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In this article, I give you my DELL Latitude 5300 review with specs included. This fingerprint lovin little guy here is the Dell Latitude 5300 – and one. Tell has the 3000 5000 and 7000 series. Each one goes up in features and in price. So this is the middle child.

That means that you get a fingerprint loving plastic casing. Though you might not even guess it’s plastic at first. It doesn’t look or feel cheesy or plastic but yes it is. So that saves a little cost versus the 7000 series where it goes Full Metal Jacket. Inside we have Intel eighth-generation quad-core CPUs. Well unless you go for the i3 that’s a dual-core.

And we’re still in 8th gen because of vpro support for businesses that need vpro CPUs inside. So – and one has 360-degree hinges it has a matte touchscreen which is kind of nice and a Wacom 80s pen which is a Dell active pen -.

Some interesting stuff we’re gonna look at it now. So you know it’s a hit parade a business laptop goodness. What do I mean by that. Is not the stunning consumer-oriented looks and stuff like that. But it’s the fact that you get a matte display.

It’s a full HD display which is perfectly fine for 13.3 inches. So it’s hard to find a touchscreen that’s also mat nice less glare you get the idea. 4G LTE is available as an option. Which we do tend to see a business laptop so that’s useful.

For those of you who someday when we all get to be out and on the go again can well use 40 LTE. It has RAM slots and got a socketed m2 nvme SSD. You have a socket and Wi-Fi card. To your choice of Intel Wi-Fi five or Wi-Fi six cards.

And of course socketed 4G LTE and two RAM slots ddr4. The max Adele sells is 32 gigs. They go for 8 16 32. In theory the chipset could support the processor 64 gigs. But that’s probably a little overkill for what’s basically a business use series 15 watt ultra button.

So you can get V pro on this again a standard thing for business laptops for those you who need. That’s available Core i3 i5 and i7 CPUs with and without v pro. So depending on whether you want to pay for that or not you can. White backlit keyboard attract guy that actually has discreet buttons which I actually kind of like. And it’s a good well-behaved trackpad on here.

The keyboard has come. It has reasonably good travel nice spring and return. And yes you’d expect for a business laptop. You know these are people who actually probably have to do a lot of typing. So it’s oriented towards that. In terms of ports is pretty much standard stuff for a laptop this size.

You’ve got USB a you have USB C. Thunderbolt three is optional on this. HMI 1.4 a headphone jack. And for the charger you have a choice of a barrel pen or USBC connector charger your option. Both of them are a 65-watt Express charge. So they’re a little bit of faster charging.

And optionally you can get the 90 watt charger which is a barrel pin for really fast charging. We have a 60-watt-hour of battery here. And that’s pretty big for a pretty small laptop like this. And as you imagine battery life is pretty good.

If you’re using it for your typical office worker sort of stuff and you’re not compiling a very large software program or trying to be a 4k video editor which this laptop is really not meant for it. Well battery life for us on Wi-Fi we don’t have the 4g LTE option and ours has been good at about eight and a half hours on the chart.

So that’s a full workday away from the outlet. And that’s at 150 minutes of brightness. Speaking of brightness this has a 310 nintendon’t display which is pretty decent for a business laptop. So nice and I’m looking full HD display with good enough near full srgb coverage for the color gamut on it.

The contrast is better than average on this. So I really don’t have any complaints about this display. It’s good enough to look at for sure. Actually you can get the del active pen for this which is walking AES technology. You can see the Box on screen and the model number. It’s the same pen that Dells used with a lot of latitudes before. And it’s perfectly great for note-taking.

Palm rejection is pretty good on this the lines are fairly smooth. It’s not designed for fine art work but for your everyday note-taking diagraming vertical market kind of stuff it does a job quite well. In terms of performance again 15 watt Ultrabook CPUs quad-core unless you go at the i3 which is a dual-core on this. And performance numbers are where we expect.

Which means it’s perfectly fine for office work even occasional 1080p video editing a little bit of 4k but not really. We have Intel UHD 620 graphics here. It’s for your everyday this kind of work. If you really push it hard though the cooling system is not built to handle that.

So we run concurrent benchmarks for example over and over again. Or do things I try to do some video editing or compiling some code and that processor temperature will shoot up to thermal maximum and it will start to throttle back. If you’re doing everyday normal things and this doesn’t happen. The bottom is toasty also if you push it that hard.

But it’s plastic not metal plastic doesn’t get as hot it doesn’t transfer as much heat. So that’s less of an issue. That heat turns into noise fan noise. Now again this is only if you’re pushing it really hard which probably the intended audience for this is not folks who are gonna be doing crazy things with their ultrabooks.

But if you do push it really hard you will hear the fans and they will run pretty much continuously. It’s an even sound it’s not a grating sound but you know you’ll hear it. To get inside unscrew two Phillips head screws and you’ll need a guitar picker saying to pry off this bottom.

It’s on here pretty tight. You can see good ventilation here and these are the slots for the speakers. Sup take that off that’s what the underside looks like. And here we have the big 60-watt-hour battery. Those stereo speakers that surround it obviously facing downward.

And that treat that you don’t see in ultrabooks that often anymore to RAM slots ya then. We have the socketed Wi-Fi card again Intel 95/60 AC and ours which is Wi-Fi v. But you can get it with Wi-Fi 6ax 200 if you like. And if we had a 4G LTE card it would go right there.

The m2 SSD runs beside the battery right over here. And it’s got a heatsink over it to try to keep it cool. The fan on this is pretty small. And the heatsink on this is pretty short. Might be why it runs on the toasty side. So that’s the Dell Latitude 5300 – and one.

The things to like about this are the fact that well it’s a convertible with a matte touchscreen yeah that and pen support. You can get 4G LTE. It actually has RAM slots. Everything is pretty much serviceable and upgradable here. And the pricing as business laptops go being the middle child isn’t that bad.

And you’re foregoing the metal chassis but you know I really I think that that’s okay. Battery life on this is pretty good too because it has a beefy enough battery. The only thing here is the cooling it could be a little bit better. The fan comes on when it’s working hard pretty noticeably and the surface temperatures are a little toasty.

You’re not gonna burn yourself as plastic after all it doesn’t get that hot but you know what I mean. Cooling not the super strong point. So for a light work you know web browsing social networking staying in touch with slack streaming video it’s fine for that stuff. We’re just talking about if you push it a lot harder.

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