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In this article, I give you my Dell Latitude 7490 review with specs included. This is the Dell Latitude 7490 a business line laptop but that doesn’t mean then you have to be a business to buy one of these. It’s kind of the latitude with attitude. It looks fairly modern and nice.

The bezels on it aren’t huge. It’s fairly thin at seventeen point nine millimeters and fairly light at 3.1 pounds over 1.3 kilograms or so. But it’s got that old-fashioned laptop feel in a good way. It has a nice deep travel for the keyboard relative to today’s standards.

It’s got a very good trackpad with actual dedicated buttons and a eraser stick pointer ala Lenovo ThinkPad style because I’d like to steal Lenovo’s business. And it’s got room for legacy ports. Like oh my god there’s Ethernet here and there’s an LTE 4G SIM card slot.

Dell Latitude 7490 Side Ports
Dell Latitude 7490 Side Ports

So this laptop basically competes with the Lenovo ThinkPad t-series a little bit with the carbon but it’s not going for that razor thin kind of looking. As a result the good thing is you get all sorts of ports here. You have gigabit ethernet you have HDMI of three USB type a ports 3.1 USB C optional a Thunderbolt 3 it’s about $35 more if you want to go and Thunderbolt three.

A MicroSD card saw it LTE you don’t see that very often. When you do it it is generally in business laptops. And the thing is not really a chunky-monkey besides. It’s certainly built like a tank now you know the XPS consumer line is also very sturdy honestly. I mean rigid materials here. It’s got a magnesium alloy casing there’s an optional carbon fiber lid.

That one is hinged to a 1080p display option that has touch. I’m I don’t know why they combine those together but they do. So you’re gonna have to get one to get the other with that one. It’s past about 15 mil STD 8ng tests for durability. Suck shock vibration heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit more heat than you and I can probably ever tolerate.

Dell Latitude 7490 Back Lid
Dell Latitude 7490 Back Lid

Humidity dust you get the idea there. So it’s certainly appealing to businesses who want to send their force out into the field and not worry about the laptops. That’s the point behind. A fingerprint scanner is optional on this. A smart card reader again for business users is optional as well. What’s really charming about this isn’t the fact that the two display options are 720p.

And that’s right 66 by 768 in full HD 1920 by 1080. But the fact that they are matte displays. So no glare which is lovely. Three of the four display options are non-touch. They are all matte. So then the lower resolution is non-touch. For the 1080p one you have your choice between touch or non-touch and it will be matte.

But what is good about it and you can see the display metrics on screen is that it has surprised a good contrast and actual color gamut. 78% of Adobe RGB for a business-oriented laptop in this price range is nothing to sneeze at. Speaking of the price it starts at around one thousand forty nine US dollars.

Dell Latitude 7490 Keyboard
Dell Latitude 7490 Keyboard

That gives you a pretty low-end core i3 model with four gigs of RAM and 128 gig SATA m2 SSD. Probably most of you are gonna want something more than that. The one thing I want to warn you of they still have one Core i5 is Intel seventh generation in the 7490 lineup.

I don’t know why it isn’t it’s just left with the last-gen model number. But the rest of these are all Intel quad-core 15 want ultrabook CPUs. If you want a decent configuration say you want a Core i5 8 gigs of ram in a 256 gig SSD with the 1080p display it’s around 1440 9. Unless Dell is having some specials I dropped the price down further are your corporate buyer who can get a volume discount on these things.

You’ve got several CPU options including the V Pro and non V Pro versions at the core i5 and core i7. The pro version being a little bit faster hundred megahertz faster. And you can go from 4 to 8 to 16 gigs of ram from the factory. There are two RAM slots inside so you can go up to 32 gigs max if you wish to upgrade this yourself. The m2 SSD like I said most configurations are SATA.

You can order it with an nvme SSD PCIe type or upgrade it yourself later on as well if you just want to spend an extra money for the faster SSD. In terms of the look and feel it’s not bad looking. You know it’s sort of a soft touch black finish on our regular magnesium alloy one and we don’t have the carbon fiber lid in this time.

The bezels on are fairly small they’re certainly not huge but they’re not the XPS level of almost not there at all kind of bezels. Well go get the XPS 13 I suppose if that’s you’re hoping for. But what is nice is Dell is good at making small footprint machines that’s their thing. They started that with the XPS 13 line so.

It’s a 14 inch laptop with a relatively compact footprint closer to a 13.3-inch size. In terms of performance this is an ultra bug. Granted it’s an eighth general tree book so you get four cords now so there’s a good deal of performance. Integrated graphics only which is pretty much usually what you see in this size.

Until you HD 620 graphics it keeps up with any Ultrabook nicely. In fact, we see a little bit of that kind of XPS a bit of overclocking going on. And we can see in the benchmarks where some of the benchmarks where the CPU and normally go ping ponging up and down stays almost a straight line.

Which means it’s not dropping the clock speed down due to thermal or voltage limitations. So it’s a good performer in the way that every other Ultrabook is. Obviously, this is not – meant to be gaming laptop this is not a mobile workstation or 3d rendering can. This is for your everyday normal business sort of use.

Word Excel a streaming video and you want to have fun. You can use this for coding. It’s certainly fine for moderate even size programs that sort of thing. It ships with a 65-watt charger it looks just like the XPS s charger.

45 watts is really what’s required but they use 65 watts so it charges more quickly which is great for business travelers obviously. Most configurations have a 60 watt-hour of battery except for that base core i3 which has a 42 watt-hour battery according to Dells website.

Typically given the fact that this is an ultrabook with a full HD not a crazy 4k touchscreen kind of thing going on battery life is pretty good on this. We’ve managed to average about seven to eight hours without really trying to micromanage power at all.

And that’s a mix of productivity a little bit of Photoshop work a little bit of Dreamweaver for web development that sort of stuff. Some streaming video so that’s pretty solid battery life. If you really wanted to micromanage the battery life and drop it down to a more aggressive power-saving you probably could hit eight and a half hours with this without much difficulty.

Taking off the bottom cover is really easy. Just unscrew the Phillips head screws. These are captive screws which means they will stay in the lid so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Give it a prize from the back nice metal right there. And there we have our big sixty watt-hour battery.

Here is our M to SSD should you wish to replace it or upgrade it. Here in the speakers surprisingly pretty loud and pretty full. This is sort of like Lenovo’s business laptops for they often sound better than so called multimedia consumer laptops.

– RAM slots here we have 8 gigs of RAM so it’s single channel at the moment one RAM module and here. You could add another one go up to 16 yourself pretty easily. Or again if you want to go up to 32 you could use in 216. Here’s our socketed intel Wi-Fi card and alright it’s a little fan and heatsink which is typical for ultrabooks.

And right beside the Wi-Fi card here’s the socket where the LTE 4G module would go if you went with that option. So that’s the Dell Latitude 7490. Sure it’s not that sexy XPS kind of looking and build. But boy you got a lot of creature comforts here you have a full complement of ports. You don’t need dongho’s you don’t need an adapter.

You’ve got a more traditional roomie keyboard that really like. A trap card that I also really like in Microsoft precision with a couple of extra feature thrown in. And obviously that track point style pointer if you like that as well. A surprisingly good display. Yes it’s not for okay but that 1080p panel that we have which is also matte not glare thank you very much has pretty good color gamut and very nice contrast.

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