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In this article, I give you my MSI Creator 17 review with specs included. Company MSI is mostly known for gaming laptops. They have been doing mobile workstations (a fancy name for laptops) that do creative stuff for a while now. So, if this looks a little familiar as you look around it (more images below), well that’s because it really is reminiscent of their GE75 Raider, a 17-inch relatively slim and light gaming laptop.

But, other than the silver paint job to make it look more businessy with no blingy red accents and no RGB keyboard (just a white background keyboard) we have something really interesting here which is a 4K mini LED display, one of the first in a laptop.

So yeah, we’ve seen this from gaming laptop companies before. Razer, MSI, ASUS come up with a mobile workstation or laptop for creators that’s pretty heavily based on a gaming laptop and that’s not necessarily a bad approach. If you want a device without the bling, without the traditional kind of black and red look all that sort of thing.

Often we see them switch over to Nvidia Quadro graphics instead of the usual G-force RTX graphics that we see in a gaming laptop. And for everyday home creator kind of person making videos and even for folks like me, casual editors, Nvidia GeForce graphics are absolutely fun. We don’t need Quadro, that is more for the more corporate kind of folks. For example at Disney, I’m sure they use a lot of Quadro workstations but it’s perfectly fine too for most people.

That said, there’s not a whole lot different from the Raiders so you can also consider that. But, the most important and different thing is that mini LED display which everybody’s getting excited about. And it’s supposed to be a very attractive technology in terms of getting very bright and also having a very wide color gamut.

So, MSI has a couple of different options for displays. I do have the one with mini LED which is a 4K matte display. All their options are matte non-touch by the way. So, this one claims full P3 color gamut which is typically used for cinema but to my eye the default P3 they have (they have two P3 profiles that they offer in terms of software calibration) it’s really closer to more like an adobe RGB profile.

But anyway, that’s what they claim on specs as well as a 1000 nit of brightness. And this has 240 zones of local dimming which is something if you’ve shopped for TVs you’re familiar with where it can dim different zones to try to affect more of a contrast. So, the dark areas look darker, that sort of thing. So that’s a pretty neat technology.

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