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We’re putting the new DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply through its paces today. The business is more recognized for its chassis, coolers, and fans, but two power supply have previously been reviewed. The first was the DQ750-M, a 750 Watt unit with an 80 Plus Gold rating that was “Recommended” in 2018.

The second was the DQ850-M-V2L, which was evaluated in 2020 and brought, for example, a 10-year guarantee (rather than 5-years), although it was fairly loud under low-mid load. Another two years have gone (coincidence? ), and the second Deepcool device arrives in our hands, this time with greater watts (it looks like a rule).

DeepCool employs the Seasonic Focus Gold OEM platform in its high-end power supply, which has become synonymous with high quality and exceptional performance. And these are not empty words: Japanese components, particularly the renowned Japanese brown Nippon capacitors, are utilized at the core of the power supply, and endurance is proved by the fact that the manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty on its power supply.

But an astute reader will point out that we’ve seen all of this before, for example, in the DQ series (see the DeepCool DQ850-M-V2L review), and they’d be correct, except for one crucial detail: the hybrid mode of operation.

Yes, the Seasonic GX platform can function with passive cooling at up to 300 watts of power usage. It was previously incorporated in the NZXT PSU (see our review of the NZXT C750), and for many consumers, it was the deciding factor when purchasing a device. DeepCool could not ignore such a valuable feature for long, and it is now included in the PQ series.

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DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply First Impressions & Features

There are just a few fundamental form factors for power supply. The DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply is smaller than others, at 150mm deep while being completely modular. A modular design is crucial because it allows you to regulate cable management by employing just the cables that are required. It also allows you to easily exchange the cables for separately sleeved components later on.

A 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan is included with the DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply. The bearing uses hydrodynamics to minimize friction and vibration while decreasing noise and extending longevity. In general, this is a rather popular design.

A stamped waffle shaped grill with big sections that suck air in protects the fan. A thin mesh screen at the rear of the power supply allows air to escape.

A “Hybrid Mode” is a novel function that has grown rather common with current power supply. When activated, the power supply will enter a semi-fanless mode, which disables the cooling fan when the total load is less than 30%.

When the Hybrid Mode is turned off, the fan will run on a logarithmic RPM scale, starting at roughly 600rpm and up to 1700rpm depending on the load.

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A normal power connector is located on the rear of the PSU, along with a vivid teal power switch that matches the DeepCool brand color. The activation switch for the Hybrid Mode fan control is nearby.

Overall, I would have like greater space between the two switches, but under ideal conditions, you should only need to engage one of those switches on rare occasions.

As I previously stated, the DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply is a completely modular power supply that comes with enough cables to fill every accessible connector on the PSU. The majority of customers that buy modular power supply do so to aid with cord management. Furthermore, you’re unlikely to need “every” wire, so why not decrease chassis clutter in the process?

This PSU does not come with a storage bag for unused cables, so you’ll have to figure out where to keep them. If you maintain your component boxes, you have this covered; otherwise, you may need to be a bit creative.

A primary 24pin ATX cable with a linked but detachable +4pin may be found inside the storage bag. The side that connects to the power supply is divided into two connectors.

There are two 12v CPU power cords in total, with the common 4+4 arrangement for greater compatibility. Because none of the connectors has a lock, they may be difficult to install in some motherboard layouts.

DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply only comes with three 6+2 pin PCI Express power cables, which I found strange. Granted, the days of SLI and the necessity for several PCI-Express power choices are long gone, but including only three feels unusual.

Strange but logical.

DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply Specifications

TypeATX12V V2.4
Product Dimensions150×140×86mm (W x L x H)
80PLUS CertificationsGOLD
Fan Size120mm
Fan BearingFDB
TopologyActive PFC + Full Bridge SRC LLC + DC to DC
CapacitorsFull Japan Electrolytic Capacitors
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold Up Time≥16ms (80% load))
Efficiency≥90% Under Typical Load(50% Loading)
Operation Temperature0 – 40 °C
Erp RegulationErP 2013
MTBF100,000 Hours
Warranty10 Years
EAN P/N6933412702009 R-PQA00M-FA0B-CN6933412702016 R-PQA00M-FA0B-AU6933412702023 R-PQA00M-FA0B-EU6933412702030 R-PQA00M-FA0B-JP6933412702047 R-PQA00M-FA0B-UK6933412702054 R-PQA00M-FA0B-US6933412702061 R-PQA00M-FA0B-AR6933412702078 R-PQA00M-FA0B-BR6933412702085 R-PQA00M-FA0B-WO6933412702092 R-PQA00M-FA0B-BP

DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply Conclusion

As system builders, it is critical to guarantee that the system you are creating will perform flawlessly. The 80Plus rating system is primarily concerned with power efficiency, but it can also provide a fair indicator that the claimed power rating can be believed.

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The DeepCool PQ1000M Power Supply  has an 80Plus Gold certification, making it a very appealing option for individuals who value a high-quality power supply.

The design is fairly lovely, with rounded corners and a really simple, subtle collection of images. In a world where firms strive to go overboard with excessive lighting, bright font, and graphics, a lack of details might be a welcome respite.

This power supply does not include any RGB lights. All of the cables are flat ribbon types with black connectors on both ends. The DeepCool branding design and the little power switch on the rear are the only main sources of color on this device.

A 120mm fan provides cooling and may be manually adjusted between semi-fan-less mode and continual operation. A Hybrid Mode switch on the rear of the PSU allows the user to customize how the fan reacts to power loading.

In Hybrid Mode, the fan will remain turned off until the PSU reaches 30% load. The fan will then engage and continue to spin faster in order to meet the overall loading situation. Disabling the fan reduces the noise ceiling to 0dBA at the tradeoff of some more heat.

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