MSI GP66 Leopard Review

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In this article, I give you my MSI GP66 Leopard review with specs included. This is the first laptop I get to review that has Nvidia’s new RTX 3070 GPU inside. So, a whole new generation, and this is Max-P, not Max-Q.

It’s also available as a GP76 for those of you who want a bigger chassis, a 17-inch chassis, but GP66 is 15.6 inches. We’re still looking at intel 10th generation CPUs here and they are great. But, how are the graphics performance, the cooling, and all that sort of thing? We’re going to look at that in this review.

The GP66 is an interesting place in the MSI lineup. It’s not one of the super high ends like the Titan, big desktop replacement, or the Stealth, which is the thin and light, all metal-clad, fancy one. But it’s not a budget laptop too. It’s somewhere in between.

In terms of pricing, MSI GP66 Leopard is not cheap but it’s not ungodly expensive for a high-end gaming laptop performance. It starts at around sixteen hundred dollars. It goes up to twenty two hundred dollars. I have the twenty two hundred dollars one.

In that price range ($1600-$2200) all models have RTX 3070 GPU. Now, there is an RTX 3080 option as well, and that one’s 24 to 26 hundred dollars.

So, what do you get for that price? Mostly performance not looks. This is pretty much a plastic chassis kind of thing going on here but it’s not bad looking. They’ve done a redesign. It’s more modern, a bit more angular, maybe a bit more like the Lenovo Legion and Acer’s gaming laptops in that respect. But, I think it’s a nice update from the older generation from MSI.

With that redesign, we lost a little bit in the way of ports and things. There’s no SD card slot at all and the Mini DisplayPort is gone. But, we do have USB-C that handles Displayport 1.4 so you can still drive two monitors. There’s also an HDMI 2.0 port so that I can run a 4K monitor at 60 hertz as well.

For the rest of the ports, we have three USB-A ports, the 3.5-millimeter audio, Ethernet built-in, and that’s Intel Ethernet. So, a decent selection of ports for this model. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
MSI GP66 Leopard
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