HP EliteBook 845 G7 Review

In this article, I give you my HP EliteBook 845 G7 review with specs included. This is an exciting business ultrabook, you don’t get to say that very often. Why is it exciting?

Well, this is the 7th generation and it has AMD Ryzen inside. So, that in itself is pretty cool because the performance is there, the price is lower, the heat is lower, all that sort of stuff.

It’s also built like a tank without being too heavy. You’ve got an aluminum-clad casing, not bad looking, not as sexy as something like the HP Spectre X360 consumer laptop obviously but this has a lot more ports inside and a lot of upgradeability.

HP EliteBook 845 G7 laptop starts off around a thousand dollars which for a premium business ultrabook is crazy cheap in itself. Granted, that might be a lower-end configuration than you want to go like Ryzen 3 Pro or Ryzen 5 Pro.

You can go all the way up to Ryzen 7 Pro CPU but as you go up in configurations it doesn’t get that much more expensive. For about fifteen hundred dollars you can get a really nicely configured Ryzen 7 Pro.

All these configurations have integrated Radeon graphics onboard. You can get 16 GB of RAM, a 512 GB SSD, and a full HD touch screen display for 1500 bucks.

HP also offers this as the EliteBook 840 and that one has Intel inside and that one’s several hundred dollars more so thus the cost savings.

So, why would you not go with Ryzen? Typically it’s faster, it runs a bit cooler, and the battery life is really good. Intel version is still there for those who must have V–Pro though HP has a lot of security options for their business laptops so it kind of mitigates the need for V-Pro in some ways.

You can do things like network base restore, for example, it has BIOS guarded, it has drive encryption, all that sort of stuff. And, also you don’t get Thunderbolt 3 here because AMD doesn’t yet offer that. That started out as an Intel intellectual property. They’ll have Thunderbolt in the future but it doesn’t have that. So you just get USB-C instead.

Now, you can still use USB-C docs but there you have the reason why some folks would still go with the Intel model.

So, the HP EliteBook 845 G7 is a 14-inch ultrabook that is fast becoming the standard because footprints have gotten smaller and bezels have gotten smaller.

So they’re eclipsing 13.3 inches somewhat but there is a 13.3-inch model and that is the EliteBook 835 for those of you who do want to go a little bit smaller.

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HP EliteBook 845 G7
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