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A power supply unit purchase is a sensible business decision. To avoid burning the system completely or making it too fragile, it must be treated with caution. Despite the fact that the majority of users disregard high-quality BP and opt to get something less expensive, certain users are concerned about their PC. Therefore, Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply is ideal for good budget systems.

The six new power supplies in the iARENA series stand out for their high efficiency, very competitive cost, and “state-of-the-art” PCB design and components. With full awareness of environmental regulations, CHIEFTEC provides European PC makers with a fixed @230V solution with lower procurement costs due to the bulk packaging’s resource-friendly design.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Design

Unknown to everyone, the firm will be introducing a new line of iArena power supplies in 2011. All of the gadgets are intended for the entry-level market. Models are marginally less expensive than their rivals since they are made for areas where 230V mains electricity is used.

Chieftec iARENA GPB 500S Power Supply 2

There were simultaneously eight models in this series. They received the indices “S” and “S8,” and they had a power range of 350 to 500 watts. Power supplies that functioned at an efficiency below the stated norm of 80 PLUS were given the first choice. With this certificate, the second group applied to a more pricey area. For whatever reason, the series’ gadgets also had a reduced warranty period. Now, instead of three years, it’s just twelve months, which is understandably upsetting because failures happen to everyone.

The model has a rather common look. Gray and uninteresting, Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply. He did not bother to paint the entire surface in his preferred shade of black, and he did not even add haze. But what is, that is. The materials appear to be solid, and the body itself is sturdy. The fan is slightly tilted to one side, which should be detected straight away. If the gadget has to settle down under the chassis, the lattice “grill” that rises above it is somewhat recessed into the body to fit the plane and not get in the way.

Information regarding the model is sealed on one of the ends. A simple specification is useful, particularly if you bought a model without a box and instructions. A ventilation grille on the back panel removes all the air that enters through the top cover and the fan. The power cord and power button can both be connected here. On the back of everything, there is a “bundle” of cords that contains practically all the cables you could possibly need. Although this assertion might be contested when compared to the most recent models.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Wires & Connectivity

Chieftec iARENA GPB 500S Power Supply 3

Therefore, even though Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply bundle is jam-packed with wires, it appears to be very underwhelming when compared to existing interfaces. The length to the 4 pin ATX12V PCI-E 2.0 and VGA Power Connector, as well as the ATX connectors, is therefore 38 cm. 370 millimeters up to the first SATA connector, plus 150 millimeters to the second, and the same to the third. Peripheral Connector may be accessed through 410 mm, and a further 150 mm must be added to reach the second and third.

The set of cables includes a primary power cable with 24 connectors and a 12 V, 4-pin cable. Additionally, there is a VGA 8 pin PCI-E 2.0 wire, a peripheral pair with 4 pins, three 15 spike cables for Serial ATA, and no one need a single Floppy Drive.

Already at the time, it was thought that having so many connections and cables was not the greatest solution. This is because optical disks and HDD were aggressively moving to the SATA connection at that time. Three cords would thus not be sufficient, and they all fit on one bundle.

The cables were likewise just a short distance long. This is because the power supply Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply is a low-cost model, where they tried to save as much money as they could. If the PSU is placed at the top, the cable lengths are enough for small cases with a “low” and “medium” tower.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Specifications

ModelIARENA 500W
Article no.GPB-500S
EAN code4710713233645
Weight (without/with package)1.25kg / 1.37kg
AC Input200-240V / 4.0A
Frequency47-63 Hz
+5V & +3,3V combined110W
+12V1, +12V2 combined456W
-12V0,3A / 3,6W
+5VSB2,5A / 12,5W
Maximum Power500W

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Connectors

20+4 PIN ATX1
8 PIN EPS(4+4)1
8 PIN PCIe (6+2)1

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Cable Length (mm)

20+4 PIN ATX400
8 PIN EPS(4+4)400
8 PIN PCIe (6+2)400
SATA1x 550/1501x 400/1501x 400
MOLEX/FLOPPY1x 4001x 550/150

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Features

ATX12V VersionATX 12V 2.3
Dimension (DxWxH)140 mm x 150 mm x 87 mm
PFCActive PFC (0,9)
Fan120mm silent fan
SecurityAFC (Automatic Fan speed Control)OPP (Over Power Protection)OVP (Over Voltage Protection)SCP (Short Circuit Protection)SIP (Surge & Inrush Protection)UVP (Under Voltage Protection)
Warranty24 Months

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Temps & Noise

Chieftec iARENA GPB 500S Power Supply 4

This is yet another crucial quality that shouldn’t be overlooked. As mentioned before, the gadget is cooled by a cooling fan with a diameter of 120 mm. It has a 2000 rotations per minute maximum speed. The speed is half as fast but starts to accelerate substantially when the minimum load is adjusted to 50 W.

In other words, if you operate a power supply at 150 watts of voltage, you will hear the fan’s blades rustling. At 250 watts, the fan will also hum in an offensive manner. Two thousand rotations cannot be attained if the maximum load factor is selected, however the noise from 1900 revolutions is more than enough.

Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply Conclusion

Reviews Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply scored two goals. This is because few customers pay close attention to the details and check that the system voltage and power supply capabilities are compliant. As a result, several customers claimed that the Chinese capacitors in the output filter, which burnt after six months, were “choked” by the quality of the components.

Positive reactions also came from others. The gadget is stable, especially if the system is straightforward and unpretentious, it was remarked. It operates silently, yet testing has showed that the gadget should run with little load for quiet operation. Low cost and also highlighted.

Chieftec iARENA GPB 500S Power Supply 5

But there are many reviews for the Chieftec iARENA GPB-500S Power Supply. Others returned the model to the retailer right away without having determined the appropriate value for themselves. The device’s continuous functioning and effectiveness, however, pleased those who recognized that it is only intended for weak models and that it is preferable not to overload it.

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