HP Elite Dragonfly Max Review

In this article, I give you my HP Elite Dragonfly Max review with specs included. You might say oh boring business laptops but HP’s elites have a way of being a little bit sexy and the original dragonfly really captivated a lot of those of you who watched that review I mean it was super light it was very premium and it came in the most fetching yet subdued version of blue so this time when hp finally refreshed the line there is a Dragonfly G2 and then there’s the Max which despite the name is not any bigger.

There’s a couple of add-ons here that you could probably almost spec out for the regular G2 but you might as well just get them bundled here is the idea.

So what are the differences with the max? You get the privacy screen, HP’s sure view reflect screen included the standard and otherwise it’s an option for the regular G2 Dragonfly and it’s their latest generation and they do get better and better.

I mean, they went from when privacy screens first came out to being atrocious. Honestly, you couldn’t see it very well either let alone other people trying to see your screen. I’ll talk a little bit more about the display in-depth but again.

There are four microphones instead of I think it’s three on the G2. You get an additional world-facing microphone because this thing is all about the Zoom call.

The other upgrade is a five-megapixel webcam instead of the usual 720p. So for those who do spend a lot of time video conferencing and you want it to look sharper well it’s there for you. In terms of the colors and the noise levels, they’re still not superb but it’s a noticeable improvement certainly over a standard webcam which is typically what you would call a potato cameo.

The last thing is the color. This is called a sparkling black finish same magnesium alloy casing same 2,49 pounds which is 1,13 kilograms. So, very light, very rigid, nicely built, but I guess they figure for this is the executive tier you might want to be a little more low-key, and even the kind of chill but pretty blue might be a little too out there for some executives I don’t know I’ll leave that one up to you.

The G2 starts around two thousand dollars, the max model starts around twenty-four hundred dollars because you’re getting some of the add-ons included with that one. This is a 360-degree convertible, think of it as the nobbling alternative to the HP Spectre x360 no gold trim no kind of out there colors that sort of thing it supports obviously touch this is a convertible but also Wacom AES 2.0 pen which hp sells and there are other Wacom AES 2.0 pens on the market for those who are note-taking fans.

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HP Elite Dragonfly Max
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