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For decades, the cathode ray tube determined the geometry of a monitor screen. Starting in the 1930s and lasting far into the personal computer age, these ubiquitous devices were the essential component of every video display. The aspect ratio was 4:3, which meant that the screen was somewhat wider than tall. One merely has to go back in movie history to discover where that form came from.

When the first desktop LCD screens were introduced, they, too, had a 4:3 aspect ratio, much like a television. Nonetheless, they could be made in any size and shape from the start. Then, with the introduction of high definition, we gained the 16:9 aspect ratio, which is still dominating today. But is it really the greatest form for computer monitors?

The emergence of 21:9 and even 32:9 displays, which are ideal for gaming or individuals who would otherwise require two monitors, has been seen. Yet, they lack vertical space. Users who work on music scores or huge images such as posters sometimes want for extra height. LG is the first firm to respond to this call. The $699 LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor is the first monitor with a 16:18 aspect ratio and a 28-inch diagonal that is higher than it is broad.

I’ll get this out of the way right away: the DualUp is not a gaming display, which is generally where we spend our attention. It operates at 60 Hz and lacks Adaptive-Sync. We’re looking into it because it’s the first of its type. I can’t predict whether or not this unique form factor will become a trend, but it’s not difficult to envisage applications for this monitor.

LG 28 Inch 28MQ780 B Dual Monitor 2

The LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor is an unusual display that sparked debate when it debuted at CES 2022. Several people were left perplexed. Some claimed it would be ideal for their setup. I can see where both sides are coming from—but the monitor has persuaded me that it will have a dedicated following.

LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor Features

In fact, there are so many features here that we’ll only highlight the most important ones. There’s the monitor stand and fully-articulating arm, as previously mentioned. While most monitors just come with a basic stand and the standard tilt, swivel, and height adjustments, the LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor has great ergonomics with a top-notch articulating arm that allows the display to move almost completely.

You can tilt, swivel, and move it up and down, but you can also spin it entirely around and pivot it to other angles. And, we should add, pretty effortlessly, because LG wisely chose a C-clamp and grommet design instead of the standard stand and base, letting you to attach the entire thing to a desk to keep it from shifting anytime you made modifications. Its clamp also eliminates the need for a foundation, which takes up valuable desk space.

The KVM and PBP functionalities are very important for multitasking. Because of the KVM capability, you don’t require two keyboard-and-mouse configurations if you utilize two PCs.

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Meanwhile, the picture-by-picture (PBP) functionality is unquestionably critical to the 16:18 aspect ratio operating properly. Using the LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor in fullscreen mode is undoubtedly doable, but employing the PBP feature, in effect, extends your desk space if you’re using a single computer source that’s linked to the display via two independent inputs. Of course, it’s also useful if you’re utilizing two computers or gadgets.

LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor Specifications

Pixel Pitch (mm)0.18195 x 0.18195mm
Color Gamut (Min.)DCI-P3 90% (CIE1976)
Color Depth (Number of Colors)1.07B
Response Time5ms (GtG at Faster)
Aspect Ratio16:18
Brightness300 cd/m²
Color Gamut (Typ.)DCI-P3 98% (CIE1976)
Contrast Ratio1000:1
Viewing Angle178˚(R/L), 178˚(U/D)

The LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor boasts only one odd feature, but it’s a doozy: a 28-inch, 16:18 aspect ratio display with 25602880 resolution, which is equivalent to stacking two regular 25601440 monitors on top of each other. You’ve probably never used a monitor like it before.

Other than that, the display is comparable to other high-end work monitors with USB-C. It boasts an IPS panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz and HDR capabilities. The USB-C power connector can deliver up to 90 watts of power, which is adequate to run several prosumer Windows laptops and all current MacBook Pro models while in use.

LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor Performance

The LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor has a superb 2560 x 2880 SDQHD resolution on a 28-inch display, as well as a 140ppi pixel density, which rewards viewers with visuals that are clearer and more detailed. Even if you’re not especially familiar with Computer monitors, you’ll notice how sharp the graphics are.

However, the 5ms reaction time, 60Hz refresh rate, and lack of Adaptive-Sync make this unsuitable for gaming, putting it out of the running if you’re seeking for an all-in-one display solution – but we have seen gamers on YouTube utilize it as a gaming monitor. It never promises to be that, instead focusing on productivity, programming, and, to a lesser extent, content development.

Its 300-nit brightness, 1,000:1 contrast ratio, and meager HDR10 compatibility mean it’ll never be the perfect video and picture editing display, but it should suffice. After all, its near 98% DCI-P3 gamut at DeltaE 0.53 precision is rather outstanding.

LG 28 Inch 28MQ780 B Dual Monitor 4

If you’re simply writing emails and don’t need to focus, it also has pretty loud built-in speakers so you can watch a movie while you work. The speakers aren’t the finest sounding, with the bass lacking and the music sounding a touch hollow overall, but excellent speakers on a monitor are unusual.

LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor Conclusion

The LG 28-Inch 28MQ780-B Dual Monitor is an excellent display ideal for productivity, programming, and, to a lesser extent, content production. Its 16:18 aspect ratio, picture-in-picture capabilities, numerous input ports, and KVM feature enable you to optimize your multitasking abilities. Additionally, its articulating arm and c-clamp base provide outstanding ergonomics, allowing you to do your tasks in ease.

Of course, panel performance is important, and this one has a greater pixel density, outstanding color accuracy, and exceptional color coverage, resulting in crisp, detailed, and colorful image quality.

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This monitor is ideal for writers, programmers, and content creators. This is especially true if you’re searching for a low-cost display for your everyday viewing needs.

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