I mean. Here’s the top section notice I have removed the cover over here that goes over the hinge assembly area. Here it is. Then Alienware does something actually kind of similar like that so it snaps back on don’t worry.

Okay back inside here is our battery which is astoundingly large-capacity given the fact that it’s a relatively small well physical battery. So it’s 96 watt hour as well nice. So here’s two of our drivers are exposed are down firing woofers right here. Here’s those two RAM slots more visible now since we took off that access door. And right here you’ve got two large fans which is good and they’re exhausting out the sides and out the rear which is pretty common for desktop replacement style laptops.

And here’s our CPU and GPU heat sinks covering extra stuff here. Our vrms this is good to see. Now they did change their design a little bit and this could possibly explain why the CPU is actually running kind of hot on this machine. So it used to be in the older design and you can see a picture this had three pipes dedicated just to the CPU. So now it doesn’t get as many dedicated just to the CPU.

We just have these tote over here. The rest are sharing heat pipes with our gpus. You get a little more cross heat pollution. Hmm there’s our Wi-Fi card right there. So you might be asking yourself why would I buy this and not so the Alienware area 51 M which is available even with a desktop CPU or the origin PC with the desktop CPU.

And those are certainly in terms of the weight and the price really good options as well. But given the fact that this one has a pretty large battery it still has the mobile core i9 inside. It is a bit more portable in terms of the fact that you can use it away from the outlet for longer. And if you think that this thing runs hot when we look at those desktop CPU models – with an RT X card inside.

So that’s the suits Republic of gamers aka rogue g7o 3gx. Certainly one of the most powerful gaming laptops on the market with a price to match. So the pluses are clearly very good performance on this. Lots of upgradable parts. You can hold up to three m2 ssds in here a hard drive for RAM slots nothing to sneeze out. Of course you ran your CPU rather than a GPU are not upgradable like most typical laptops.

The downside is despite the weight which will really give you some biceps and the size and all that sort of thing. And I was really surprised that CPU temperatures weren’t better on this. And you will hear the fans and they are large fans like I’m talking desk fan wow.

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