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A second power source with 650 W of electricity joins the lab. This time, a new line of A80 power units is being offered to customers by the Taiwanese firm Chieftec. Three power supply types with power ratings of 550, 650, and 750 W are included in the latter series; the middle model, as I’ve already said, came into our possession.

In Taiwan, Chieftec was founded in 1990. After deciding that Europe was the most lucrative region, the business established its headquarters there in 1994. In its three plants, two of which are in China and one in Taiwan, Chieftec employs around 6000 people. The fact that housings and power units are Chieftec’s primary products is no mystery to a Lithuanian with an interest in computer components. The server market is something that the business closely monitors.

Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply Packaging & Overview

A cardboard box contains the power supply. There are only broad qualities, nothing extraordinary. You could see the red “230V only” writing, which is extremely intriguing.

Chieftec CTG 650C A80 Power Supply 2

The contents of the package resemble the image seen above (in reality, everything is much neater, just I tried to recreate the picture two months ago). The module is semi-modular; the 8pin (4 + 4) to the processor and the 24pin (4 + 4) to the motherboard are not removable, but the remaining connections may be removed, which is quite practical given the price of this power supply.

A set of cables for the power supply unit: 24 pin to the motherboard, 8 (4 + 4) pin for the CPU, 2 (6 + 2) pins for the video card, 2 to 2 molex, and 3 to 3 sata. We have a typical set, generally speaking.

When assessing the efficiency of current computer power supply, the coefficient of performance (COP) at a specific load—typically means of 20%, 50%, and 100%—receives the most attention. Additionally, the criteria mentioned in standard 80PLUS should be taken into account. This refers to the maintenance of this level of performance for all global supply voltage changes, which occur and fall between 100 and 240 V.

The 80PLUS standard standards are carried out for two voltages, 115 V and 230 V, at several levels (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, etc.). In all situations, the normalized PS should have an efficiency of at least the minimum level required for each category. It’s noteworthy to note that the Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply has an officially stated efficiency of 85% or higher, but only for nets 220-240 V.

Chieftec CTG 650C A80 Power Supply 3

As the benefits of such a solution are instantly apparent, a negative is the lack of widely acknowledged 80PLUS. This is due to less strict requirements to handle a range of supply voltages. There are now nine versions in the PSU Chieftec A80 series, with wattages ranging from 350 to 750. Three of these variants, with wattages of 550, 650, and 750, include a modular construction (from the other models are distinguished by the letter C in the title).

The fan runs quietly. Everything is now on the table because I’m replacing the case, have sold the previous one, and won’t have it for a few days. Under load, nothing is audible. It’s true that a slide bearing is put in it; but, considering that the PSU is located in a somewhat dusty environment, this slide bearing may eventually cause problems. It was feasible to wear the hydrodynamic for 4k.

On the surface, everything appears normal. There is no backlight, there is an on/off button on the rear, and the cords are linked on the front.

It’s interesting to note that despite lacking an 80plus certification, this power supply has efficiency levels that are on par with an 80 Bronze certification when measured against European standards (230 V). That is, rather than the element base degrading, the absence of support for 130 V standards caused the Chieftec firm to reduce the price of this power supply unit, which is quite innovative. The ancient Zalman Z7 Neo ATX case is more than enough, despite the fact that the wires are lengthy.

A standard-sized power supply, the Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply measures 140 (P) x 150 (I) x 87 (A) mm. The case’s sleek aluminum is coated in a matte black paint that is less prone to scratches than the Nexus RX-8500 we previously evaluated.

Chieftec CTG 650C A80 Power Supply 4

On the Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply top and one of its sides are stickers containing electrical specs. The fan location is shifted somewhat to the side and not entirely in the middle. A metal grille that features the Chieftec emblem in the center protects the fan. There is a typical honeycomb-shaped grille, a 90-degree AC slot, and an on/off switch on one end.

In the other, a spot is set aside for disconnectable cables and a pair of unpluggable wires. SATA and molex cables go into the black connectors; PCI-E cables go into the red sockets. Since the PCI-E slots contain two more connections in addition to having different inscriptions and colors, it is almost impossible to mix wires in some locations.

Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply General Information

ModelA80 650W
Article no.CTG-650C
EAN code4710713239371
Weight (Net/Gross)2.15kg / 2.53kg
AC Input230V / 6A
Frequency50 Hz
+5V & +3,3V combined120W
+12V1, +12V2 combined585W
-12V0,3A / 3,6W
+5VSB2,5A / 12,5W
Maximum Power650W

Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply Conclusion

Chieftec CTG 650C A80 Power Supply 5

Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply deserves special praise for its excellent voltage management, quiet operation, and detachable cables. On the other hand, it would be reasonable to criticize the 85+ efficiency that isn’t always evident or the noticeable “spines” of pulsations in the +12 V line. If I didn’t know that this power supply costs less than 200 litas on “,” I wouldn’t think twice about doing it.

Find at least one 650 W power supply that costs less than 200 Z that will provide all of these. Because of this, even if the Chieftec product is undoubtedly imperfect, it is difficult to criticize it. The Chieftec CTG-650C A80 Power Supply, which may provide the customer with features that are not at all budget-friendly, is unquestionably the lucky one on the budget list and stands out for its incredible value.

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