LENOVO ThinkBook Plus (Gen 2) Review

In this article, I give you my Lenovo ThinkBook Plus (Gen 2) review with specs included. Lenovo is willing to take chances when it comes to e-ink and laptops. This is the second generation, not the first time they tried something like this.

It’s a nice aluminum clad metal ultrabook with Intel 11g and CPUs inside and all that and a QHD plus 16 by 10 aspect ratio inner display. But, look at the lid 12-inch e and QHD plus resolution display pen and touch supported for both displays.

So, what’s this e-ink on the lid business about right well it’s 12 inches the previous generation was only 10 inches so it fills up most of the lid of the display. Yes, the caveat is obviously that makes the lid a little bit more delicate, you don’t want to go just like throwing your smartphone on top of it but it’s got a pretty thick piece of glass over the top it’s not terrifyingly scary.

So the idea is, you can use a pen, you can use touch, and use a lot less power. You can just close the lid on the laptop while it’s running and there’s software that gives you a choice of going to sleep hibernate turning off or using the e-ink screen and then you can continue on but using a whole lot less power.

So if you want to do something like take notes for example handwritten style well you can go on for you know instead of measuring in seven-hour run times or seven and a half-hour run times which is what this gets using the main IPS internal normal display you know you could go probably a day and a half or something like that.

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Lenovo ThinkBook Plus (Gen 2)