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DeepCool’s new PQ-M power supply line has not only innovative ventilation perforation, but also the Seasonic platform.

Many consumers are impressed by the power supply firm Seasonic, and enthusiasts see its products as reference. Perhaps this is why DeepCool has introduced the new PQ-M Series 80 PLUS Gold, which they describe as a “new generation of power supply” based on the relatively new Seasonic FOCUS platform.

There are three versions in the series: 650, 750, 850, and 1000 watts. The innovative ventilation hole in the shape of huge squares is a distinguishing characteristic of the new design. Fully modular connections and hybrid fan mode are no longer surprising – they are nearly required features of a contemporary power supply.

If you look at the current variety of 750 watts power supplies with an 80 Plus Gold certification, you will most likely discover that solutions from premium developers (listed above) cost at least 100-120$. As a result, the Deepcool PQ750M is a fantastic choice.

A 100% modular power supply sits in front of us, complete with a network cord and secure Velcro clamps (they are useful in the process of assembling a PC). All standard cables are lengthy and flexible, and plastic plugs are the best.

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply Packaging & Design

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply 2

The power supply is delivered in a cardboard box with a colorful printed cover. Everything on the front is concise: a snapshot of the power supply, the model name, and the certificate symbol.

On the other side, there are technical specifications, a table with load characteristics, a description of cables and connections, and efficiency and fan operation graphs.

The package contains a power supply wrapped in cellophane and secured with foamed polyurethane inserts, as well as a box containing the entire set.

The kit contains the following items:

a set of cables; Network Cable: mounting screws; three Velcro ties; an envelope with paperwork; and a connection for the PSU’s self-start.

The cable kit includes:

ATX 20+4 pin cable to power the motherboard – 60 cm; CPU power cable, two 4+4-pin connections – 65+15 cm; three PCI-E power cables, each with one 6+2 pin header (3 pcs total) – 75 cm; two SATA cables with four connectors – 45+12+12+12 cm; cable with three Molex – 45+12+12 cm.

The CPU power cord bears a tag indicating that it is compatible with CPUs with a TDP of 125 watts.

All of the cables are 18 AWG. Given that the GPU power lines lack a splitter for two 6 + 2 pin connectors, this is more than adequate, and the absence of 16 AWG caliber cables here cannot be shrugged off as a negative.

The power supply casing features unusually rounded edges on the side sides, as well as the original square perforation.

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply 3

There is a hole in the shape of little squares on the front face. Toggle switch with an odd turquoise hue, adjacent to the button to activate the fan’s hybrid mode of operation.

The lower face is perforated with bigger squares, hiding a 120-mm fan behind them. Despite this design, the metal is thick enough to provide considerable surface stiffness.

The corporate logo with a turquoise inlay is painted on the side faces. A label indicating load characteristics is located on the top.

Connectors for connecting modular cables are located on the back side in two horizontal rows. Universal 8-pin CPU and PCI-E connections.

All connections have been signed.

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply Performance & Tests

According to the manufacturer of the video card Radeon RX 6800 XT Gaming X Trio, a 750 watt power supply is required for reliable functioning of the adapter. We increased the load by overclocking the 8-core Core i7-11700K CPU to 4700 MHz (all cores), resulting in 220 W instead of the usual 125 W.

Any calculator will indicate that a DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply is more than adequate for a test system (a high-quality 600-650 W option would be fine), but keep in mind that using the power supply at its maximum capacity for an extended period of time is a poor idea.

Not only will the internal components eventually fail, but the fan that cools the unit’s iron intestines will continually produce noise.

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply 4

As a result, experienced users add a power reserve PSU in gaming/professional systems.

Our test bench was not really enthused with the DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply upgrade. He behaved calmly to the multimedia stress testing benchmarks 3DMark and Cinebench R23.

The lines oscillated slightly, and the fan spun just little, causing no ear strain.

During operation, the internal elements of the deepcool DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply do not generate any superfluous noises (squeak, crackle, etc.). This is exactly how a high-quality power supply should operate.

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply Specifications

TypeATX12V V2.4
Product Dimensions150×140×86mm (W x L x H)
80PLUS CertificationsGOLD
Fan Size120mm
Fan BearingFDB
TopologyActive PFC + Full Bridge SRC LLC + DC to DC
CapacitorsFull Japan Electrolytic Capacitors
Power Good Signal100-500ms
Hold Up Time≥16ms (90% load)
Efficiency≥90% Under Typical Load(50% Loading)
Operation Temperature0 – 50 °C (derating from 100 % to 80 % from 40 °C to 50 °C)
Erp RegulationErP 2013
MTBF100,000 Hours
Warranty10 Years

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply Conclusion

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply 5

DeepCool PQ750M Power Supply Is an intriguing device from the new PQ-M family. The innovative ventilation perforation design is appealing. The Seasonic platform’s foundation will appeal to many people. The case’s length – just 140 mm – might be a crucial consideration. This is a relatively small modular power supply option.

The filling is nearly identical to the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold power packs produced two years ago; even the fan is the same style. The number of filter capacitors has been increased in the revised design of the modular board.

As a consequence, we have a decent average with strong voltage stability, with a variation of no more than 2%, as is normal for recent models. When we put on the power supply’s hybrid cooling mode, we obtain perfectly quiet operation to a load of roughly 50%. The active functioning of the fan can likewise be described as very quiet up to maximum load.

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