CHUWI Hi13 Review

In this article, I give you my Chuwi Hi13 review with specs included. This is a more affordable Surface Book competitor even though it has more like the Asus Transformer Books keyboard base.

The price for this tablet is only $350 MSRP for the tablet part, $50 for the keyboard, another $25 dollars or so for the pen. The price varies from day to day but the average is about $350 for the tablet and $420 for the whole package. So, an order of magnitude less money than the Surface Book.

The tablet, the keyboard, and the pen are all sold separately. It’s a magnetic dock, it connects magnetically to the tablet, you just put it anywhere near it and it will grab it. Those are some strong magnets.

Like the Asus Transformer keyboard, the docking adjusting is very stiff, it’s really hard to move this just by your hand. The good news is it’s fairly firm, you can still have some display wobble but it works out OK. Plus, the keyboard dock is made out of metal.

This keyboard is not backlit, for the price you’re not going to get that, let’s be real. It’s pretty decent, it’s a little on the noisy clacking side but it works it does the job.

The trackpad is what you would expect, it’s just average. Two-finger gestures, like for scrolling, actually work pretty well on this. The clicker is really stiff and the tracking is ok, it’s not terrible but it’s not great.

There’s no battery or anything like that inside this keyboard dock like there would be with Surface Book or with the old instances of Asus Transformers but there are two USB-A ports. So that’s handy because if we take a look at the tablet itself we see it’s pretty minimal on ports.

Tablets don’t tend to have a lot of ports, even Windows 10 tablets I had. The most exciting is the USB-C port and this tablet has gen 1 3.1. I actually connected this to a 4K display before and it was having some problems with that because it’s already driving this big resolution display of three thousand by two thousand pixels and then I throw in 4K. Not working well with that.

Chuwi Hi13 has an Intel Celeron inside, not the best budget CPU, a little bit better than Atom with Intel HD graphics, so pretty low-end stuff. And, that’s the Intel Celeron N3450 1.1 gigahertz boost to 2.2 gigahertz. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
Chuwi Hi13
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