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The DeepCool PK750D Power Supply power supply is a pricey line of completely modular, 80 Plus bronze-certified PSUSs that are constructed on the Seasonic Focus platform and stand out for their use of premium Japanese components. Yes, I am especially happy that there are businesses that openly state: “We sell quality,” and this is not just a catchphrase in the age of ubiquitous discounts on matches.

Given the trends in the components market, I believe the DeepCool PK750D Power Supply we are considering will be the last high-quality 80Plus bronze, and the market will then move to 80 Plus Platinum. In my previous reviews, I stated that the first sign of a modern PSU’s quality is certification according to the 80Plus Bronze, Gold, or Platinum standard.

The truth is that while I claimed a year ago that the 80 Plus Bronze certification is essential for using expensive components and that power supplies from manufacturers like DeepCool, Seasonic, and NZXT can be purchased without inspection, we are now testing Chinese PSUs that have the same level of efficiency but lack the luxuries of component selection.

PSU manufacturers will need to provide the customer with something novel in order to maintain demand for premium models, but there are few options available given that full modularity has been mastered, USB monitoring is patent-protected, and RGB lighting in these nodes is typically not desired due to their enclosed location in the case. The expected increase in average capacity and an efficiency certificate are the only things left.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply Packaging & First Impressions

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply 2

The power supply is delivered in a cardboard box with a cover that has colorful printing on it. Everything is clear on the face of the card: a picture of the power supply unit, the model name, and the emblem for the certificate.

Technical specifications, a table with load characteristics, a description of the connections and connectors, efficiency graphs, and fan operation graphs are on the back.

A power supply that is cellophane-wrapped and fastened with foamed polyurethane inserts is included in the box along with a box that contains the entire set.

The set contains:

a bundle of cables, a network cable, mounting screws, three Velcro ties, a paperwork envelope, and a connection for the PSU’s self-starting on demand.

The cables in the set consist of:

Three PCI-E power cables, each with one 6+2 pin header (3 total), 75 cm; ATX 20+4 pin cable to power the motherboard; an ATX 20+4 pin cable to power the CPU; two SATA cables with four connections; and a cable with three Molex.

A tag on the CPU power cable states that it is compatible with CPUs with a TDP of 125 watts.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply 3

all cables, 18 AWG. This is sufficient, and the absence of 16 AWG caliber cables here cannot be turned into negatives, given that the GPU power lines lack a splitter for two 6 + 2 pin connections.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply Interior

We are thinking about the DeepCool PK750D Power Supply, which is constructed on the Seasonic Focus platform with a common +12V bus and DC-DC converters. This platform is fairly easy to manufacture in comparison to models from earlier generations, giving the impression that the internal power source is empty even on the surface.

Do not be shocked by the fan selection; it utilizes a 120-mm Hong Hua HA1225H12F-Z fan with a 2000 RPM blade speed, as do other models on the Seasonic Focus platform. We may discuss the device’s great durability because the rotor suspension utilizes a hydrodynamic bearing with a 50,000-hour service life. The blades’ angle of attack is intended to generate high pressure, and half of the working surface is enclosed to let the air flow more evenly throughout the power supply’s area and cool its radiators.

The fan has two speeds: 900 and 1450 RPM, and depending on the load, the speed is chosen. The transition to the maximum speed is shifted as high as feasible – around 85%. That means, the power supply will operate relatively quietly in a normal office setting.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply Specifications

TypeATX12V V2.4
Product Dimensions150×140×86mm (W x L x H)
80PLUS CertificationsBronze
Fan Size120mm
Fan BearingHypro Bearing
TopologyActive PFC+DC to DC
CapacitorsTaiwan capacitor
Power Good Signal100-150ms
Hold Up Time≥16ms(80% Load)
Efficiency≥85% Under Typical Load(50% Loading)
Operation Temperature0 – 40 °C
Erp RegulationErP 2013
MTBF100,000 Hours
EAN P/N6933412715351 R-PK750D-FA0B-CN6933412715368 R-PK750D-FA0B-AU6933412715375 R-PK750D-FA0B-EU6933412715382 R-PK750D-FA0B-JP6933412715399 R-PK750D-FA0B-UK6933412715405 R-PK750D-FA0B-US6933412715412 R-PK750D-FA0B-AR6933412715429 R-PK750D-FA0B-BR6933412715436 R-PK750D-FA0B-WO6933412715443 R-PK750D-FA0B-BP

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply Performance & Test Results

The Radeon RX 6800 XT Gaming X Trio video card’s manufacturer states that a 750 watt power source is necessary for the adapter to operate steadily. We increased the speed of the 8-core Core i7-11700K CPU to 4700 MHz (all cores), which uses 220 W instead of the 125 W it is designed to use.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply 4

Any calculator will indicate that a 750 W PSU is more than adequate for a test system (a high-quality 600–650 W option would be fine), but keep in mind that using the power supply at its maximum capacity for an extended period of time is not a good idea.

Furthermore, the fan that cools the unit’s iron core will continuously create noise rather than the internal components eventually failing.

Because of this, knowledgeable users add a PSU with a power reserve in gaming and professional systems.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply modification M’s did not significantly impress our test bench. He responded perfectly peacefully to the multimedia stress testing benchmarks 3DMark and Cinebench R23.

There was no ear pain from the lines’ minor oscillation or the fan’s mild rotation.

The internal components of the DeepCool PK750D Power Supply do not create any additional noises when it is operating (squeak, crackle, etc.). This is precisely how a high-end power supply ought to function.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply Conclusion

It’s wonderful that the PQ-M PSU series from Deepcool has entered the home market. Customers now have a respectable substitute for pricey premium smartphones thanks to this series.

DeepCool PK750D Power Supply 5

Model DeepCool PK750D Power Supply is a block without flaws, developed with trustworthy components and technology (the already mentioned durable Japanese capacitors, a silent fan, a high-quality circuitry and the 80 Plus Gold standard).
The Deepcool CK500 can benefit greatly from the DeepCool PK750D Power Supply. Recommend.

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