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In this article, I give you my Intel NUC 10 Mini PC review with specs included. This is the Intel nook 10 which you might guess number one is a tiny compact PC and is an Intel tenth generation processor inside. We reviewed several nuts and this is the latest generation. This one has a 25 watt Intel Core i7 CPU inside with 6 courses Intel commonly.

So it’s pretty powerful. It’s about as powerful as the last generation Dell XPS 13 hire and model. Starts around $600 bare-bones which means you get the the case the fan the processor all that sort of thing but you put in your own Ram m2 SSD and hard drive.

Or you can buy it pre-made with Windows 10 pre-installed. So we have that variant which has a 256 gig SSD and a 1 terabyte hard drive inside and 16 gigs of DDR 426 66 megahertz Ram. So the bare-bones is around 600 this one is about 950.

So by getting this little guy which is about the same size as a four week old kitten you’re not necessarily saving a lot of money versus getting a laptop. So why would you do it well obviously this thing fits anywhere really it’s just insane.

You’ve got a pretty powerful 25-watt CPU that you don’t see all that often in ultrabooks in these days. Also you’ve got a lot of ports on here. And these days you know how it is with compact laptops hardly any ports.

And there’s the expandability. You’ve got two RAM slots you have a socket am-2 slot for the SSD and a two and a half inch drive bay. Pretty good stuff. We even have a UHS to full size SD card slot. So that’s a fast SD card slot. The drawback obviously if you have to supply your own monitor keyboard and mouse.

We’re gonna look at it now. So despite the compact size cooling is actually pretty good on this. Especially good saying you got a 25 watt CPU inside. Until you HD graphics not iris plus coz this is comet-like but you got a 6 core i7 CPU in here. And it’s the coolest running of the intel nox that I’ve tested yeah.

And that’s because Intel’s getting better at power efficiency and also tweaking the cooling design of one of these things. So it’s actually cooler running even doing more demanding benchmarks then similarly equipped laptop would be.

In terms of connectivity oh this is where it gets really exciting. You have USB ports and that’s gen 3.2 so that’s 10 gigabit per second. You Thunderball three port and that’s the new Titan Ridge controller full 40 gigabit per second.

Yes, you could put any GPU on this if you want. You’ve also got a USB see ten gigabit per second port on board. You have Intel Wi-Fi six you have an HDMI 2.0 ports. So in theory you can do three 4k monitors at 16 Hertz with this little guy.

Day trader is Wow you’re gonna have a field day with that one aren’t you. Again there’s two RAM slots inside. So 64 gigs would be the maximum you can put inside. You can either buy it like that or do it yourself after the fact these aren’t sort of do-it-yourself weighted products.

That MDOT Tucson is nvme the faster kind of SSD. IRIScan with a kingston x2 so it’s not that fast as you can possibly buy. Again you can buy and configure though you want or you can put your own in there. And there’s a two and a half inch drive bay.

We have a one terabyte Seagate hard drive in there. You can get it with a two terabyte you get the idea. Then the big storage is nice if you do intend to use this first day of photo editing and storage media server that sort of thing. Hook it up to your TV knock yourself out playing home videos you know you get the idea.

It’s easy to get inside you can either pop the top open but mostly you’re gonna be unscrewing the bottom feet. Don’t use a Phillips head screw down screw and screw if they’re on really tight and then you can get into all those expandable parts.

Comes with 120 watt power supply which is certainly more than not to keep this thing powered up with lots of internals upgraded on this. So no problems there. So again you’re looking at higher-end ultrabook performance here in the 25 watt class CPU.

So it’s pretty good stuff here. If you have really demanding needs that’s a pushing into the mobile workstation or gaming laptop area we’re actually gonna look at the Intel nook 9 Pro which has Intel H series cpus. Oh and we’re gonna look at hesitancy.

On not as teeny is this that’s just not possible in terms of cooling and all that but that one even has a slot for a graphics card. So that’s the Intel nook 10 and again if you’re looking for a super-compact PC that you can put just about anywhere.

And is up to the task of even doing things like Photoshop a little light video editing 1080p for sure and 4k like to have something more powerful if I could but you could do it. Media server you got the idea. And this does the job well and the cooling pretty good nose before Mintz is quite good yeah.

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